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Stop The Mucus I’m Sick

Excess Mucus is something I struggle with sometime. It’s the reason why I know a little bit about it. When I get excess mucus in my body, I have problems with my sinus. Also, I cough a lot and it keeps me up at night. So I really try to avoid the things that increase mucus in the body.
Nevertheless, mucus is very important to the body. You have mucus producing tissue lines in the throat, sinus, nose, mouth and lungs. Also, we have mucus producing lines in the gastrointestinal tract.
Mucus is important because it prevents tissue in our body from drying out. Mucus keeps the tissue moist. One of the most important functions of mucus is to provide antibodies that help the body eliminate bad bacteria and viruses.
However, there are certain food that we can eat to cause the body to produce to much mucus which is very irritating. Also, pollen, allergies, pollutants and additives can cause the body to produce excess mucus.

List Of Foods That Causes excess Mucus In The Body
1. Milk (Caisen)
2. Wheat (Gluten, muffins, bagels, bread and pretzels)
3. All Corn
4. Chocolate
5. Cheese
6. Butter
7. Yogart
8. Eggs
9. Sugar (Baked Desserts)
10. Sunflower Oil
11. Red Meat
12. Caffeine
When you have excess mucus in the body it causes inflammation which makes you sick. To reduce the mucus in the body it’s best to eat fruits and vegetables. You should eat foods like radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, celery, asparagus, onions, turmeric, brussel sprouts, hot pepper, berries, pineapples and citric fruits.
Best Regards,
Frankie Muhammad