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How To Start A Home Based Ganoderma Coffee Business

If you have a passion for coffee and helping people, you should consider starting a Ganoderma Coffee Business. Coffee is the most consumed drink, next to water. When you look at the commodity market, oil sits at the top with coffee being second most traded..

Ganoderma coffee has not only provided millions of people worldwide with effective solutions to various illnesses, it also provides business opportunities. What does this mean? Simple, you can enjoy a healthier cup of coffee and at the same time make money. Some people may dislike swallowing supplements in the form of a pill or capsule. A drink is much easier to swallow and goes down nice and easy.

Here’s some good news. Don’t quit your full time job to start this home based business. You can keep the full-time job while building your internet coffee business. The tools you need are the internet, cell phone and some very limited start-up capital.  You can start the business for under $49. Once you start your online coffee business, you get a website. The website will allow you to run your business 24/7 and can conduct business on your behalf all over the world.

Frankie Muhammad, Total Life Changes Distributor

Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
IBO# 10002183625




Watch Organo Gold Home Based Business Presentation

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
IBO# 10002183625

If you are considering starting a Home Based Business with Organo Gold, you have come to the right place.  We have helped thousands of people start home based businesses and create financial freedom for themselves and their family. Some people join just because they want to make some extra money maybe $500 a month. If you are looking for a way to make a full time income working part time, we can help you with that. We would love to have you as part of our team. If you are not really ready to start a business, feel free to order some of our awesome Ganoderma weight loss coffee, teas, detox beverages and shakes.

Watch Organo Gold Business Presentation

Watch Organo Gold Business Presentation

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How To Double Your Profits In Your MLM Coffee Business

Frankie Muhammad, Total Life Changes Distributor

Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
IBO# 10002183625


How To Double Your Income In Your Organo Gold Business

1. Sample Your Products: Share 2 Samples of your products a day. Everything starts with a sample. Sharing samples will grow your business. This brings exposure to you, your products and business opportunity.

2.Retail Your Products: You can make 50% commissions because you get the products for half price.

3.Follow Up: You need to contact people that you have shared the business opportunity and products with. You got to follow up with your prospects.

4.Presenting; You got to do presentations. Try to do at least one presentation a day.

5. Smile: Always be excited

6. Teach Your Team

“It’s Easy, It’s Simple, It’s Coffee”



How To Prospect For Your Organo Gold Business 4 Step Invite Training

Frankie Muhammad Organo Gold Independent Busines
Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold independent Business Owner (Memphis)
IBO# 10002183625


As a Network Marketing Professional in Memphis and Organo Gold Distributor, one of the biggest responsibilities  is inviting new people to my Organo Gold  Business. You will not be able to grow your downline or have a successful network marketing business without mastering the skill of inviting. We will struggle to make money. You have to develop good inviting skills. One of the most popular forms of inviting in Network Marketing is the 4 Step Invite.


How To Perform The Four Step Invite

  1. Be In A Hurry

People are always in a hurry and you should be no different. If your conversation with the prospect is more than 45 seconds that’s a clue you are talking too much. This is not the time for catching up with the family or friends. It would look something like this… “Hi Kevin, this is Frankie Muhammad. I don’t have a lot of time right now.”This may sound a little strange at first, but understand this part is critical and sets the stage for the next points in the system.

  1. Clear The Date

This is probably the most important step in the process. This will sound something like this. Hey, Kevin do have anything to do at 2:00 PM. If Kevin tells me that he’s busy at that time then I’m going to tell him that I will get back with him later. The goal is to clear the date! You want to play to win and if you can’t win don’t play. That means don’t compromise just to get the appointment. You need to have the posture and if you can’t clear the date let them know that you will get back to them at some later date.

If Kevin is free then that’s a win. Your goal is to get people in front of the presentation. He or She that get’s the most people in front of their presentation is the Winner!

  1. Show Sincerity

Kevin is going to get excited about what you have to show him depending on your excitement and your sincerity. Here’s how this would sound. “Great kevin, I need you to be in front of your computer at 2:55.”

Now Kevin, may want to know more about it right now, but that’s when you go back up to step 1.

    1. Confirm The Date


After step 3 you finish with a final clearing of the date.

Here’s how this would sound. “So Kevin, I will talk to you at 2:55 and I know you are going to be excited about what you are going to see. See you then.”

I promise that if you make these 4 steps to be your own and be consistent with using them, it will change how you build your business forever.


Additional Tips On Inviting Prospects Into Network Marketing

  1. Making a list of names.
    2. Contact and book an appointment with the people on your list of names.
    3. Show a presentation about your business opportunity.
    4. Follow up with them within 48 hours, and
    5. Rotate this action pattern over and over.

How To Invite Family And Friend To Your Business

You: Hello (Prospect name), How you’re doing? Prospect: Hey (You), I’m doing great. What about you? You: I’m doing great. Everything is getting better and better every day. Did I call you at a bad time? Prospect: Yea, I’m still at work. (If your prospect is busy, DO NOT talk to them about your business? You: When can I call you back? Prospect: Call me back in 1 hour… You: OK, great. We will talk soon. Bye.


You: Hello Tony, How you’re doing?
Prospect: Hey Derrick, I’m doing great. What about you?
You: I’m doing great. Everything is getting better and better every day. Did I call you at a bad time?
Prospect: Not really. What’s up?
You: Great. The reason I’m calling you is I started building my on business and I thought of you. I can’t promise you anything, but I would like to get together and discuss the details?
Prospect: What is it?
You (At this point DO NOT explain anything! And always ask questions) Say something like: Have you ever heard what “Support team name leader” is doing in the home based business industry?
Prospect: No. Who is that? ((or)) sometimes what is it? Can you tell me more about it? You (Always ask a question with a question):…
Prospect (Usually say): No.
You: Well, let’s get together and discuss about it more (Date and time)?
Prospect: OK.
(You say: OK, great. Put it in your calendar and see (Date and Time.) ((or)) No. This time won’t be good for me.
You: What about (Date and Time)?
Prospect: Not Good. Blababla…
You (Last try): OK. What about (Date and Time)?
Prospect: I don’t know. Can you call me next week? I may be available.
You: Well (Prospect name). Why don’t we leave it there, and call me whenever you ready. Anyway (Prospect name) I have to go. Say Hi to your (Spouse and Children ((Or)) Particular Person).
Prospect (Say something like): OK (YOU), I will let you know. Say Hi to (Spouse and Children ((Or)) Particular Person). Have a good day.
You: Have a good day.

Another Version Of How To Invite Prospects To The Business

  1. Do your names list.

With the advent of the Internet, websites, email and video DVD technology! we no longer have to call our contacts, get them out for a face to face 2 hour presentation and pray that they join our business!

  1. Qualify them and sort out the 5 stars from the zero stars, the MLM Leaders from the Time Wasters.
  2. Find out their needs using the F.O.R.M technique.
  3. Start inviting them according to their needs! I am going to focus on step 4 now.

Technology has automated our “Qualification” process.

Instead of inviting our contacts for a meetup to present the business opportunity, all we have to do is pick up the phone, call their number and say this!


YOU: “Hi Kevin, do you have a minute?”

Kevin: “Yeh sure, what’s up?”

YOU: “I have some good news. I just started a new business and I am looking for some business partners. I thought you might be interested in looking at this.” Kevin: “Ok, what’s it about?”

YOU: “Ok, tell you what, the business proposal is explained on my website. Are you able to check it later today?”

Kevin: “Yes sure.”

YOU: “You got a pen and paper? Write it down.”

Kevin: “Ok. Go ahead.”

YOU: “It’s (yourwebsite.com)”

Kevin: “Ok. Got it.”

YOU: “Great, check it out later today and I’ll call you back tomorrow. Everything is explained clearly there. Now, time is of the essence, so promise me you will check it today alright?”

Kevin: “Will do man. I’ll check it right now. Talk to you after i see it.”


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