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Total Life Changes Vs Vida Divina

First, let me say that I am a Independent Business Owner for Total Life Changes. I think the company is awesome. I love the products, the culture of the company, leadership, training marketing system and customer service. The company has changed my life. I have been able to lose weight, get health and create an extra income. The compensation plan is strong and I make 50% Commission on the volume of everything on my website. Also, I can get my products at a wholesale price. So although you have had some people to leave Total Life Changes to go to Vida Divina. I’m staying, I’m good. I wish them success.

Now let me say this about Vida Divina. This company was started about a year and a half ago. The company is moving fast and doing an excellent job. They are a huge success. The president of Total Life Changes left and started the company. He is an awesome leader. Vida Divina is hot. I think both companies will be very successful Total Life Changes and Vida Divina. You just have to go where you will be happy and like the culture.  Vida Divina does have more products. Also, on the surface they have a stronger compensation plan. However, you can become an Affiliate with Total Life Changes for $40. You can’t do that with Vida Divina. You have to become an Independent Business Owner and spend $120  a month to be eligible to make money with Vida Divina compensation plan. In essence , you have to purchase 3 products at a minimum of $40 a piece every month to stay active and make money. With Total Life Changes you can simply purchase 1 product for $40   a month and get a free website and be eligible to fully enjoy the benefits of Total Life Changes compensation plan.

In my opinion Total Life Changes is awesome. The products are awesome. The customers get instant gratification from the products. You can make good money. Nevertheless, if you work hard you can get those things also from Vida Divina. Both companies have weight loss tea, coffee, nutritional products and skin care products.  I hope you have success with whatever company you decide to join. Stay Healthy!

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