Health Benefits Of Olives

Health Benefits Of Olives

Olives are a superfood. Olives are packed full of beneficial nutrients as are green olives. They contain an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals which include vitamins B3, niacin, B6, vitamins C, E and K and the minerals calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium lots of sodium and zinc. Olives have antibacterial and antifungal properties and stimulate the immune system. They promote healthy hair and skin too, and for the best black olives on the market, try the ones from Kalamata in Greece.

How To Make A Dressing With Olives

Try this easy recipe for a healthy and invigorating dressing:

1 clove crushed garlic

Freshly ground sea salt

1 teaspoon organic honey

6 Table spoons extra native virgin olive oil

2 Table spoons white balsamico
Mix all ingredients together and pour over salad.

Health Benefits Of Olives

Olive Oil Protecting Your From Passive Smoke Risks. Recent health studies show that eating olive oil rich in these antioxidants will help you to reduce ” oxidative stress” associated with secondary smoke.

Benefit Of Olive Oil For Skin Damage. Looking for the “perfect tan”? If so, then you might also start an incremental process of self-destruction within your outer layer of skin cells. Excess sun and ultraviolet light cause skin cells to break-down, which releases a host of nasty compounds variously described as “free radicals”. Do nothing and these substances gnaw away at your immune system and cause all sorts of health risks. Fortunately olive oil and its array of antioxidant polyphenols can counter these free radicals, aggressively hunting down and destroying free radical better than any other substance.

Your Joints – Getting The Olive Oil Health Benefit For Daily Life. New studies show that oil or pulp and water are new miracle workers in terms of your joint health. Walking, hanging onto objects, stretching… just about all movements were enhanced when people consumed olive oil.

Olive Oil And The Other Antioxidant Super Foods. Think of these warrior antioxidant compounds when you look at grains such as barley and sorghum, fruits like olives apples apricots pears, dry beans and peas, blackberries cranberries grapes strawberries, teas and wine, veggies such as onions celery parsley and cabbage.

Benefit Of Olive Oil – Cholesterol And Heart Disease. By now you’re up on the role of healthy versus unhealthy fats in the blood. In the case of LDL (low density lipo-proteins) associated with cholesterol plaque-like build up in your vascular system, olive oil and its rich brew of antioxidant polyphenols, when taken daily along with a glass of wine and breads like the Mediterranean Diet directs, inhibits this process. Result? You eat like you’re living in Portugal or Italy, yet you’ll feel and look healthier.

Beating Back Microbes – More Benefits Of Olive Oil. Take some of the worst bad guys of intestinal infection, like salmonella or cholera or even staphylococcus, then watch them “take it on the chin” when oil antioxidant polyphenols are added! If you or your pet want to promote intestinal health, and keep pests and microbes at bay, then eating extra virgin oil (cold pressed un-refined) or pulp can hardly be matched for it protective powers.

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