Benefits Of Acai Fruit

Benefits Of Acai Fruit

The Acai Berry is an amazing fruit. It is very powerful.  This fruit promotes such healthy vitamins and minerals as calcium, iron, healthy omega fats, antioxidants and electrolytes. Regular intake of the  Acai Berry  helps in killing bad bacteria, parasites and fungi. Like most berries, acai are also a healthy source of natural fibre, good for the cardiovascular system, digestive tract health and amazingly high concentration levels of antioxidants which combat premature aging.

Acai berry is purplish small fruit that is about an inch in diameter and resembles the shape of grapes and size of blueberries. This berry grows in bunches similar to that of bananas. In a single bunch there are 700 to 1000 berries. Within the berry there is a large seed that occupies 90 % of the fruit. Only 10% of pulp is present in this fruit unlike grapes. Preparations of Acai berry products as well as the method of preserving the berries are similar. For thousands of year’s Acai palm trees were harvested by hand in a traditional manner. The best part about Acai recipes is that no matter what recipe you choose, it is sure to contain a considerable amount of antioxidants and other highly beneficial nutritional properties.

Health Benefits ( Help Reduce)

1. Diabetes

2. Alzheimer’s

3. Cancer

4. Heart related disease

5. Rheumatoid arthritis

6. Neurological diseases

The Fiber In Acai Berry  Benefits

1. It minimizes the possibilities of colorectal cancer.

2. Relieves us from constipation.

3. Lessens the risk of hemorrhoids.

4. It can help us lose weight.

5. It reduces the threat of heart diseases by lowering the level of cholesterol and maintaining it.

6. Reduces the risk of diabetes by lowering the glucose levels.