Pruvit offers a Network Marketing Opportunity. This company is based out of Melissa, Texas, Pruvit Ventures LLC is the brainchild of Terry Lacore, Brian Underwood, and Chris Harding.  According to Corporation Wiki, Brian Underwood and Mr. Lacore are also involved together with Zagify, The company was created in 2012.

Prüvit MLM Company Products Network Marketing Opportunity

Pruvit does actually provide an overwhelming number of scientific references on ketones, to their credit.  They apparently can do everything.  Take a look at what the research claims:

  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • Improve Physical Performance
  • Anti-Aging
  • Weight Loss
  • Cancer Fighting

Keto//OS, or Keto Operating System, is a natural drink product that raises the ketone levels in the bloodstream. This drink mix is made using Pruvit’s proprietary ketone energy technology and it sends macro nutrients to the body, increasing cellular regeneration, energy levels, and endurance.

The Keto//OS blend was created after extensive research was done by the Pruvit team. The drink was then tested and approved by doctors before being put on the market. It has been proven to be the first natural product that can elevate blood ketone levels.

cheap finpecia uk The Benefits Of Keto//OS

  • It is nutrient rich
  • It is energy dense
  • It boosts TCA Cycle efficiency
  • It increases ATP production
  • It does not contain insulinogenic compounds
  • It does not promote lipogenesis
  • It boosts high nitrogen retention protein synthesis
  • It elevates and sustains ketones that provide high energy levels
  • It boosts lipolysis
  • It promotes thermogenesis
  • It protects cognitive functions
  • It increases activity in the brain
  • It reduces triglyceride levels
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It decreases the amount of candida in the digestive system

Prüvit MLM Company Compensation Plan

Sell Prototype Packs ($350) to new members and earn.  Residual income is made on three levels as such:

  1. 1st level referrals: $120 per VIP signed up
  2. 2nd level referrals: $30 per VIP
  3. 3rd level referrals: $10 per VIP

 Customer Commission Structure

  1. 1st level sales: 40%
  2. 2nd level sales: 10%
  3. 3rd level sales: 5%

While this may not seem like huge percentages when looked at in this manner, the price of the product changes that entirely.

Prices for Keto//OS are broken down below.

  • 15 On-The-Go Servings: $85
  • 30 On-The-Go Servings: $160
  • 30 Kan Servings: $144
  • 60 Servings (30 On-The-Go and 30 Kan): $300
  • 75 Servings (45 On-The-Go and 30 Kan): $389
  • The Better Bundle: Mix Packs (OS + Kreme): $497

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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