Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance in your morning coffee, unless you drink a decaffeinated version. According to MedlinePlus, the average 8-ounce cup of coffee has 100 milligrams of caffeine. While knowing this can help you stay under the recommended daily limit of 300 milligrams, it isn’t quite as clear-cut as simply consuming 3 cups of coffee a day. The exact caffeine content of coffee varies depending on roast, bean type and even brand.

Caffeine in Specialty Drinks

Another misconception is that espressos and lattes have more caffeine than plain, black coffee. They actually have less because such specialty drinks are made with dark roasts, as well as less brewing time. Before you choose a latte over regular coffee, keep in mind that even though it might not have as much coffee — thus not as much caffeine — added creams and sugars can lead to more calories and fat.

Side Effects Of To Much Caffeine

Consuming too much caffeine can be a real concern, as it can cause unwanted side effects such as irritation, restlessness and increased urination. MedlinePlus considers 10 cups of coffee a day excessive but recommends no more than three a day to prevent side effects. Also be aware of other forms of caffeine you may consume on a given day, and plan accordingly. Caffeine is primarily plant-based, but it is sometimes manufactured and added to products and foods. Before getting another cup of coffee on a given day, consider other sources of the substance you plan on having, such as soda, tea, chocolate and aspirin. Caffeine can also affect you more as you age.






Decaf coffee (instant)

8 fl. oz.

2 – 3 mg

0.25 – 0.38 mg

Decaf coffee (brewed)

8 fl. oz.

3 – 4 mg

0.38 – 0.5 mg

Drip coffee

8 fl. oz.

65 – 120 mg

8.13 mg – 15 mg

Brewed Coffee

8 fl. oz.

95 mg

11.88 mg

Cold brew coffee

16 fl.oz

200 mg

12.5 mg

Nitro Coffee (Nitro Cold Brew Coffee)

16 fl .oz.

325 mg

20.31 mg


2 fl. oz. (1 shot)

60 – 102.67 mg

30 – 51.34 mg

Highly-caffeinated coffee (e.g. Death Wish Coffee, Biohazard Coffee, etc.)

12 fl. oz.

702 – 928 mg

58.5 – 77.33 mg

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