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Total Life Changes Renique New Facial Skin Care Cream

Total Life Changes Renique is a awesome skin care product. It is a natural skin care product. It’s primary use is for facial skin care. Renique is a serum that is super charged and formulated with 5 different peptides. It’s designed to help a person maintain a more youthful look. It is a awesome anti-aging product.

Renique is natural. It does not have toxins. There are a lot of issues or side effects that can occur from facial injections. With Renique, you can replenish the skin in your face. Also, you can help restore that youthful look you once had and get your facial fullness back. It’s a healthy alternative to plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

This product was created by top of the line cosmetic pharmacists and chemists. Research has show that this product can reduce and even prevent wrinkles. This product comes with a syringe so that you can apply the solution. You will get a 45 to 60 day supply. It is very simple to use. You simply put small drops on one of your fingers and place it around the orbital bones by tapping the skin with the product. Then you simply softly massage the Renique into your skin and around your eyes. You will get amazing results.

Ingredients in Total Life Changes Renique Facial Skin Care Cream

  1. Syn-Coll, is a synthetic peptide designed to stimulate the skin’s natural mechanism to produce collagen.
  2. Leuphasyl, This pentapeptide is an alternative to fight against expression lines acting throuhgt calcium, by imitating enkephalins. It’s compatible with other anti-wrinkle peptides for a synergistic effect.
  3. Snap-8S, Is a enlongation of the famous hexapeptide, ARGIRELINE.
  4. Gaba, Is a peptide, a sequence of amino acids linked together to form a chain.
  5. Syn-Ake, Is an anti-wrinkle chemical based on a synthetic protein fragment that replicates part of the venom of the Malasian Temple Viper.

Using this product is like giving yourself a botox without the needle. It’s an awesome skin care cream. The best way to purchase this product is through a Total Life Change Distributor.

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