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Repspace is a social networking platform for mostly business owners. A lot of member are in the network marketing industry.  The main purpose of this platform weight heavily on the expansion of its community. Many affiliates have been sent out to promote the program and invite as many online entrepreneurs as possible. So when the crowd has arrived, you have the opportunity to promote different products and services to them through: Classified ads, Business Listings and Advertising Campaign. This are the 3 main purposes for people joining. You go there to find prospects.

It’s good for help you promote your business. Repspace is free, and provides a personal profile page where members can post their business information and links to their opportunities. Also, there is a place for you to put a link to your blog and business website.

Repspace also has a robust and growing list of discussion forums, personal blogs, an event calendar, media directory, and classifieds where members can share information and participate in discussions on companies and current events in the Work from Home industry.

Repspace Revenue Share and Incentive Program

Repspace members may participate in the Repspace Revenue Share Program and earn cash and gift incentives for helping the Repspace community grow. Members accrue activity points which may be exchanged for run-of-site advertising campaigns, incentives, and commissions.

Members may request new groups and forums be added on Repspace for a particular company, or a specific topic, and request new regional networking groups. Also, Repspace members have access to Repspace free video posting, classifieds and forums. You can use these tools to promote you business opportunity or events.

If you have new business and you need more leads, buy propecia. Don’t forget to set up your profile.

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