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Ingredients In Javita Coffee

Garcinia Cambogia: Appetite reducing tropical fruit that has had a recent rise in popularity. Its HCA is the active ingredient that helps improve metabolism.

Coffee(Arabica and Robusta): Commonly drank beverage with caffeine inside to boost metabolism and increase alertness. Arabica is sourced from Ethiopia while Robusta comes from other parts of Africa.

Yerba Mate: This commonly brewed tea in the Amazon has a number of nutrients and is known for its high caffeine content.

  • It contains Yerba Mate: a product that works by stimulation the central nervous system.  It contains not only caffeine, but also antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.  And because of the chemical compound of this, it actually helps the body to utilize carbohydrates in a more efficient manner.
  • It can help to curb your appetite: another great side effect of Yerba Mate is that in some cases it can help to make you less hungry.  And we all know that one of the biggest factors of losing weight is to cut down on the amount of food we actually eat…
  •  It contains Garcinia Cambogia: a naturally occurring product found in Asia, India and parts of South and Central America.  It’s also known as Brindall Berries, and many people believe that ingesting this on a regular basis actually diminishes a person’s desire for food.
  • Limits the fat the body creates: Garcinia Cambogia also limits the ability of the body to turn carbohydrates into fat.  This means that rather than piling on the pounds, the body converts this into energy, and this can even make you feel more awake and lively!
  • Burn fat
  • Reduce weight
  • Cut back cravings
  • Prevent over-eating
  • Money-back guarantee

Side Effects Of Javita Coffee

Dehydration, insomnia, frequent bathroom trips, mood swings, tremors, sweating, fatigue, constipation, headaches, aching muscles, vomiting, indigestion, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating.

Side Effects From The Caffeine In The Javita Coffee

  • Rapid heart rate, jitters, and high blood pressure. 
  • Insomnia, restlessness, and fatigue. 
  • Headaches, ill feelings, and withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Anxiety, paranoia, and mood swings. 
  • Cold sweats, muscle spasms, and shakes

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