This is a quick overview of Total Life Changes New Back Office for 2017. First, I want to thank Total Life Changes and owner Jack Fallon for creating such an amazing Back Office. This back office will give us the ability to improve our business, sells and customer relations. It will help us build our teams and downline faster and more efficient. I really like the back office. It is state of the art. You can really run a multi million dollar business with this back office. Also, the website also has the ability to translate the information on your website into first 9 different languages. This is extremely important if you are selling and building your team in other countries.

How Do You Set Up Your New Total Life Changes Back Office For 2017

  1. Step One: You need to go to Then you click on member in the upper right corner.  You have to sign in with your IBO Number and Password.  You will not be able to sign in with your URL Short Name.
  2. Step Two: Once the screen load up, go up in the right corner and click on arrow Next To Your Name. This Will Allow You To Update Your Profile.
  3. Step Three: Once you click on Profile, you will be able to see your General Information, Activity Information, Next Ranking Information, Volume and Orders. You want to check this information to make sure the information is right.
  4. Step Four: Go back up to your name, Click on arrow next to name. Then Click On Account Settings. You will need to update the information under Account Settings.

Account Settings:

  1. Basic Information: Under this tab, you need to upload your Avatar (Profile Picture). Also, you need to make sure your name, email address, website (Share Link), user name (IBO Number), password and language is correct.
  2. Contact Information: Add your contact information, email address and phone number.
  3. Money Payout: Set up how you want to get paid. Do you want to get paid by check or payoneer card.
  4. Binary Placement: Set up how you want people you recruit to come into your downline. You can use  Balance Builder and this will allow the computer to do it for you. Also, you can set the system to allow people to come in on your outer right or outer left. Just remember if you use outer left and outer right, you will have to switch back and fourth manually every time someone join your team to keep everything balanced.
  5.  Website Information: Add your name, Email Address, Phone number, social media sites and a quick message about yourself.  This is important because this information will show up on your website. Therefore, make sure you add your email address and phone number in this section. People will need this information to contact you. Therefore, you wan it on your website.
  6. Make sure your Avatar is correct, Address, Payment (Credit Card Information), Notification (Email Address).

My Business ( Go Up To The Top Of Screen And Click On “My Business”.  This section will allow you to totally view your business and performance.

  1. Personally Enrolled: This will allow you to see the people enrolled on your team.
  2. Up Coming Promotions: This will allow you to see anyone in your organization that is making a rank such as affiliate, associate, regional director or ambassador.
  3. Downline Rank: This will allow you to see those in your downline that is making a rank or promotion.
  4. Downline Orders: This will allow you to see what business owners in your downline are purchasing.
  5. New IBOs: This will allow you to see new business owners coming into your downline.
  6. Recent Activity  List
  7. Quick Report: This will let you know who in your downline is active, inactive, on smartship,  and personally sponsored.
  8. Point Account: See how many points are in eWallet.
  9. Enroller/Sponsor Tree: You can see the levels of your downline.
  10. Binary Tree View: You can see a picture of who is in your downline. You can see Open Positions, Who Has Smartship, Personally Enrolled, Binary Qualified
  11.  Commission: Payments you are expecting
  12. Rank Advancement: Your Rank
  13. Volume: Track your sales and downline sales.

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