If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you have to coachable. You have to work on personal development. Also, you have to have mentors and coaches. I have chosen some to Network Marketers as my mentors.  It studies tapes, books and videos for several Network Marketers that are top earns. It is important to get the proper training and coaching. I have a list of mentors that have helped me become successful in my Network Marketing Business. In my opinion, these are the top trainers in the Network Marketing Industry.

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List Top Network Marketers

Ray Higdon

He has been in the Network Marketing Industry for a while. He is the best in my opinion when it comes to building a Network Marketing Business Online. He is a expert blogger. He teach how to blog, use social media and use video to get leads. He is a top earner in the Network Marketing Industry as well as a trainer and coach. He specialize in help business get leads for their business. If you want to learn how to  set up the best lead generation system for your business and take massive action, you need to study Ray Hidgon.


Do you want to recruit more reps into your network marketing business? This book was written by someone who was the number one income earner in his last company earning over a million dollars in commission!

Top earner, and Amazon best selling author, Ray Higdon breaks down exactly how to boost your MLM recruiting by first focusing on how to close more sales, then teaching you powerful ways to boost your MLM prospecting.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this book:

– Why and how to use questions when prospecting
– How to establish an effective daily routine
– Persuasion, Attraction Marketing, and Leveraging
– Effective test closing strategies
– How to build a network marketing empire

If you are sick and tired of not rank advancing or buy propecia into your MLM, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s what the people who bought the audio course from which the book is taken had to say about it …

“Ray gave me the psychology of an average prospect. How to break the ice with rapport and powerful language. How to quickly identity their needs and be a more effective communicator. Even though I am not in Ray’s network marketing opportunity, I truly value all of his training and he has inspired me to be a better leader and person within this industry. This course is proof of that fact. Thanks RAY!!!”

~ Gerry Eddins

“It’s absolutely amazing stuff!!! I was struggling so long in my Network marketing career and I know that now my struggle will come to an end! I love especially how you show us how to overcome objections! This has been a issue for me in so many presentations! I will for sure pass this training on to my team and am exited about helping so many people with your help!”

~ Alexander Rozinek ~ Professional in Community Commerce

“That info is worth triple what you are selling it for… I have spent triple and did not get even close to the quality info you provided in only the first chapter.”

~ Aaron Boe

“If you’re serious about becoming successful in this industry YOU NEED THIS TRAINING!”

~ Gregg Palmer

“These are the “Cliff notes” to recruiting… extremely practical and actionable information that I have already been able to immediately implement. Using your exact approach, I was able to sponsor a new person within 24 hours of my first listen. Thanks for putting this out. Two thumbs up, brother!”

~ Dave Ludena

Randy Gage

He is a trainer and coach in the Network Marketing Industry. He is the author on nine international bestsellers. One of my favorites is “Risky The New Safe”.  He is a personal trainer and coach. If have trained over a million people. However, he is primarily a Network Marketing Trainer. He help people with their personal development skills and tries to put the them on a path of financial prosperity. He help people transform their life and achieve their dreams.


NEW Completely Revised 4th Edition – Build Your Own Cash Flow Machine!In this landmark book, Randy Gage the world’s preeminent expert on Network Marketing reveals how you can generate ongoing passive income and create complete financial freedom. Randy cuts through the fluff and the hype to show you exactly how to produce success in this amazing business.

You’ll discover:
– How to choose the right company;
– The difference between scams and legitimate MLM;
– How to locate the best candidates;
– The secrets to making compelling presentations; and,
– How to develop leaders on your team.

“The book that transformed the profession!”

In How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine, Randy Gage lays bare his complete, generic system for developing a large network that throws off residual income for decades.

In this completely revised and updated 4th edition of this book, Randy reveals what’s working right now in the marketplace. You’ll learn all of the secrets to creating an ongoing cash machine.

In this information-dense book you’ll discover:
– Why Network Marketing is the solution for today s economy;
– What it takes to be successful in the business;
– How to select the right company for you;
– The core qualities that lead you to success;
– How to get started fast;
– Power prospecting strategies;
– The secrets to building depth;
– How to conduct powerful meetings;
– Leadership strategies that produce massive growth; and,
– Much, much more!

You’ll see why this book has been called the “Bible of Network Marketing!”

There s no “rah-rah” hype — just Randy’s nuts-n-bolts techniques for how you build a large, exponentially-growing organization. This is the seminal book on the science of network marketing. Get it!


Tod Falcone

He has been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 20 years. He specializes in helping people get leads for their business. He is also a coach and trainer. He is one of the best consultants in the industry. He consults Network Marketing Company owners. He is a teacher, speaker and trainer worldwide.


Todd Falcone’s Insider Secrets Home Study Course has quickly become one of the top selling training programs in the entire network marketing and direct sales industries. In this powerful program, Todd teaches you EXACTLY how to recruit UP the socio-economic chain by specifically targeting and prospecting individuals who already have the skills necessary to succeed in network marketing. If you ever wondered if there was a “better way” to recruit, this is IT! You’ll learn exactly who to look for and why. You’ll learn exactly where to find them and what to say to them. You will learn the “ins and outs” of how Todd easily recruits realtors, insurance agents, professional sales people, mortgage brokers and other top professionals into his business. He teaches you how to NEVER, EVER run out of top notch quality talent into your business. Content: Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 8 CD’s Advanced Search Training on 4 DVD’s Live Prospecting to Professionals on 6 CD’s


Mike Dillard

He is also a trainer and coach. He specializes in attraction marketing. Also, he is the person to go to if you want to master online marketing. He is a top earner in the MLM Industry. He built is business online. He didn’t use the traditional methods in Network Marking to become a top earner. My favorite product by Mike Dillard is Magnetic Sponsoring. I like this product because it teaches how to get endless leads and distributors.


Magnetic Sponsoring is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or read before when it comes to building a network marketing or MLM business. This is NOT a book for people who want to follow the herd, or get average results handing out samples, holding home parties, or buying leads. It is for the few who want to become leaders in this industry. Who want to walk across the stage, and who want to earn 7-figures. It is for those who would rather be the hunted than the hunter. Who prefer to work smarter, instead of harder. Who want to build a life-long business, instead of an opportunity, and for those who value truth over hype. If you’re tired of chasing your friends and family members, posting fliers on phone poles, cold calling leads, and handing out business cards, then Magnetic Sponsoring is exactly what you’ve been looking for. In this book, I will teach you… – How to get an endless number of prospects to call you, with credit card in hand ready to buy your product, or join your business. – How to create a life-long business with zero competition. – How to make income whether your prospects join your business or not. – How to legitimately produce endless leads for free. – How to create automated marketing systems that sell and recruit for you. – How to sponsor top industry leaders instead of tire-kickers. – How to become an Alpha man or woman that people respect and follow. – How I used these strategies to make over $50 million online, and become the #1 Residual Income Earner in my opportunity. Thank you for your leadership


Eric Worre

He has been in Network Marketing over 25 years. He is a top earner in the industry. He is a trainer and coach. One of his best works in my opinion is Go Pro.

In May of 2013, Eric released his first book calledbuy propecia generic. It has become a worldwide bestseller with almost one million books sold to date. Since its release, the book has consistently remained at the top of the best-seller lists in a half dozen categories on Amazon.com and is one of the highest customer-rated books in the world.

What Eric trains does not conflict with any corporate system. On the contrary, it reinforces it. In the Go Pro book, there are five main themes.

  • Network Marketing isn’t perfect. It’s just better.
  • If you’re going to be involved, decide to be a Professional. Decide to “Go Pro”.
  • Like any profession, there are skills you’ll need to master.
  • Anything worthwhile takes time.
  • It’s worth it.

In addition, Eric focuses on the fundamental skills everyone can agree on:

  • Finding Prospects
  • Inviting Prospects
  • Presenting To Prospects
  • Following Up With Prospects
  • Closing Prospects
  • Getting New Distributors Started
  • Promoting Events

If you haven’t had a chance to read it the book, Eric would encourage you to do so. He’s confident that you will find that it reinforces everything you teach.

Mark Yarnell

He is a top earner in the industry. He is a mentor, coach and teacher. He teaches network marketers how generate leads and build their downline. Also, he teaches how to duplicate. He is an accomplished author, orator and international business leader. He has built an international distribution organization of more than 300,000 marketing representative in twenty countries.



A contemporary approach to network marketing—from the author of the million-copy bestseller, Your First Year in Network MarketingThis is a book about reality—an unpleasant reality that no one seems to want to address. A large number of the population was hit with substantial loss of income and savings during the recent economic meltdown. Many feel that they have no way to build back their savings in order to retire comfortably and securely. Many now believe that there just isn’t enough time left to turn it around. How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing is for those who refuse to accept this nonsense.

With such a confusing array of home business opportunities and so many millions caught in the financial meltdown, there has never been a more important time for due diligence and a proven path to follow. In How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing you will learn how to:

  • Select the right networking company based on expert advice and solid criteria
  • Thrive as an entrepreneur
  • Deal with fear, rejection, inertia, and naysayers
  • Build professional habits that drive success
  • Lead, motivate, and serve your team
  • Recruit with rejection-free strategies

Learn how to develop an entrepreneurial spirit through network marketing in order to build dramatic prosperity today.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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