MLM Regenalife Network Marketing

MLM Regenalife Network Marketing

I want to do a review of  Regenalife MLM Company. I am not a distributor for this company. However, after researching the company, I found it to be a great Network Marketing Company. I simply think the Health and Wellness companies in Network Marketing bring most value to the MLM industry. This company has certified organic products, natural and 100% toxin free.

Regenalife Network Marketing Company was known as Regeneration. It is a Park Ridge, New Jersey based foods manufacturing frim founded in 2008 by E. Cadiz and Justin Chernalis. RegenaLife Network Marketing Company offer all MLM organic products which I think is very innovative and amazing. The company provides anti aging products and organic foods. Also, they have a good and competitive compensation plan for those that want to become an Affiliate and Start A Home Based Business. They give the average individual the ability to start a home based business and get healthy.

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How Did MLM Company Regenalife Get Started

In 2008, two men saw a need to improve the diet for humans. There names are Ernesto Cadiz and Justin Chernalis. Therefore, they started a new company. This company is designed to sell all organic products. The name of the company at the time was RegenerationUSA. There products did not contain any corn syrup, processed sugar, GMO, synthetic sweeteners nor additives.


RegenaLife Network Marketing MLM Products

  • Anti-Aging Bars – These were the first products and you can now get them in the original Goji or in Cocoa.
  • Anti-Aging Fulvic Spray – A spray that gives your skin needed nutrients.
  • Blu-Lina Spirulina – This water algae plant has high protein and iron. It is fully organic.
  • Humic and Fulvic Minerals – These come in both liquid and capsules.
  • Jiaogulan Tea – You can get this wonderful tea in loose leaf or in capsules.
  • Krill Oil – For your Omega 3 needs.
  • Living Raw Chocolate
  • Longevity Formula – With Resveratrol, Acai and Maqui. I mentioned this great product earlier.
  • Maitake Beta Glucan – For your immunity.
  • Daily Dose Organic Super Greens – This is a top seller. It is a drink that provides you with a wide range of nutrients.
  • Prostrate Health For Men
  • Regena Flex Joint Support
  • Regena Slim Organic Skinny Body Shake
  • Whole Body Snacks – I love them!
  • Organic Turmeric and Curcumin – From the ginger family, Turmeric is known for many health benefits.
  • Vitality Factor – This is a great hormone support supplement.
  • Zeolite – A great body detox.

RegenaLife Network Marketing Compensation Plan And Benefits

Regenalife has an awesome compensation plan. It is a uni-level compensation plan that pays out a “whopping” 57%.You can build as many legs as you want, 7 levels deep. Taking some easy measurements from the RegenaLife website, I am going to provide examples on what you can earn.Let’s say that you have 1 leg 7 levels deep and they each purchase 100 PV (point value) of products; you would earn: Total Of $57.00

  1. $20
  2. $10
  3. $10
  4. $5
  5. $5
  6. $4
  7. $3

You get 45% in free match checking bonuses, rank advance bonuses, infinity bonuses, fast start bonuses along with various contests allowing you to fill your bank account.

RegenaLife’s MLM compensation plan is based on a uni-level pay plan which allows Distributors to earn upwards of 57% per month. The compensation plan also includes $15, $50, $100 and $200 Fast Start Bonuses, 20%, 15% and 10% Check Matching Bonuses, Rank Achievement Bonuses, Coded Infinity Bonuses and 1% thru 5% Infinity Bonuses.

Our software tracks sales data, commissions, genealogies, uplines, downlines in Real Time – the days of waiting until the month closes to see what you actually earned are long gone. Today’s networking distributors demand instant access to their sales, commissions and downline reports. If a new distributor signs up online or retail customer places an order the sale and commissions appear instantly! You’ll instantly receive emails when another person joins your team or places an order, you can even access the backoffice via your smartphone or tablet.

Additional Benefits Of Building A Business With Regenalife Network Marketing Company

RegenaLife gives YOU FREE information on the quickest and easiest way to build a massive downline with these Proven & Amazing Benefits

  • No enrollment fee
  • No yearly renewal fee
  • Personalized newsletter follow up series with your website links
  • Generous Monthly Affiliate Contests & Bonuses
  • FREE E-commerce website
  • Loyalty Rewards Program – Save 10%
  • Enrollment Gift Card Program – Save 10%
  • Market tested products
  • Certified organic and natural products
  • The most transparent & rewarding earnings plan in the industry
  • Exclusive Members’ Back Office Area
  • “Live Commissions” by the minute as orders get placed and new Affiliates join.
  • Experienced and dedicated corporate training and support
  • Simple & Powerful Uni-Level Compensation Plan
  • New Infinity Coded Bonus

Frankie Muhammad


Network Marketing Professional



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