Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing

Life Shotz (Life Matters) is a Network Marketing Company. It is a Health And Wellness Company. They focus on nutritional supplements and protein shakes. As of 2015, Life Shotz is called Life Matter. The name was changed. Founders/Owners: Richard & Kimmy Brooke.

Facts About Joining Life Shotz (Life Matters) MLM Company

In order to join the business, you have to buy a Launch Kit for $675. The price point is pretty typical across the network marketing industry as far as the cost to get started, but the Launch Kit also includes two tickets to the Life Shotz convention so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth. The compensation itself pays out several ways. There are ways to make upfront income which is good because as a distributor you need to make immediate income so you can stay in business long enough for you to build a business. There’s also an opportunity to build residual income by building a base of product-consuming distributors and customers. On top of that, there is a Car Bonus for people who are top-producers. Overall, the compensation plan looks fair and for the right person it can be quite lucrative.

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Health Benefits Of Life Shotz Products

The products are designed to give you the following health benefits:

  • Improve the recovery time from injury
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Improve mood
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Improve nutritional health
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Improve immune system performance
  • Improve energy efficiency

Life Shotz Network Marketing Company Products

Mind Product: It is the ideal product for your brain as it helps in improving your memory and optimizes the performance of essential cognitive activities. With its help, you shall have a sharp memory to recall any matter quite easily. It also helps you to obtain a cool and calm mind so as to have focus on your task without any sort of distraction. In addition to that, it also prevents and slows down the pace of brain aging. Just buy this product once, so as to experience its utilities.

Motion Product: It is mainly available in the form of capsules and is very useful in improving the flexibility and mobility of your physical joints. Its other usefulness mainly includes tissue protection and joints protection. It contains no toxic components to affect the functioning of essential parts of your body. Take this capsule in empty stomach to reap its benefits within few weeks.

Vibe: This nutritional shake contains perfect blend of proteins with other useful natural ingredients. It helps you to shed your excess fat quite easily for having lean body muscles. It also enhances your physical energy for enduring the harsh outdoor environment to the fullest extent. In addition to that, you can control your hunger and appetite with this protein supplements. Just try it for few weeks to experience its benefits.

Life Shotz Network Marketing Company Compensation Plan

Retail profit: Here you have the chance of earning up to twenty percent profit and for that you simply need to buy the products of the company at a wholesale price. Then you have to sale these items to the customers at specific retail price and your profit amount will be determined on the basis of difference between wholesale and retail price. You can enjoy higher percentage of profit based on the increased product orders of your customers.

Customer Bonuses: You can receive this bonus on enrolling preferred or retail customers without any prescribe limitations. Here you have the chance of receiving five percent of the overall bonus volumes that have been generated by your enrolled customers in the first order and thirty percent of the bonus volumes generated by these enrolled customers in their fifth order.

Retail bonus outlet: Here you have the scope of receiving bonus for referring the products of this company to more number of people who own retail stores. If you continue the momentum, then you have the scope of getting ten percent rebate personal order above $750 and similar such rebates on the purchases made by your referred retailers.

Three for free: In this program, you just need to sponsor minimum three affiliates or distributors to buy the products of the company. Here you have the chance of receiving discount on the auto order based on your purchasing amounts of $100 from the up-coming month. The discount rate can be higher, if you are successful in generating autoship orders above $100. Your sponsored distributors will also be entitled to the same benefits if they are able to replicate your process according to the letter.

Leadership Bonus: It normally begins from the rank of Bronze and continues up to the highest level of leadership. Your bonus amount shall be determined on the basis of your high ranking position and you shall have the sole authority to claim a legitimate share from your down-line members also. Here you will also receive bonus for inspiring and helping your enrolled member to achieve high ranking positions through replicating your processes.

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