Seacret Direct is a network marketing company, This company is based in Arizona. Their focus is skin care products. The company got started in 2011.  As far as their products go, Seacret Direct markets several different types of skin care products including products for your body, products for your face and facial masks designed to make your skin look and feel younger. Their products are unique. The minerals found in their products are from the mineral-rich Dead Sea. In addition, the products are paraben-free and the company holds a couple of quality control certificates.

How Too Become A Distributor With Seacret Direct Network Marketing Company

In order to become a distributor, all you need to do is purchase a starter kit. It’s also highly recommended by Seacret distributors that you purchase an initial order of products. Once you do that, you simply have to maintain a monthly autoship order of products. The actual compensation plan provides a couple of ways to get paid. However, they can all be divided into two categories: Upfront income and residual income. There are also some very healthy rank advancement bonuses you can earn as you move through the compensation plan. Overall, the business opportunity can be lucrative. I think it’s a great company to start a Home Based Business with especially if you have a passion for skin care.  Seacret Direct looks to be a credible company. They have a profitable retail component, very high quality products and a solid business opportunity.

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How To Make Money With Seacret Direct Marketing Company

There are five ways to make money with the Seacret compensation plan.  According to one Seacret review I read, the profits you can make on retail sale of Seacret products range from 30% to 150%.  This Seacret reviewer acknowledges that this is probably where you should focus your strategy if you have a store, but her tone sounds a bit like running a store where you make profits of over 100% is for chumps and that real entrepreneurs worth their salt subject their customers to home sales parties, instead of just letting them choose the products they want and then go to their own homes to spend their time as they choose.

The MLM aspect of the Seacret business opportunity is called the Preferred Customer Program, in which Seacret distributors get discounted prices that make it possible for them to earn a 25% commission on the Seacret products they sell.

In the Seacret business opportunity, your dowline team is organized in two “legs”, a system known as binary team structure.

The leadership levels in the Seacret compensation plan are Star, Star Builder, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Double Diamond, and Crown.  There is a car bonus in which Seacret gives you a monthly allowance to put toward a luxury car.  It amounts to $600 at the Silver and Gold levels, $800 at the Ruby level, $1,000 at the Emerald level, $1,500 at the Diamond level, $2,000 at the Double Diamond level, and $3,000 at the Crown level.  Then there is a lifestyle bonus, which is a cash bonus you can spend on anything you choose.  (I guess you could also save it, but there is little talk of putting bonus money in savings in the MLM world.)  This bonus amounts to $600 at the Gold level, $800 at the Ruby level, $1,000 at the Emerald level, $1,500 at the Diamond level, $2,000 at the Double Diamond level, and $3,000 at the Crown level, so at most levels, the amounts are similar to the amounts of the car bonus.  And then there are rank advancement bonuses, which are one-time bonuses you get when you achieve a new rank. 

  1. Retail Sales Profit
    2. Preferred Customer Program
    3. Bronze Bonus
    4. Star Builder bonus
    6. Team Commission
    7. Leadership Match
    8. Rank Advancement Bonus
    9. Luxury Car Bonus
    10. Lifestyle Bonus

How To Start A Business With Secret Direct Sells Company

The start-up cost is relatively low when compared to some other companies in the MLM industry. Distributors buy the Seacret Agent Launch Kit for $49 and receive:

-A personalized retail website (worth $399).

-Seacret Business Kit: includes start-up information on audio CDs and marketing and sales tools.

-Access to Seacret Specialists who can answer questions about products, business development, and marketing strategy.
-Online Business Manager: automated service that tracks transactions, populates sales charts, and other tools.


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