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Network Marketing Success


Why Most People In Network Marketing

Network Marketing is an awesome industry. According to research the Industry has produced more millionaires than any other industry. The industry will allow you to create a part-time income, full time income and create financial freedom with a low start up cost. It’s the only industry that will allow the average person to create residual income. However, 97 to 98 percent never get a chance to experience the awesome benefits of the Network Marketing Industry. Most of them quit the business. Why do most of the people  fail in Network Marketing? Most people fail in Network Marketing because they have unrealistic expectation and no marketing skills.

False Expectations In Network Marketing

Some of the failures are not Recruits (New Business Owners) fault. However, some of it is the fault of our industry. Because it’s so easy for people to get into the industry and the start up cost is so low, the industry attracts a lot of people that don’t know anything about growing a business, or marketing. Also, they think building a business is like a job. They want instant gratification and that is not how it works. They are not willing to commit to 4 to 5 years to build their businesses. They see people in the industry making a lot of money. They want that same success overnight. They don’t research the Top Earners in Network Marketing to see how long they have been in the industry. They don’t see most of them have awesome marketing skills. They are trusted, liked and respected. They have credibility and a large following. Their success didn’t come over night.

Most people that come into network marketing are not willing to get the training, skills set and work hard to get the success they want. Let me say this, if you don’t know how to market in 2018 the chances of you being a six figure earner is very small. When I came into the industry, I didn’t have any marketing skills. I used the standard industry training to build my business offline. I presented my products and business opportunity to family members, friends and strangers in public. I tried to build my business offline and I failed. Not only did I fail, I got burned out and frustrated.

Things didn’t change for me and my MLM Business until I learned how to market and took my business online. After careful research, I saw most top earners and successful Network Marketers where building their business online. They were not just relying on offline marketing and  family and friends to build their business. They were blogging, doing videos and sharing their information on social media to brand themselves, get customers and sell products.

MLM Top Earners are building their business online. So I did what they did. I learn how to take my business online. I joined all the majors social media websites such as Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram. I created a profile for them and started increasing my following. I started blogging about myself,  health and wellness products, my MLM Company. I started providing value to people in my industry. I started establishing credibility and changing people lives. Now my Network Marketing business is on a whole different levels. My blog and my social media accounts have  gotten me a lot of leads, customers, and sells. I have been able to help and meet a lot of people.


If you want to be successful and a top earner in Network Marketing, you got to be patient. You got to take 4 to 5 years to build your business.  You cant quit. Also, one of the most important things you have to do is learn how to market. You should build your business offline. However the success will come when you learn how to market online. There are millions of people online that want and need your products and services. You got to learn how to get in front of them. You will not be able to meet as many people offline than you would online. It’s just not possible.


What To Do To Get Network Marketing Success

  1. Get You A Domain Name
  2. Get You A Self Hosted WordPress Blog (Don’t Use A Free Blog)
  3. Create A Social Media Account For Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook. Communicate, share information and build up your following
  4. Write a blog post 3 to 4 times a week about you, your products, services and MLM company. Write blog posts that help people solve problems and give them information that will change the quality of their life. Every time you do a blog post put it on all your social media accounts. Be consistent and do this for at least 6 months. You will see a big change in your business.  You will start to get leads, customers and sells. People will begin to see you as an expert in your industry. They will begin to like you, trust you and respect you. You want have to chase down leads and customers. They will find you.
  5.  Make sure you follow up within 24 hours on all leads
  6. Also, be professional, respectful and take care of your customers
  7. Also, when you recruit new business owners. Show them what you did get become successful
  8. Go to your company events and training
  9. Get your team members to go to the training
  10. Stay in touch with your sponsor
  11. Work on personal development ( Read Books And Watch Videos. Study Network Marketing Trainers and Top Earners)
  12. Get you a coach or mentor
  13.  DON’T QUIT!!!!
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Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success

There is a lot of ways to start a home based business. Having a home based business is the best way to become a business owner. The overhead is low and sometimes you don’t have to even stock products. I think the best way to start a home based business is Network Marketing. The overhead is low. Also, you get free training and access to go leadership.

Having the newest product, compensation plan or even company is not the ways to increase your chances of success. If you want to be order propecia online canada you need to choose a company that offer mentorship, training and good leadership. You want a company thats going to support you, and a company that has good marketing material.

Tips For Choosing A MLM Company

1. Do they have training? I mean a good step by step blue print of how to get you into making money.  There are plenty of companies out there who have good training and you need to find them. There are also some good education and learning communities to join if you find a good company that can be right for you in every other way.  So do your due diligence on this one. It is vital to your success. Remember, you want to be choosing the right MLM company or you have too much of a chance of getting discouraged and becoming another MLM statistic. You go into any business to make money, not just to jump into a MLM business and quit in 90 days.

2. Are there established people and good, solid, high income earners in the company? A very good clue as to how established the company is, is to see how much their top income earners are making and how long they have been in the company. Also, see if the associates are competitive or is there a good camaraderie among them.

3. Check out their  Network Marketing web site. In that, you can learn a lot about their history and how well established they are. Many new companies go broke in the first 3 years. So don’t go for the hype that says, “get in on the ground floor”. You want to be choosing the right MLM company when you put down your money and sign your name. One place to be sure to go to is look for MLM forums or Direct Selling News.  I probably wouldn’t join a company if they have not been around 3 to 5 years.

4. Check out their compensation plan. Check and analyze their pay out. See if they have a product and or service that can support your time, energy and advertising and still make a growing profit for you. Some companies have such a low initiation fee that there is nothing to support your efforts. Even if you sell a lot, you are still under water and losing money, and that is not what you’re in this for.

5. Will they let you recruit online? I personally wouldn’t join a Network Marketing Company that will no allow me to market and brand myself online.  Some companies still don’t allow you to market online. There are thousands coming online daily to search for something and you might as well be in front of them with your product or service.



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