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You Don’t Ever Have To Chase Prospects In Network Marketing

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How To Get MLM Leads

When I joined Network Marketing, I hated the way the MLM industry trained me to build my MLM business. I didn’t like chasing family and friends as well as  strangers  to build my Network Marketing business. It made me uncomfortable. Also, they were not interested in my business opportunity.

I came to the conclusion that people don’t like to be chased or asked to purchase products or see a business opportunity if you have not built a rapport with them. All you do is chase people away. People are not going to join your business if they feel they got to chase people around to sell products or get people to join the business. Think about it, people that are interested in your products or business opportunity don’t have to be chased. In my opinion chasing family, friends and strangers is not the best way to build your business.

After researching the Network Marketing Industry,  I start learning about building a MLM business online. I started reading about internet marketing. I started learning about attraction marketing. I saw people in Network Marketing getting a lot of success with building their MLM business online. When I took my MLM business online it changed everything for me. I started getting more prospects, customers, sells and business partners.

So what did I do? I created a Network Marketing blog. The blog you are on right now. I started blogging everyday about my products, business opportunity, network marketing and health and wellness. This allowed me to position myself as a leader. I establish credibility for me in the MLM Industry. It gave me the ability to add value to the industry and be seen as a leader and expert. My blog has allowed me to build trust with my audience.  So now I never chase people to tell them about my MLM business or products. People call me. They hunt me instead of me hunting them.

So What Did I Do To Build My MLM Business

  1. I created a Network Marketing Blog Through Word Press.
  2. I blogged everyday when I started my blog
  3.  I shared all my blog post on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.  This will bring a lot of traffic to your blog
  4. I use my blog to drive people to my products and MLM business website
  5. Also, I use Pay Per Click Marketing to drive traffic to my blog

If you do these things, you will get more leads, customers, sales and business partners.

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Why You Should Use Linkedin For MLM Prospecting

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad
Contact: 901-870-1135


mlm prospecting on linkedin

One of my favorite social media sites for prospecting is Linked In. I get a lot of leads and business for my MLM Business by leverage the power of Linkedin. If you are looking for ways to prospect, using Linkedin is an excellent option.

Statistics For LinkedIn

1.There are 1.5 Million LinkedIn groups

2. out of 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn

3. There are over 350 million users on LinkedIn (107 million in the US)

4. 40% of their users check LinkedIn daily

One thing that I believe keeps most Network Marketers from doing prospecting on LinkedIn is they think it is just a job social media website and that people on LinkedIn are seeking jobs, not entrepreneur opportunities. However,  you can  at any time  locate and recruit a professional who has never done network marketing on linkedin.

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How Can I Prospect In Another Country


One thing I love about network marketing is that you have the ability to build relationships and have business partners all over the world. I have recruited people on my team in  other countries. However, this require some skills and training.

It’s not my primary goal to recruit people from other countries. However, when I see someone that will be good for my business and the team then I will reach out to that person.  I sponsor people in other countries several ways. First, I blog and target people that may be interested in a home based business in other countries.  Prospecting online and Facebook is the best way to find recruits in other countries. People see your network marketing blog post all over the world when you share them correctly.

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Also, I simply go to some of my existing team members and ask them do they know anyone that may be opened to starting a home based business or making extra money that does not live in the United States. This is the best strategy for sponsoring people in other countries.  It’s also good to use this strategy when your company creates business opportunities in new countries.

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