Plexus Worldwide is a multi-level marketing company in the Health and Wellness Industry. Plexus Slim is their most popular product. This company was launched in 2006. The company has really grown a lot and is very successful. Their products are designed to detox your body, help you lose weight and get healthy. They also have products to help relieve pain. The founders Plexu Worldwide Network Marketing Company is Alec Clark, Alfred Petterson, Tari Robinson.

Plexus Worldwide Network Marketing Company Products

  • Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ combo (30 day supply) = $114.95/month
  • Plexus Slim (30 day) $84.95
  • Plexus Accelerator plus (30 day supply) = $39.95
  • Bio Cleanse 180ct = $39.95 (supposed to oxygenate and detox)
  • X Factor = $39.95 (Basic Multivitamin)

How Much Does It Cost To Join Plexus Worldwide

The cost of membership is 34.95 dollars annually. You are not required to buy any kit to begin your business and you can begin just by paying the annual membership fee. You have to setup an auto qualification for product that will be sent to you monthly if you do not meet the sales of 100 dollars in one month.

 Plexus Worldwide Network Marketing Company Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of this company is very uncomplicated and generous. This plan has been mainly devised for maximizing the commissions and bonus amounts of both the existing and newly recruited distributors of the company. As per this compensation plan, distributors have the scope of earning in the following ways mentioned below:

Carry and cash retail commission: In order to grab the commission, you just need to place the product order at the wholesale price as a distributor. Then you have to sale these products to the interested customers in social events or parties at a fixed retail price. In this way, you have the chance of earning up till twenty five percent which can be further increased on the basis of your overall order volume in given month. It is usually paid on personal volume of sales and high the sales, the more will be your commissions.

Overrides:  As a distributor you also have the scope of earning commission on every customer order which is being placed via phone or online. These are mainly referred to as override commissions and are equivalent to five percent on every order within your single down-line. On the product orders of your preferred customers, you have the chance of getting extra cash bonus and the amount is determined on the basis of the ordered products.

Bonuses and Points: Under this system, every distributor has the opportunity of earning points on the basis of the activity of the members of their down-line in terms of volume generation at every level. Accumulation of points ultimately facilitates the promotion of the team leaders. Once you are being promoted, you become qualified for one time generational pay and promotional bonuses.

Plexus Worldwide Achievement Bonuses

There are two types of achievement bonuses within Plexus Worldwide that help make up the eleven ways to make money.

Within Plexus Worldwide there are a 10 levels of Ambassadors representing your success within the company.

The levels include:

  • Ambassador
  • Senior Ambassador
  • Silver Ambassador
  • Gold Ambassador
  • Senior Gold Ambassador
  • Ruby Ambassador
  • Senior Ruby Ambassador
  • Emerald Ambassador
  • Sapphire Ambassador
  • and Diamond Ambassador

The milestones needed to reach each pillar differ for example the to reach Gold Ambassador status you must have sponsored at least three Qualified Ambassadors and have at least 100 points within your organization.

Reaching the level of Gold Ambassador will reap one the reward of a $250 bonus.

Fast Start Achievement Bonus

The other achievement bonus-earning avenue is called a Fast Start Achievement Bonus. These Fast Start Achievement bonuses are earned by reaching higher Ambassador levels within your first 30 days of becoming an Ambassador. These bonuses range in value from $700 to $2400

Plexus Worldwide Network Marketing Company Product Review

Plexus Nerve: This product has been mainly designed to offer you relief from continuous nervous discomfort and from other symptoms of nervous disorder. It comprises of different vitamin extracts, amino acids, essential minerals and other herbal components. If any parts of your body is feeling unnatural convulsion, then consume the capsules of this product at once. These capsules are also useful in curing the problems of autoimmune disorder and diabetes.

MegaX:  This nutritional supplement is quite useful in improving the overall conditions of your health. Daily intake of this supplement can improve the health of your brain and heart. In addition to that, this product also helps in the development of essential fat based acids to provide vital nourishments inside your body. Just try this product and you can notice the difference within few weeks.

Plexus Boost: If you are seeking to shed your weight and to burn down extra calories, then there is no better alternative than this product. Its constituent ingredient is capable of breaking down your excess body fat through thermogenic reaction without causing any side effect in your body. It also useful in controlling your appetite and can infuse you with vital nutrients to maximize your endurance capacity while working in harsh weather.

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