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Total Life Changes Emu Oil

Total Life Changes Emu Oil is one of the best products you can use to hydrate the skin. Emu oil as been around for a long time. It has been used all over the world for treating skin problems. For over thousands of years Emu Oil has been used as a natural medication. It was often used by the Aborigines in Australia. The Emu Oil is awesome and it can have a healing effect on the body. It is use to relief the body of arthritis pains. Also, it can help you if you have skin issues. It helps heal wounds, burns, swelling and it can reduce itching pain.

Total Life Changes Emu Oil

Some people apply emu oil to the skin for relief from sore muscles, aching joints, pain, inflammation, carpal tunnel,  sciatica, shin splints, and gout. It is also used topically to improve healing of wounds, cuts, burns.

Also it reduce bruises and stretch marks along  with scarring and keloids.  The Iaso Emu oil from Total Life Changes can also be used  reduce redness due to acne and to soften dry cuticles and promote healthy nails. This oil is also used topically for athlete’s foot, diaper rash and canker sores. Some people use it for chapped lips, poor circulation, and skin conditions, including cancer, dry skin, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, wrinkles or age spots.

The Emu Oil has been shown to penetrate quickly, reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles hydrates and softens the skin naturally. It is soft for all skin types, non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-irritating so it is ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergy, is effective in its anti-inflammatory properties, and has been shown to provide a similar effect medications and prescription.

Total Life Changes Emu Oil is smooth for all skin types, non-toxic and natural, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and hypoallergenic (no irritation) making it ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Iaso Oil is effective in their anti-inflammatory and has been found to give an effect similar to prescription medications. He has been compared with drugs such as ibuprofen, only without the negative side effects often common with traditional prescription or corticosteroid based drugs anti-inflammatory.


Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis


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