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The Benefits of Iaso Herbal Instant And Brewed Tea


How To Get Total Life Changes Iaso Instant Detox Tea

10 Pack Iaso Instant tea $20.00


Iaso Instant Herbal Detox Tea

Get 10 Packs Of Iaso Herbal Instant Detox Tea, $20.00

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How Does Iaso Instant Herbal Detox Tea Work

You simply take the tea at least 30 minutes prior to eating twice a day. You can mix the tea with hot water or cold water. Simply pour the Iaso Instant tea into a 16.9 fl. oz bottle of purified or spring water. Place the cap on the water bottle and shake lightly until completely dissolved. Drink to good health and weight loss.

Iaso Instant Detox Tea Review

Total Life Changes has just release a Game Changer when it comes to detoxing the body. The new Iaso Instant Tea is now available. Consuming the Iaso Tea is the fastest way to detox the body. I love the traditional Iaso Tea and I drink it everyday. However, It’s difficult to take the tea to the gym, work or carrying it in public. I normally have to wait to I get home. This can be a inconvenience sometime because I drink it every day.

However, with the Iaso Instant Tea you can detox on the go. You can carry a pack of Iaso instant tea anywhere. All you need is 20 ounces of water. You mix a pack of iaso instant tea with 20 ounces of water and you can detox right there on the spot. This is absolutely amazing.

Iaso Tea is one of the top 5 Direct Selling Products in the world. It is an awarding winning product. It is the number one selling detox and cleansing tea. The Iaso Instant tea is designed clean the colon and the blood. It is a natural detox. It helps keep the body health and balance the body. To get the benefit of the Iaso Instant Tea, you simply drink one pack of Iaso Instant Tea 30 Minutes prior to a meal.

 Iaso Instant Herbal Detox Tea Benefits
  1. Great with irregularity and constipation, even for small children, seniors and the physically challenged.
  2. Improves overall  digestion and absorption of nutrients
  3. Sheds unwanted pounds and burns fat
  4. Provides sustainable energy, allowing you to smile more – because life is short, enjoy it
  5. Restores mental clarity and improves memory caused by having too many toxins in the blood
  6. Provides relief from allergies and hay fever
  7. Cleans out pharmaceutical and/or recreational drug residues, including heavy metals
  8. Keeps the colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs healthy, clean and clear
  9. Helps detoxify chemicals created by parasites, fungi, yeast, and bad bacteria in the colon and digestive tract
  10. Removes parasites such as worms and flukes from the colon…you may not think, but they do. Removes toxins from the entire digestive system.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis

Frankie Muhammad



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