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Learn How To Make Money And Travel For A Living

Frankie Muhammad World Ventures Business Travel Representative
Frankie Muhammad
Travel Representative
IBO# 298999462

If you keep your Income Options Open and have a passion for travel, I have a video I think you should really watch. First, let me say, I am a independent business owner with a company expanding in your area. I’m looking for individuals that want to travel, change their life, create financial freedom and have fun. To be honest you can’t afford not to watch this video. This video contains information that is life changing.    When you watch the video, you may get it or may not get it the first time you watch it. You may not really understand how big or amazing this is. However, thank you for taking time to watch this business presentation. The information in this video has change my life and thousands of other individuals life. My goal is to share this all over the world. My goal is to change people lives. My goal is to use this business to bring people fun, freedom and fulfillment. See You On the Beach!

Join World Ventures Travel And Make Money

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Take Low Price Luxury Vacations And Make Money With Best Travel Company

Frankie Muhammad Travel Representative For World Ventures
Frankie Muhammad
Travel Representative For World Ventures


Start A Home Based With World Ventures

Hello, My name is Frankie. I live in Memphis. I am a Travel Representative For World Ventures. This company has helped thousands of people start home based travel businesses as well as take luxury vacations for pennies on a dollar all over the world. It is a company that has excellent leadership and training. The company has helped a lot of people get financial freedom. The company has been around since 2005. The founders are Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. Also, they have sold a billion dollars worth of products. To be able to start a home based business and build financial wealth without a physical product is awesome.

World Ventures is a Network Marketing Travel company. As with any home based MLM company the product needs to be able to stand up on its own two feet regardless of any compensation plan. And since the company started in December 2005, World Ventures have provided a solid product for the travel industry, with no hidden catches or qualifying tricks. With over 100,000 customers, this company has proven to be very solid.

What Comes With World Ventures Travel Club Package

  1. Access To Luxury Vacations At Wholesale Price All Over The World
  2. Earn A Part-time Or Full Time Income
  3. Access To Cruises For $69
  4. Travel Products Available In 22 Counties
  5. Get Your Own Personal Rovia Travel Booking Engine
  6. Dream Trip Price Promise: If you find the same trip for less within 7 days, you get the trip for free. ( You get a refund and go on the trip free)
  7. Rovia Price Pledge: If you find the same deal for less on the same day, you will get a 150% of the difference in Rovia Bucks to be used for vacations in the future.
  8. Rate Shrinker: If the price of the flight or hotel you book goes down. Rate Shrinker will automatically rebook you on the exact same itinary at a lower price and refund your credit card the difference.
  9. 24 Hour Concierge Service: This is like your Personal assistant. It is a toll free call for you. It’s like google on a phone. You can use it to get driving directions, dinner reservation, research online, wake up calls and much more.
  10. Save Up to 50% through our member only Discount Program on Dining and Entertainment.
  11. Affordable Travel Products

World Ventures Network Marketing Company Online Business Opportunity Packages
1. Dream Trips Membership (DT) – $199 One Time $24.95/Monthly

2. Leisure Travel Consultant Package (LTC) – $199 One Time $24.95/Monthly
OR you can get 2 for 1 $199 one time and $49/Monthly

3.Representative Business System (RBS) $99 one time $10/monthly
World Ventures compares DT to a Costco member ship. They have pre paid all inclusive exotic vacations and cruises in bulk which allows to give You a vacation at a much lower price than what you would normally pay. These are great vacations and I would have to say this product is definitely worth the price If and only If you book a Dream Trip.

Next we have the LTC which is in comparison to your Orbitz, Travelocity, or Expedia. This is a Travel Website Powered by Rovia that has very competitive prices. According to World Ventures they have the best online price over 65% of the time. The pitch is if you know people who book travel online you ask them to book through you if you can give them the best price or match it. Over time you will have a client base of people who purchase travel on your site and this is one stream of income.

Next is the RBS system which allows you to sell both products, you do not have to do the business to benefit from the products, and you do not have to buy the products to do the business experience. This shows in the level of support and marketing training for the independent representatives.

The LTC Package

As a US resident, you can also become a Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) which offers representatives a replicated comparison site by Rovia. This search site is to promote to customers with the World Ventures marketing tools provided in the back office. You earn commissions when someone purchases anything from this site and you can also use it to book your own travel deals.

The Travel Industry

World Ventures have positioned themselves as one of the most prominent travel companies online. Most purchases online are in the travel industry which again proves that the World Ventures dream trips have their fingers on the pulse.

World Ventures Network Marketing Company Compensation Plans

World Ventures Compensation plan is based off of the Binary. In the binary you have 2 legs. So after you sponsor you your first two distributors you will have no choice but to put the your 3rd personally sponsored under one of your first two.

You will get paid $20 for everyone you sign up and $100 for every cycle which happens every time you get 3 and 3 on each leg you cycle. The flaw in World Ventures Compensation Plan is that in order to qualify for Residual Income you must have 180 People in your down line to even qualify for a Residual Check. The fact that most people can only personally recruit less than 2 people on average it makes it very hard to have success, however it has been done over and over again

Get Four And Pay No More

If you introduce four people in to the World Ventures travel discount club then your monthly membership is waived and you are in the game for free. This is another genius incentive for getting started as an independent representative for the company. They want you to use word of mouth marketing, which is very powerful, to spread the word of the World Ventures Dream Trips.

You do not have to take one of the Dream Trips or sell a Dream Trip membership each month in order to get paid. If you are an active member then you will get paid.

If you want to take luxury vacations for pennies on a dollar and make money from home, you should consider World Ventures.


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