Total Life Changes Training How To Sponsor A Tea Party

How To Sponsor A Tea Party

  1. Make a list of your family, friends and co-workers
  2.  Contact your Sponsor or Upline let them know when you will be having a tea party so that the sponsor will be available
  3.  Try to schedule the tea party within 48 hours after you join Total Life Changes
  4. Call your prospects and schedule a time for them to come to your party.
  5. Keep the tea party short and simple. If others decide to join the business, they need to see that sponsoring a tea party is simple. Also, you want to be considered of other people time.
  6. All you need at the tea party is some tea for your prospects to sample and some dry refreshments. Keep it simple.
  7. It’s always good to play a little Jazz for your music.
  8. Welcome your guest as they come into your home.
  9. As the host, you want to start the Tea party by giving your testimony. Simply discuss how you have benefited from the company and products. Express why you are so interested in Total Life Changes.
  10. Introduce and edify your Sponsor or Upline that will be making the presentation.
  11.  Make sure your family and friends have had the opportunity to sample your products. Ask them if they would like purchased any of the products or become a business owner with Total Life Changes. See if they want to become a customer or distributor.
  12. Make sure you have some applications with you.
  13. Try to Book 2 or 3 Tea Parties in a week. Some people make an awesome income just selling the tea.
  14. After every tea party, try to book another one
  15.  The more tea parties you have the better you will get. The more money you will make.
  16. DON’T QUIT!!!

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