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Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
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I am a Organo Gold Distributor in Memphis. You have came to the right place if you are looking to boost your energy, detox and lose weight. We have some of the best Ganoderma Beverages to help you improve your body and get healthy. Our products are made with the best technology, science and ingredients. Get your weight loss coffee, tea, weight loss shakes and detox beverages Today!

Organo Gold Energy, Weight Lose Instant Coffee, Tea, Shakes And Detox Beverages

Organo Gold Coffee will boost your energy and support your metabolism. Just a cup of coffee as well as an infusion of Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom widely used in Chinese traditional system will boost your health. Also, the Ganoderma in the Organo Gold coffee will suppress the appetite and help you lose weight.

Organo Gold Coffee is packed with nutrients. It has over 200 vitamins as well as 150 Antioxidants. This coffee promotes weight loss because it contain phytonutrients. Furthermore, the Ganoderma in the coffee is Organic 100% U.S.D.A. You can’t see, smell or taste the Ganoderma but your body experience all the health benefits. The coffee comes in Black, Mocha and Latte. Not only do these coffees boost energy, promote weight loss, they also have a rich, full and consistent taste. Organo Gold figured out a way to put health in something that people are addicted to and drink everyday. That is Coffee. The company has over 100 million in sales.

Organo Gold Black Gourmet Ganoderma Coffee

Organo Gold Black Goumet Coffee

Organo Gold Black Coffee is a weight loss* supplement. This healthy coffee supplement is blended with a mushroom that is widely used in Chinese traditional system. There are thirty sachets in the box. One sachet makes one cup of coffee, and the entire package costs


Organo Gold Cafe Latte Gourmet Ganoderma Coffee

Organo Gold Cafe Latte

OG Gourmet Cafe Latte Instant Coffee that has awesome health benefits. The coffee has antioxidants and Pure Gandoderma lucidum. It is one of the finest quality robusta and arabica coffee beans and organic Ganoderma lucidum are blended with cream and sugar for a creamy coffee latte minus the wait in line! The flavor of this coffee is awesome also it will uplift you. Flavorful, fast and delightfully uplifting — Our Gourmet Cafe Latte is how you’ll want to start out every morning.


Organo Gold Mocha Ganoderma Coffee

OG Gourmet Cafe Mocha With Chocolate Blend Smooth And Creamy Taste

Café Mocha is a MLM Coffee made by Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a network marketing company. It is one of the leading MLM companies in the Health And Wellness Industry. The Organo Gold Ganoderma Café Mocha With A Chocolate Blend is a very popular healthy coffee. It is an aromatic coffee with a rich and a creamy smooth taste. It is blended with the Ganoderma, cocoa beans and cream to bring about a taste that you will never forget. It has a rich and a creamy smooth taste. It is not like other this can help you in reviving your health. It works as anti-tumor and helps with sleep disorder and depression.


Organo Gold Ganoderma  Cafe Supreme Coffee

Organo Gold Cafe Supreme Gourmet Coffee

Organo Gourmet Café Supreme is one of the best tasting healthy coffees. It’s one of my favorite Organo Gold Coffees. It combines ginseng  which is one of the most popular herbals in the world into a creamy and flavorful cup of sweetened specialty coffee. It has a rich and creamy blend with the benefits of Organic Ganoderma Lucidum. Also, it naturally contains antioxidants to help protect and defend your health. Furthermore, it’s instant take it where ever you go.

Organo Gold  Gourmet Ganoderma  King Of  Coffee

The Premium Gourmet Organic King Of Coffee by Organo Gold is very popular. It is one of my favorites.  I think it is the best organic coffee with organic Ganoderma Lucidum spore powders. It is a rich medium dark arabica roast organic black coffee with the rare and delicate spores of the organic Ganoderma mushroom.  This is a coffee that will help boost and support your immune system.  This coffee has natural antioxidants that promote good health.  The coffee is instant you can drink it where every you go. It is certified organic arabica coffee.

Organo Gold  Gourmet Ganoderma  Hot Cocoa  Coffee

Organo Gold Hot Coca

Organo Gold has a lot off awesome beverages. However, me and my family love the Organo Gourmet Hot Cocoa. This Hot Chocolate is a mix for an instant chocolate drink enhances with Ganoderma Lucidum. One of the best things about the Hot Chocolate is that  it is Caffeine Free. Also, it is Organic.

Organo Gold OGX Fenix Weight Loss Shake

New Organo Gold OGX Fenix Weight Loss Shakes, Burn Fat Fast And Safe

Organo Gold has a excellent weight management solution system for those that are trying to burn fat and lose weight fast and safe. They have an amazing weight loss shake called OGX Fenix thats helping thousands of people lose weight and get healthy all over the world.

Our OGX Shakes are designed to promote weight loss and help you burn fat. They will provide you the electrolytes you need for good energy. Also, they are packed with the nutrients your body need to stay healthy. Also, they are packed with a powerful 100% all natural herb called Ganoderma. This is known as the king of herbs. You can’t taste or see the Ganoderma in the weight loss shake. However,  you body get the full benefits and antioxidants from the Ganoderma.

You can get the OGX Fenix Weight Loss Shakes In Different flavors like Chocolate and Vanilla. This product will help you fuel the body, build muscle and burn unwanted fat. It will help you get healthy and lose weight.

Organo Gold Fenix DX Pink Lemonade Advance Detox Drink

Organo Gold New Fenix DX Pink Lemonade Advance Detox

Organo Gold New Fenix DX Pink Lemonade Advance Detox Support Drink. This detox drink will Nourish Your Body’s Natural Detoxification System with this Pink Lemonade flavored drink mix. Caffeine free.

Nothing is more important than our daily health. Feeling healthy and comfortable is what allows you to reach new heights and get the most out of your day. With DX, take daily action to defending your health and supporting your natural detox process.

Organo Gold Black Ice Energy Tea

Organo Gold  Black Ice  EnergyTea is one of my favorite Organo Gold Beverages. It’s a awesome drink especially in the summer. It is a refreshing and naturally invigorating iced tea mix to make an icy cold drink. Enhanced with Ganoderma lucidum and Amazonian Guarana, this is the ideal drink to revive your and uplift your spirit. Also, it is a Natural Energy Booster. It’s a Cool and Sweet Beverage. It has organic Ganoderma Lucidum along with natural antioxidants.

Organo Gold Red Tea

organo Gold Red Tea

Organo Gold Red Tea is a healthy tea. It is a aromatic and flavorful tea.  This tea also has pure  ganoderma lucidum and cordyceps along with naturally rich in antioxidants. You can enjoy hot or chilled with ice anytime of the day.



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