How To Make Cafe Creama

Originally, Café Crema was straight espresso in the 1940s and 1950s but then gained popularity as a long espresso drink in the cafes along the Italian-Swiss and Italian-Austrian border.  With Swiss influence, a thickened sweet milk concoction was added to the espresso creating a delicious, creamy beverage that is super satisfying and is served both hot and cold.If you are interested in making your own Café Crema without having to travel to the nearest cafes, then read on.

The ingredients needed for this beverage are two tablespoons of flour, one pint of milk, two tablespoons of sugar or any sugar substitute, and three cups of strong coffeemade from a French Pressor a double espresso made from a moka pot or home espresso machine.

How To Make Cafe Creama Coffee

A Café Crema will be from 6 to 8 ounces of coffee. This drink is not common in many areas since it requires a different grind of the beans than a standard espresso and practice by the brewer to get a correct water to coffee balance. Instead, they may serve a Café Americano or a Long Black.

Directions For Making Cafe Creama Coffee

  1. Select a coffee with a coarser grind (something appropriate for a French press). You may need to experiment.
  2. Fill the basket of the espresso machine until it is full. Tamp the coffee down and make sure there are no grinds on the outside lip to allow a good seal onto the espresso machine.
  3. Make sure there is clean cold water in the machine.
  4. Run the machine according to instructions to “pull” the espresso. Fill approximately 6 ounces (150 ml) of espresso into the cup. Note that with coarser coffee, the water will flow faster than a standard espresso. But, a 25 second extraction time should be your goal. If you take too long, use a coarser grind on the coffee.
  5. Once you have pulled to correct amount, stop the brewing process on the machine and pull the cup to not get more coffee into the cup which will change the flavor of the coffee.

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