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I have lived in the Memphis area all my life. I am very familiar with the city and the problems that plague the City as well as the things that also makes Memphis a great City. However, Memphis has two major problems crime and unemployment.

Companies in Memphis are always closing down. Also, they have a lot of Temporary Agencies, factories and low paying jobs in Memphis. This is why it’s so difficult to make money in Memphis and take care of you and your family.

The best thing to do if you live in Memphis is to do something for yourself. You need to consider starting your own business. With the advancement in technology, you can now earn money from home. You can sell products all over the country or world. You don’t just have to depend on Memphis to make money.  All you need is a computer, phone and a strong desire to learn.  I am a business own with a leading company in the Health And Wellness Industry.  This is a lucrative 2 trillion dollar industry.

We are always looking for Self Starters and individuals that want to work from their home and build their own dreams. If you want to make money online, spend more time with your family and create your own wealth, I would suggest that you watch the Business Presentation below. We already have people in the area making $500 to $1500 a month just working on their business part-time. However, if you would just prefer to work a 9 to 5 job for the next forty years and retire at half of your salary, I respect that to. Good Luck!



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