What is TruVision Health? TruVision Health is a company that sells Health and Wellness products through a Network Marketing. The company is based out of Utah and was recently started by Travis Martin, Derek Bailey and Shawn Gibson. The company got started in 2014.

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How To Buy Products From TruVision Health MLM Company

There are 3 ways to purchase products at TruVison Health.

1. Retail which allows you to buy TruVision Health products at the full retail price.

2. Preferred Customer which allows you to purchase monthly by autoship and receive a 10% discount off the retail price. Just know you can cancel or make changes to your autoship at any time by following their change to autoship policy.

3. Wholesale Associate which allows you to not only get your products at 20% discount but also to be a paid representative/associate of the company.

Now if you like to get started with TruVision Health as an associate then there are 3 business start up kits to get your business started.

1. TruSuccess Pack which costs $298.00

2. TruPlus Pack which costs $199.00

3. TruBasic Pack which costs $125.00

Everyone’s situation is different therefore whichever business kit you decide to go with we recommend you be prepared to sell products with the large packs rather than the small pack which is for primary personal use so you can test out the products yourself.

Compensation Plan For TruVision

  • You may purchase an optional Fast Start Pack: (truBASIC+ ($125), truPLUS+ ($199) and truSUCCESS Pack+ (298)
  • Maintain $100PV each month to waive Autoship
  • $35 annual fee
  • Personally enroll 2 associates and form 2 legs (it’s a binary structure)
  • Earn 7% commission at levels 1 and 2
  • Earn 6% on levels 3 and 4
  • Earn 5% on Levels 5-18
  • Fast Start Bonus: 20% on 1st generation (10% on 2nd, 5% on 3rd & 4th)
  • 10% Matching Bonus on your personally enrolled’s commissions
  • Bonus Pool

TruVision MLM Company Products

Products start at $10 and go up to about $59.

There are 9 products, which will help consumers with any of the following issues:

  • lose weight
  • feel energized
  • promote a healthy heart
  • take care of skin abrasions and cuts
  • lower your cholesterol
  • maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • improve liver function
  • hydrate
  • supplement your diet with premium nutrition
  • sleep better

You can also clean your house and stay fresh (deodorant) with TruVision products.

The products are:

  • truFIX
  • tru Weight & Energy
  • truSLUMBER
  • truFUEL
  • Heart & Hydration
  • simplyCLEAN
  • truDEFENSE
  • truMEND
  • simplyFRESH

I took a close look at their truFUEL product to see if the ingredients were anything people would be interested in, worth purchasing, etc. Here’s what I found:

The ingredients in truFUEL:

This is marketed as a super wholefood, so we’re looking to see if it really could become a meal replacement. I’ll be looking for protein plus vitamins & minerals.

  • Almonds. Rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, source of Vitamin E, no gluten protein, packed with B-complex vitamins, lots of minerals, and 100 grams has 38% of your daily protein.
  • Cashews. same here- full of phyto-chemicals, rich in vitamins essential for metabolism, and antioxidants.
  • Peanuts. same again, plus source of resveratrol (an antioxidant), found to be an important cancer-fighting substance.
  • Sunflower Seeds. energy, folic acid, calcium, protein with high quality amino acids.
  • Pumpkin Seeds. omega-2 and omega-6 fatty acids, immune function, digestion, nerve function. lots of iron and glutamate, an anti-stress element. plus serotonin for good sleep.
  • Flax Seeds. magic health benefits, including HUGE source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Black Currants. antioxidants.

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