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If you are new to Network Marketing, you probably don’t have a Network Marketing Blog. If you don’t establish a blog and use it as part of your marketing and business building strategies, you are making a big mistake. Leveraging the internet and blogging is extremely important for the long term success of your MLM Business.

I know most Network Marketing Companies tell you to build your business belly to belly. They tell you to promote and prospect family, friends and strangers. I must admit there is some success that can come from this type of marketing. However, most people fail at using this type of marketing strategy. Think about it most people quit in their first 90 days. This happens because many of them can’t create success with this type of marketing. Also, they feel uncomfortable marketing their business to strangers they have not establish a rapport with or built any type of credibility with.


Myself along with many others in Network Marketing didn’t start having success until we start marketing our Network Marketing business online. However, you must check with your Network Marketing Company to make sure their policy allow you to market online.  I know I didn’t start getting leads and having success until I put my MLM Business online.

I personally don’t see how anyone could be a part of a MLM company that will not allow you to build your business online.  There are millions of people online that want your products and wants to become a part of your business opportunity. How are you going to reach them if your company is telling you not to market or build your business online. I an extremely thankful that my MLM company encourage and train its distributors to market online as well as offline. I guess that’s probably why the company is growing so fast and so successful.

People want buy from you or join your business opportunity unless they like, trust and respect you.  People have to see you as a leader and expert. People have to know that you have the ability to change their lives and you have the ability to help them. Your MLM business got to be about people and not you. A MLM Blog will allow you to establish yourself as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. It will allow you to become an expert and establish authority.  The content that you create on your blog for your audience will make you a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. Remember, the best way to become a leader is to teach. You can do this with your blog.


Why You Should Create A MLM Blog

1. It will help you stand out from your peers

2. It will allow you to provide information about your products and business opportunity to people all over the world

3. It will allow you to get target leads to your MLM business

4. It will allow you to add value to the Network Marketing Industry

5. It will help you solve people problems and improve the quality of their life

6. It will allow you to brand yourself and your business

7. It will create long term investment. A blog post last for ever. It can sell products and bring you customers for years to come.

8. It will allow you to establish authority and become an expert in the MLM Industry

Once you create your blog, try to blog and create content at least 4 times a week. It will probably take you six months to a year to start getting leads and customers so just be patient and don’t quit. You will not regret starting a MLM blog. I get leads every day from my this blog that I created for my MLM business. I don’t walk around hunting people down about my MLM business and products. I do prospect offline but only when I want to. I use my blog to build my business. Good Luck!

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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