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The Network Marketing Industry is awesome. However, if you want Network Marketing Success, you have to learn how to generate leads. When you first get involved in Network Marketing, the first people you prospect is your family members, friends, and co-workers. That’s okay because they like, trust and respect you, and they will listen to your business opportunity. This is called your warm market. Prospecting your warm market is the simplest and fastest way to get people into your business.  Also, because you know them you don’t have to worry about the mistake you make with them. However,you will learn quickly that you can’t build a Network Marketing Business just on your warm market. This is not the way to get Network Marketing Success. You have to learn how to recruit and prospect strangers which is your cold market.  As long as you have a career in Network Marketing you will have to generate leads from a cold market. So the sooner you learn how the better.


. How To Get Network Marketing Success By Prospecting Strangers

There are a number of different strategies that can be used for lead generation. However, I have put  together some of the most popular ways to prospect strangers or your Cold Market.

Attraction Marketing: Attraction marketing is my favorite way of recruiting strangers into my business. This is how I get most of my recruits. I like this type of marketing because you can use the power of the internet to build your business and downline. There is a unlimited amount of prospects online and I love it. Blogging online gives you the ability to establish authority in the Network Marketing Industry. The first time someone contact me because they found my information online from me blogging, I was so excited. I said to myself this is awesome. Once you start recruiting online it will become addictive. However, attraction marketing does take a certain skill set, but trust me it’s worth it. The only negative is that it takes time, patience, and skills. With that said, you’d better get started right away and stop wasting time.


Local Prospecting: Local prospecting for MLM lead generation is called cold market prospecting. It’s called that because you are introducing your business opportunity to people that you don’t know. When you prospect your local market, you will get a lot of people telling you no about your business opportunity. That’s okay it’s a part of the process. You got to go through the rejection to find the people that want what you have to offer. You have to be consistent with marketing to your local community. Also, you have to have patience. You can’t have thin skin or be afraid to talk to people when you are build a business in Network Marketing. Embrace the rejections its part of the process.

Traditional advertising This is when you use radio, TV, print, direct mail, and outside advertising like billboards and ad space on buses or cabs is not very effective for MLM lead generation.  I have to be honest some of these types of marketing can be very expensive. However, there are some Network Marketers that have success with these forms of marketing . The only one I have used is Direct Mail. I got some results but it’s not they way I really like to market.

Buying lead:  I have to be honest I have spent a lot of money buying leads and the results was not worth the investment. It could have been the list broker companies I purchase the leads from and the leads. Some people have built their MLM business on Buying Leads. The problems with leads and list brokers is that many list brokers sell their lists time and time again. This leads are old and outdated.

Pay Per Click:  This is my favorite type of lead generation system outside of blogging. This is when you advertise on Google, Bing And Yahoo. You place an ad on these search engines to get leads to your business opportunity. Everytime someone click on your add you pay. However, you set the amount of money you want to pay for someone clicking you your ad. Also, you set your budget for your campaign. I would suggest that you take some Pay Per Click courses before you engage it this type of lead generation. It can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are do.

Social Networking: This is when you build relationships with people on social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. Once you get to know people and you see what type of problems they have, then you can offer your products to help solve their problems. When you post on social media, it should be 80 percent building relationships and 20 percent marketing your business opportunity or products.

When it comes to MLM lead generation, I have tried a lot of these methods. Like I said earlier, my favorite type of lead generation is blogging, pay per click and social media marketing. However, sometime I generate leads offline with drop cards, business cards and flyers. I even use bandit signs some times.  .

You may be struggling to build your Network Marketing business. If you use these lead generation tips, you will begin to see network marketing success and your  business grow, and you will get more leads. Just work hard, be consistent and be patient.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional


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