Only 1 in a 1,000 people that come into the Network Marketing Industry ascertain job dropping success.  What I mean is very few people are really able to leave their jobs, support their family and pay their bills with a MLM business. 80% of those that start a Network Marketing Business will quit in 90 days. 97% will lose money and never break even.

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So what is it that Top Earners know in Network Marketing that most people don’t know? It’s simple they know how to market and they have a Network. Anyone can join Network Marketing. However, the problem is the majority of the people that come into our industry don’t know anything about marketing. Also, they don’t have a Network of people that like, trust and respect them that they can market their products and business opportunity to. They try to market their products to family, friend and strangers which is not a good long term strategy for building a MLM business.


Network Marketing is simply a form of marketing. You are simply marketing your products to people within your Network. As I stated earlier, most people that comes into the industry don’t have a Network. Also, they are impatient and don’t want to take the time to build a Network. There is so much hype in the Network Marketing Industry. People want success over night and that is now how it works. You should take at least 4 to 5 years to build your MLM business.

The secret to becoming a Top Earner in MLM is marketing and building credibility. The best way to build a successful business i by blogging and using social media to brand yourself, sell products and promote your business opportunity. I can’t see how anyone in our industry would not have a blog. If you can’t market, you will not be successful. You can be a part of the best MLM company in the world and have the best products, it want matter.


The website we get when we join a MLM company is okay. However, it is considered to be a duplicate website. Google does not recognize duplicate websites. The only way you will make money with that website is if you personally send someone to the site or they see the website address on a flyer and go to the site and make a purchase. However, you will never rank in the search engines when people are looking for your products, service or MLM company. Just go research any Top Earner in your MLM company or any MLM company, I can promise you they will have their own blog or website.

You see they are not building their business by walking around talking to strangers. They are building their business through online marketing. They are using their websites or blogs to become an authority in the MLM industry, get leads, sales and customers.

Your upline don’t teach you how to grow your business online because it takes time and patience. It requires a certain skill set. So they just tell you to go out and talk to strangers, family and friends. They don’t have time to teach you marketing and the proper way to build your business and become successful in the MLM Industry.

So if you want to be successful in Network Marketing and not be a part of the 80 percent that quit in 90 days, you have to learn how to blog. You have to learn how to use social media. You have to learn how market your business. It’s no way of getting around it. There are tons of information out their about how to grow your MLM business online and attraction marketing. You just have to study and train yourself on how to get it done.

Once you start blogging, sharing content and using social media, you want have to chase strangers down just to show them your business opportunity and products. They will find you. Good Luck!

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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