Drink Organo Gold Coffee, Boost Energy, Lose Weight, Get Healthy

If you love coffee, you will love Organo Gold Coffee. Organo Coffee has a lot to offer.  Almost 1.4 Billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. So you can image why Organo Gold is a popular and fast growing business opportunity.

History of Organo  Gold Coffee

Ganoderma is a Medicinal mushroom also known as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’. For thousands of years people have documented its capabilities as a health-giving herb. It is also known as lyngzhi or Reishi and is said to be having a lot of benefits. My research shows that Ganoderma is indeed known for its health benefits. One more compelling thing about Organo Coffee is that Organo Gold is backing it with such a strong conviction. There is a lot at stake.

Are you skeptical about the key ingredient Ganoderma? Well the company states that they are using 100% certified Mushrooms. Organo Gold’s manufacturing process is revolutionary and utilizes a process known as “Advanced Micro-Particle Technology”. Apparently this method will ensure that the product is effective and is of high quality.

Organo coffee does seem to be a good product with all its various health benefits. Also it has a huge customer base we can tap into. Savvy business people can surely find ways to tap into this market and make a fortune.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan

Now, let’s cover Organo’s compensation plan. When some people learn that a company is built around network marketing or multi-level marketing, they jump on the internet and start searching for terms like “Organo Coffee Scam” to see if there is any bad information written about the company. Keep in mind, network marketing is not a scam. It’s simply an alternative method of doing business in which a company compensates it direct sales representatives instead of paying for expensive national advertising. In a true network marketing company, representatives can earn money on a viable product without having to recruit anyone to join the business. Fortunately, that is the case with Organo Coffee.

Organo Coffee reps can earn money whenever a customer buys any of the Organo products. Some of this is “fast start money” for when a customer starts, and some of it is “long-term residual” from regular monthly purchases by customers. If someone joins Organo as a full-fledged business representative, however, they can also take part in the Organo Coffee compensation plan.

Organo uses a Unilevel Compensation Plan. Basically, you can personally sponsor an unlimited number of representatives and either keep them personal, or place them under other reps in your network. You can also earn bonuses when other people join as reps in your organization, and residuals all down the line. Plus, at certain levels you can earn Matching Bonus and draw a bonus from a Worldwide Bonus Pool. You can find the full compensation plan spelled out in detail on the Organo website.


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