Best Cup Of Coffee

Coffee Sobers You Up

Coffee wakes you up a bit, but it won’t sober you up, or help with a hangover. If you’ve overindulged a little you’ll just have to wait for your body to process the alcohol itself takes around an hour per unit.

You Can Use Less Coffee If It Is More Finely Ground

Bad coffee shops and naughty coffee vans for sale might think this is acceptable. It Isn’t. The less coffee used, the weaker the coffee will be. You can make the same amount of coffee taste a little richer if it is ground finer, though.

You Can Tell How Fresh Coffee Is By Looking At The Beans

Alas, no. Different ways of roasting coffee and different beans have a different appearance. Some roasts might look very dry, while others look oilier. They could have been roasted on the same day. The only can only tell how fresh your coffee is if you roast it yourself at home, or looking for ‘roasted on’ dates on packages.

Fair Trade Or Organic Coffee Is Higher Quality

There is no guarantees that fair trade or organic coffee will be of a higher quality than ones without this certificate. They will be more expensive though. You’ll only work out your favourite coffee through trial and error, but recommendations are a good way to start.

Coffee Gives You Energy

Caffeine gives a temporary boost to the areas of the brain which control memory and focus. While it doesn’t give you energy as such, it can block the receptors which tell your body that you’re tired, allowing you to feel more awake for longer.

Coffee Consumption Causes Hypertension

Nope. While it is true that drinking coffee causes a small rise in blood pressure, this is only temporary. To officially have hypertension or high blood pressure your blood pressure reading will be notably high on two separate occasions.

Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

We have some bad news. Caffeine does perk your metabolism up a little bit, but in the long term it doesn’t really impact on weight at all. In the same way your body gets used to the buzz caffeine seems to produce, your super speedy metabolism perks will only be short term until your body gets used to the new chemicals.

There Is More Caffeine In Espresso Than Other Types Of Coffee

Getting out of bed is difficult even if you love your job. Even when you’ve bought a coffee van for sale you’re still going to need a bit of help waking up of a morning. But should that be espresso? Espresso is a more concentrated shot of coffee than instant, but because it is also a smaller cup. While the caffeine ratios are higher, there is less caffeine in a shot of espresso than in something like a latte, which usually has a double shot.


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