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Why I Started A Network Marketing Home Based Business

Frankie Muhammad
Frankie Muhammad



what is network marketing


Hello, My name is Frankie. I want to share with you why I decided to embrace the Network Marketing Industry. I have had a lot of profession jobs, I have had other businesses. Also, I have a Master’s Degree In Education and I teach. However, the thing that has gave me more joy and success is being a Network Marketing Professional. Why did I join the Network Marketing Industry?

First, I got tired of working long hours for companies that did not pay me what I was worth. I got tired of being away from home. Furthermore, I know longer wanted to build someone else dreams. After being introduced to the industry and researching the industry, I came to the conclusion the Network Marketing Industry was the perfect way for me to build financial freedom, earn residual income and build something for myself, and spend more time with my family. I new it would give me the opportunity to help others do the same thing.
I like the Network Marketing Culture. I have really transformed myself as a individual because of the Network Marketing Industry. The industry put emphasis on personal development. I really like that. I allocate a lot of my time studying top earners in the industry. I listen to a lot of motivational audios, and I watch a lot of video. Also, I love to read books from individual that have became successful in the MLM industry.
The training and the coaching that you receive in this industry is Top Notch. The leadership is awesome. I have received some good mentorship and coaching in the Network Marketing Industry.
I really don’t know of any other industry that will allow me to have the type of success that I am having. I get the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I sell a lot of products, and I help others sell a lot of products. If you are looking to start your own business and you don’t have a lot of money, you should really look into starting a business in this industry. Network Marketing is a industry that reward hard work.


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Total Life Changes Is Looking For Distributors


Join Total Life Changes, Make Money Onliine And Lose Weight


I am a Independent Business Owner for a Health And Wellness Company Called Total Life Changes. I am part of a very successful team. We are looking for individual that are looking to make a change in their life and other people lives. We need new distributors that want to work from home and make some extra money. Our team is about health and wellness and making money. We strive to help other people start and their own home based business. Also, we help show them how they can help other lose weight and get healthy.

We are looking for entrepreneurs, self starter and those that want financial freedom. We are looking for people that want to be coached, trained and welling to embraced the ideology and mission that we have at Total Life Changes.

It’s a good feeling to be able to help people increase their wealth and get healthy at the same time. We want people that are willing to put the time, hard work and effort into building their business. You have the potential to make an extra 1,500 dollars a month working part time. This is simply because we have hot products at Total Life Changes. People want these products. They get instant gratification and results from our products. Furthermore, people don’t mind going to our website to place an order because they know Total Life Changes offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the products even if they have been used.

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad



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Work From Home With Total Life Changes

How To Make Money From Home With Total Life Changes


Total Life Changes is a Network Marketing Company in the Health and Wellness Industry.  They are expanding in the U.S. This is one of the fastest growing direct selling companies in the United States. Total Life Changes came to the United States around January of 2014.  The company has produced some amazing products. There products are extremely popular in the United States and all over the world. They have been in business since 1999. Also, Total Life Changes is in 150 different countries. The products and the company is growing so fast in America.

The company is all about health and wealth. The company is about helping people get healthy and starting their own home based business. The company has 38 amazing products. They specialize in weight loss products, nutrition, skin care products and healthy coffee. Furthermore, they have a strong hybrid compensation plan, great leadership and training.

The products are effective and affordable. Also, you can start your own home based business with Total Life Changes for only $40.00 a month. This is the perfect time to become a member of a company like this because Health and Wellness is a 2 trillion dollar  industry. 7 out of 10 people in America want to lose weight. 80 billion dollars is spent a year on losing weight. 85% percent of customers in weight loss programs are women. So you see not only are Total Life Products awesome, they are in demand.

These products are designed to keep you healthy. They will boost your immune system. They will help you lose weight. They will also give you energy.

List Of Total Life Changes Products

  1. Iaso Tea (Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days, Power Miracle Tea-With 9 Super Herbs)
  2. Nutra Burst ( Gives The Body Powerful Nutrients And Energy)
  3. Iaso Chaga (Detox all cells, skin, blood, liver, intestines, colon, kidney, bladder, lungs and respiratory system. Also, remove fungal, chemicals and heavy metal like lead and mercury from the body)
  4. Iaso NRG (Gives the body super energy, burn fat, and elevate mood)
  5. Iaso Gano (Cleans entire body and boost metabolism)
  6. Iaso Resolution ( Help you to lose 15 to 60 pounds in one month)
  7. Iaso HCG Drops (Helps you losing 15 to 60 pounds in one month without working out)
  8. Iaso Slim PM ( Helps you sleep better, burn fat and lose weight while you sleep.


Total Life Changes  is really changing people lives. If you would like to learn more about how to purchase to Total Life Changes Products or becoming a distributor feel free to contact me.

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis



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Make Extra Money From Home As A CBD Bio Care Affiliate

Frankie Muhammad
Frankie Muhammad
CBD Bio Care Hemp Oil Affiliate


CBD Bio Care

CBD Bio Care has the best CBD Oil Affiliate Program. You can earn up to 40% Commission. This affiliate program is great for those that want to make some income out of one of the fastest growing industries?  Not only is the cannabis industry growing leaps and bounds on a year-by-year basis, but also online business related to it is also equally booming. Most customers are hitting the ‘add to cart’ button as opposed to driving from dispensary to dispensary. This is the best affiliate program that has products that leads to commissions.

To make money as an affiliate with CBD Bio Care, all you need to do is to sign-up, get your affiliate link and promote it. With every sale, you earn a commission, and many customers will loyally return back for more consumables, accessories and even services. Sign Up Here

How do I get paid with CBD BioCare?

Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will need to contact the company they will provide the information you needed to get your commissions Direct Deposited To Your Bank Account.

Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate For CBD Bio Care

If you are like me and are interested in joining what will become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020 then read here about what it means to become an affiliate of CBD BioCare.

What our affiliate program has to offer at no charge:

• You will manage your own sales and be given a customized link to give customers.
• You will be in control of your own schedule and earning potential.
• You will be supported and have access to sales training, product discounts and marketing materials.
• You will have no sales inventory to hold or deliver.
• You will have the opportunity to be a one person sales team or build and manage a team.
• You will benefit from generous commissions.
• You will have the opportunity to associate with other sales people and team builders who share your desire to be independent and in control of your professional future.
• You do not have to be licensed, certified, or degreed. You just have to be ready to sell.

Becoming an affiliate:

If you are ready to join our CBD BioCare Team, you can begin today by filing out the affiliate form located below. You have four options of how you want to join. These options are based on your needs as an affiliate to support your success.

Option #1


  • Personalized URL (link) to our website. It belongs to you but visitor’s will not see your name, just our website.
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)

 Option #2


  • You will receive a personalized landing page.
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)

 Option #3


  • You will receive a personalized landing page.
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)
  • CBD BioCare Business Card
  • CBD BioCare Email Address

Option #4


  • Full Sample Kit / Save $50 on this kit by ordering now. This kit includes one of each product we offer as of 8-28-17.
  • Personalized Landing page that looks like this
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)
  • CBD BioCare Business Cards
  • CBD BioCare Email Address



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Join My Team Make Money From Home With Total Life Changes

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad
* Entrepreneur
* Professional Network Marketer
* Professional Blogger
* MLM Professional
Phone Contact: 901-870-1135
Email: frankiedr9@aol.com


Thank You For Visiting My Blog! Everyone calls me Frankie.  I am an Online Entrepreneur, Network Marketer and Professional Blogger. My passion is helping people lose weight, get healthy and make money online. I love leveraging the power internet to make money, build relationships and help people. I enjoy being a Home Based Business Owner in the Health And Wellness Industry.

Because of the Internet, thousand of people are starting Home Based Businesses and making money online. This is the perfect time to start a Home Based Business in Health And Wellness. Health and Wellness is a 2 Trillion Dollar Industry.

Benefits Of Becoming A Business Partner With Me

  1. Own Your Own Business ( Be A Boss)
  2. Work From Home, Make Money Online
  3. Low Start Up Cost ( Under $100)
  4. Potential To Make $500 To $1500 A Month Part-Time. No Need To Quit Your Job Unless You Want To
  5. No Product Or Inventory Stocking
  6. Get Paid Every Friday ( Money Added To Debit Card)
  7. Make 50% Commission On Website Sales
  8. Potential To Make Residual Income
  9. Get Free Website
  10. Get Lead Capture Page
  11. No Employees Needed
  12. Free Training (Social Media Training)
  13. Free Coaching And Mentors
  14. No Paper Work Needed
  15. Hard Work And Success Recognized And Rewarded
  16. Get Access To Organic And Natural Health And Wellness Products
  17. Get Products At Wholesale Price
  18.  Company Has Excellent Customer Service, Guaranteed Products, Company Ship Product For You

My Mission

The Mission of Frankie Muhammad and my team is to gather positive like minded business owners and those that have a passion to become entrepreneurs  provide them with the marketing skills and personal development they need to grow financially and change the world. Our goal is to get healthy, help people, ascertain financial freedom, enjoy life and have fun.

Our Vision

Our Vision as a Network Marketing team is to empower people around the world. We want to become some of the most successful Entrepreneurs and Network Marketers  the Industry has ever see.  We work as a team. You may be in business for yourself but you will not be in business by yourself. Our success depends on your success. Our team is striving to create the next generation of six figure earners in the  Home  Based Business And Network Marketing Industry

Final Thoughts

I am proud to be building a home based business and large team with my MLM Company. We have over 50 excellent products that’s in demand. The training, coaching, leadership and marketing system is amazing. We have a great culture.  We don’t have an annual fee. You can quit if needed when you get ready. Our Compensation Plan is strong, and it  was voted #1 in the Industry. Learn More About The Company I Work With.

Learn More About The Company I Work With

See how our opportunity can help you reach your health and financial goals. You will love what we have to offer. If you have any questions send me an email to frankiedr9@aol.com or call me at 901-870-1135. I respond to all calls and emails

Stay Healthy!

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Health And Wellness Guru Blog: Earn A Living On The Internet Become An Iaso Tea Distributor

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad
Contact: 901-870-1135


Hello, I’m Frankie. I am a Network Marketing Professional and Internet Marketer. My passion is helping people lose weight, get healthy and make money. Things started changing for me once I understood certain concepts. You can never build financial freedom for yourself by working a 9 to 5 job. You are simply exchanging money for time. You can only work so many hours in a day. You should use some of the money from your job to build a business for yourself and create financial freedom for you and family.

If you want financial freedom and wealth, you have to learn how to create multiple streams of income. Everyone need to have more than one way to make money. Also, you need to learn how to make money while you sleep. It’s good to  learn how to use the power of social media, the internet and others to create wealth and financial independence for you.  You need learn how to use your skills, time and money to create residual income. Me and thousands of other distributors have been able to change our life financially as well as health wise with a health and wellness company called Total Life Changes.

Why You Should Join Total Life Changes? With the advancement in technology, the internet and social media, now is the perfect time to start a home based business. If you have always wanted to work from home especially in the Health And Wellness Industry, I think you will find the Total Life Changes Business Presentation Below to be very interesting. The Health And Wellness Industry is a 2 Trillion Dollar Industry. People Are Losing Weight, Getting Healthy And Building Financial Freedom Being  Distributors With Total Life Changes



Total Life Changes Credit Card



  • Quick And Easy Access To Commissions ( Added To Debit Card)
  • Weight Loss And Good Health
  • Potential To Make $500 To $1500 A  Month Part-time
  • Make 50% On All Website Sale
  • Awesome Training and Leadership. Unlike Other MLM companies, Total Life Changes does not restrict you from building your business and getting customers by leveraging the power of social media and the internet.
  • Get Paid Weekly
  • Sell Top Quality Organic Health And Wellness Products!
  • Get Free Website, Training And Lead Capture Page! My Lead Capture Page ( https://gotlcdiet.com/frankiemuhammad). You can use your capture page to get leads and customers online. Use it to market, get leads and customers on Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram
  • Do Much Less Work Than eBay, Shopify, and Amazon: Just Promote & Sell – No Sales Slips To Fill, No Product Stocking and Total Life Changes Ship The Products!
  • Potential To Make Residual Income
  • Start Up Cost under $89.00

Total Life Changes Review ( Compensation Plan)



Total Life Changes 30303 Weight Loss Challenge


Total Life Changes 30303 Weight Loss Products



Total Life Changes Freedom KitTotal Life Changes Freedom Kit

Total Life Changes Solution KitTotal Life Changes Solution Kit

Total Life Changes Get Fit Kit

Get Fit Weight Loss Kit
Get Total Life Changes Weight Loss Kits Today!


Total Life Changes Weight Loss Before And After Pictures

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 1

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 10








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Make Money From Home With Paid Surveys


Taking surveys online is a multi billion dollar industry. Large corporations need surveys to be taken in order to run the companies efficiently and sell their products. If you want to make some extra money online, you should strongly cosider the paid survey industry.



Tips For Choosing A Company To Make Money With Paid Surveys

– Find these companies in databases and directories online that list legitimate companies that give paid surveys. Although some of these sites may ask for a minimal membership fee in exchange for a good database or listing of companies that offer paid surveys, they will however ensure you that they give out a list of legitimate companies, protecting your from falling into fraudulent ones.

– Be informed and conduct a background check on the companies you are dealing with. if you want to be sure that you are not is some fake and fraudulent websites, go check them at sites that offer a list of scams and fake websites as well.

– Trash those companies or businesses that ask you a fee to answer surveys. Keep in mind that you are suppose to get paid for giving your opinion and thoughts to them, not paying for giving them your time to share your opinion.

– Search the internet for paid survey sites. It does not matter where you got them or how you find them, just list them down. You will later screen them according to some hints that may give you an idea if the site is a little suspicious. Once you already have a list of these paid survey sites, you then have to check them one by one. One of the things that you have to try to figure out is if the offer is too good to be true, there is a higher possibility that the site is fraudulent or a fake. Of course, you would want a paid survey that pays good as well, but if the offer is unbelievable, it can also cast a doubt that it might just be a way to trick you.

Tips For Signing Up to Take Surveys To Make Money

1. Searching for Survey Sites. There are a few good sites out there and you can use the review site below to compare reviews on them. Stay away from the free sites that offer prizes, sweepstakes, etc. You may have to pay a small service fee (usually around $30) to sign up but it is well worth it. These sites offer you strictly money for taking surveys.

2. You Need A Email Address. Get a new, free email address from a site such as Yahoo or Google. This will keep all of your survey emails separate but also keep your regular inbox from filling up. The surveys you take are often sent to your email.

3. When You Sign Up For Surveys. Some sites will create a profile for you and automatically send you surveys. Others have you sign up for the surveys you wish to take (some offer a combination of them both). Sign up for as many surveys as you wish to begin making money. Most surveys pay between $5 and $50 to complete so it’s easy to see how quickly the cash can add up! One $20 survey every day for a month adds up to $600.

4. Monitor Your Email. This may seem obvious, but since the surveys are often sent to you via email you should check it regularly! Most can be taken at any time but sometimes the companies want the surveys completed by a certain date.

5. When You Take A Survey. You may find these to be more fun than expected. Answering questions about brands you use everyday – such as Nike, Adidas, Burger King, Sony, Wal-mart, etc – gives you the opportunity to share you honest feelings and get paid for it. These companies value your opinions to guide their marketing decisions in the future.


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Internet Based Business Juice Plus Work From Home


Juice Plus is a Network Marketing Company in the Health And Wellness Industry. This company manufactures and sells a line of whole food and juice supplements. Juice Plus’ main website states that they are NOT an MLM company, but operate under a very similar structure. ‘Independent representatives’ can resell the product and earn commissions. Mostly, there are just customers though. The company design it products to help combat diseases and ailments that come from poor diets and life styles.  There products are made by Certified food scientists, researchers and medical practitioners.

All products sold through Juice PLUS are manufactured in a plant based in Santa Monica, which is the Natural Alternatives International. Then, the products that are manufactured are distributed via National Safety Associates or NSA that is based in the state of Tennessee. The NSA was established in the year 1970 but it was only later when Juice PLUS, one of its multi-level marketing products, was introduced into the market.

The company was established by following the trends of that decade. From a business standpoint, the company does have a potent product and it was all about using the right marketing approach in order to guarantee success for its members.

make money online

Understanding Juice Plus And Products

The product is at the heart of this internet business opportunity. Juice PLUS is the name of the product but it is a misnomer since it actually comes in capsule form supplement, instead of in powder form. There are several juice supplements that are popular in the MLM industry today, such as the Mona vie juice or the Acai berry juice. Unlike these products, Juice PLUS does not oxidate once you open the bottle, which could be harmful to the body.

Juice PLUS is also made of natural ingredients such as apples, oranges, peaches, acerola berries, cranberries, papaya, and pineapple. Aside from fruits, there are also vegetable ingredients included in the formula for this product to ensure maximum health benefits. It is common knowledge that integrating fruits and vegetables into your diet can improve health and wellness. These natural ingredients contain antioxidant properties that help to eliminate free radicals from your cell that can result to various diseases and cause the signs of aging.

 The Cost To Start A Internet Business With Juice Plus

While millions of dollars have been spent in developing the juice plus product, getting into the business costs nothing more than the cost of the products you must first buy and use. Once you have become what the company calls a ‘Preferred Customer’ you can contact the person you bought the products from and talk about becoming a distributor. Becoming a distributor requires nothing more than 50 US dollars and filling up a form that is taken care of by the representative. This is a system that has been put in place perhaps to safeguard the MLM

Can you make money selling Juice Plus as a home based business? Their business model uses the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) approach with their distributors to sell their products. MLM can be best described as a pyramid. – Wait! So it’s a pyramid scheme? – Well in a word yes. However, corporations, schools, the Army, they are all pyramids! You have your CEO at the top, your high level executives next, your employees, the contracted help below i.e. the cleaning crew that comes in every week. Basically you sell the products to a consumer, but you also market the home based business opportunity. For every product you sell, you make a retail profit of $20/carton. You make that monthly if they reorder each month. For every new distributor you bring on to your team, you make a bonus, and even a percentage of their sales. They then bring people on under them, and you make money, etc.

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Simple Ways To Make Money From Home


Work From Home

Oen one of the best ways to make money and start your own business is to work from home. Working from home is the best decision that I made. Working from home don’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for some extra pocket money but are too time-poor to take on another job, there are a number of creative, easy ways you can make some extra cash — without even leaving the comfort of your home. Get Ideas On How To Work From Home. Read For Information.

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Join A Successful MLM Company And Make Money Online

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad


I am a recruiter and business owner for  Successful MLM Company. Total Life Changes is a MLM nutritional supplement company.  I have to say I am really helping people and enjoying myself. It is an awesome company. However, things can be overwhelming for new business owners  especially if they don’t have a strong upline and they are not use to Network Marketing. Therefore, I thought I would share some tips to help new business owner for Total Life Changes get off to a successful start.

Tips For New Business Owners With Total Life Changes  MLM Nutritional Supplement Company

1. Make sure you save all your information in your email folder

2. Go to website and set up your picture and profile. Go into your back office and get familiar with all the options. Make sure your name, address and personal information is correct. You don’t want any type of delays when it’s time to get your checks.

3. Get in touch with your upline, the person that recruited you as soon as possible.

4. Order your paycard. This will make sure you get paid on time. We get paid every week.

5. Activate your free lead capture. This is important because this marketing tools is needed to successfully build your business. It will help you establish a email list you can market to in the future.

6. Get plugin  to the training that Total Life Changes as well as your team has available.

7. Get with your upline to learn how to successfully launch your Total Life Changes business and recruit.

8. Make a list of 50 people you know that can be potential business partners as well as customers.

9. Plug in to the inspirational calls and opportunity calls hosted by Total Life Changes Leadership

10. Attend all local training, opportunity and business meetings.

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