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Hidden Dangers Of Wheat

Wheat is the most popular whole grain food in America. Millions of dollars are spend toward advertising and getting consumers to buy wheat. I would even say there are millions of Americans addicted to wheat. After years of careful research and hard work, it scientist and scholars are saying that wheat can be very toxic and addictive to the human body.

Furthermore, researching is indicating that wheat is link to obesity, diseases and a plethora of health issues. People are saying that the whole thing about wheat being a healthy grain is all a “Hoax”. You know what I believe them. Studies show when most people stop eating wheat they have rapid weight loss, and their health improve.
Studies show that when we eat wheat it raises our insulin level more than any other food. It causes your blood sugar to be unstable. The more what you eat the more food you want. It turns out wheat has a protein called gluten. Gluten is broken down into two other proteins called Glutenin and Gliaden. It is the Gliaden protein that’s very toxic to the human body. This protein has a negative effect on the brain. It acts like an opiate or heroin. It makes wheat very addictive. It is the primary reason why you crave more food after eating wheat. This is what leads to the addiction, obesity and health problems.
The research on how wheat is toxic and has a negative affect on the body is very strong and convincing. There are over 3,000 articles on how human suffer from gluten allergies or problems digesting wheat. 1 in 100 people are intolerant to wheat. Wheat has been known to causes skin problems, headaches and inflammation.


Also, wheat affects the brain. It prohibits or suppresses the body’s ability to release serotonin. This leads to a person being depress and feeling bad. Also, studies show wheat is link to accelerating aging, and it is pro inflammatory. To be perfectly honest most products in the store that is made with wheat is literally junk foods. These products have a lot of bad ingredients and preservatives.
Health Problems And Diseases Associated With Wheat
2. Inflammation
3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
4. Headaches
5. Nerve Damage
6. Neurotoxin
7. Immune Damage (Gut)
8. Celiac Disease
9. Dermatitis
10. Wheat Allergy
11. Wheat Anaphylaxis
12. Diabetes
13. Asthma and Respiratory Problems
14. Acid Reflux
15. Weight Gain
16. Obesity
17. Thyroid Problems
18. Blood Sugar Problems
19. 19 Digestion Problems
People are beginning to wake up. They are rejecting wheat grain. They are gluten free. Over 6 million people have decided to no longer eat wheat. The Library of Medicine stated there are over 205 health conditions linked to the association of gluten or wheat. This can be found in published journals indexed in MEDLINE. Also, there are many peer review journal or medical literature that documents the negative affects of wheat on the human body. PUBMED literature has 10,000 references to gluten being a problem and toxic to the body.
Health Benefits From Eliminating Wheat From The Body
1. Dramatic Weight Loss
2. Reduced Appetite or Calorie Intake
3. Blood Sugar Reduction
4. Reduced Joint Pain
5. Reduced Inflammation
6. Reduced Blood Pressure
7. Better Cholesterol Level
8. Increased Energy And Better Sleep
9. Less Acid Reflux And Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Book: “ Wheat Belly” by William Davis M. D.
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