peaberry coffee

Kona peaberry coffee is one of the finest coffees in the world. It isĀ  unique and only grows in specific areas. It mainly does well when grown in volcanic soil. This coffee is produced by around 600 families, who tend it by hand. The slopes are rocky; and therefore, using any kind of farm machinery is impossible. All work is done by hand-from planting to harvesting!

The coffee is of very high quality and quite expensive. It comes with some health benefits. One of these is that it has lowest acidity of all coffees in the market. These coffee beans have antioxidant properties that help in treatment of some health conditions like Alzheimer, diabetes and heart diseases. Nothing can beat a tasty up of coffee that comes with some health benefits.

Kona peaberry coffee comes in two grades. The first one is known as grade one peaberry and it has big and dense beans which produce a unique coffee. The second grade is prime peaberry grade, which has smaller coffee beans. It also has a rich taste and consumers choose it depending on their preference.

Peaberry coffee is rare and the most preferred amongst Kona coffee grades. The cost is high,Peaberry coffee is available in full, dark, medium and light roast. They are all different but provide magnificent coffee. To get light roast, beans are roasted briefly and removed once the first crack happens. The coffee made from this roast is bitter, and contains higher acidity than medium roast. Medium roast offers sweet mixtures and has balanced acidity.

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