Green Coffee is very popular. When coffee berries are picked off the plants, they do not go straight to being roasted beans that you can grind and brew into that cup of coffee that you are familiar with. They first take the form of green coffee beans, which essentially are unroasted beans.

The beans are actually the seeds of the coffee berry. To get them, the flesh of the coffee berry is taken out, usually with the use of a machine. This is done only after the berries have been carefully sorted through according to color and degree of ripeness. After the flesh of the coffee berry has been removed, you are left with the seeds, or the coffee beans. These are then fermented so that the slimy mucilage left coating the beans are removed.

Green Coffee

How To Make Green Coffee


Wet Process: in this process the seeds/beans are removed the fruit covering, then are immersed in water bad or unripe will float and the good ones sink to the bottom.

Dry Process:

This is one of the oldest methods of processing coffee, cherries are first cleaned and placed in the sun to be dried before winnowing, winnowing is the process in which a large sieve is used where all the unwanted cherries and other material can be separated.

Now the final step milling starts when all the finer cleaning and polishing comes into the play before the coffee is sent to markets, the process includes hulling, polishing, cleaning and grading.

Coffee lovers love green coffee because of the freshness they receive in every sip. Green coffee once roasted turns into dark color and may not stay fresh or aromatic once sold to a consumer for too long, consumers buy coffee and roast it according to their needs, green coffee can be roasted in number of ways from specialty equipments to non specialty equipments like a stove top pop corn popper, an air pop corn popper or an oven, whatever method you choose it does not take more then 10 minutes.

How Does Green Coffee Work

What is chlorogenic acid? It is a product naturally found in unroasted coffee beans that has a couple of effects. First, it inhibits the release of glucose in the body. Glucose is a form of simple sugar in the bloodstream that the body uses for energy, but too much is a very bad thing. The acid also helps boost a person’s metabolism and jump-starts the fat burning process in a person’s liver. These two effects together help reduce the amount of fat a person absorbs into their body and helps eliminate weight gain.

Why not just drink coffee? Well, the roasting process necessary for the brewing of coffee breaks down the useful ingredient in the coffee bean. In addition, prepared coffee has around 180mg of caffeine per cup, whereas the green coffee bean extract only has around 20mg per serving. In fact, the caffeine plays little part in the process that makes green coffee bean extract work. Most dietary supplements have natural or artificial stimulants in them, but this extract has less caffeine than two ounces of coffee.


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