Is Total Life Changes Company a MLM Scam. The answer is NO. Total Life Changes Company was found by Jack Fallon. You can join the company for $39.00 and start a home based business. Here is the problem because the investment to start a business is low. A lot of people jump in to start a home based business. Then when they are not successful, they want to call the company a scam.

However, when they come into the business many of them don’t have business skills, or marketing skills. They don’t take advantage of the free training and leadership. They don’t use the free marketing material provided by Total Life Changes. They don’t give the business time to grow. Therefore, they quit. Then they want to say that the company is a scam. This company is far from a scam. They rank in the top 100 Network Marketing Companies according to Direct Selling News. They have been around since 1999. Trust me, if the company was a scam. It would not have this type of success.


Total Life Changes has some of the best Health And Wellness products in the world. They sell products in over 120 different countries. Their products are organic and made with the best technology. Their products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. Also, the products are all natural and organic. They have nutritional products, weight loss products and skin care products. If you are looking for an opportunity to get healthy and make some extra money, you will love Total Life Changes Company. Trust me, you don’t have to worry about a Total Life Changes MLM Scam.

To be honest with you, I am a distributor for Total Life Changes. I allocate a lot of time and money toward building a business this this company. Also, I use their products especially the Iaso Tea to maintain a healthy weight and improve my health. If the company was a scam, I would not be a part of it.

Total Life Changes Overview

Total Life Changes MLM Company was founded and marketed as a company called SeAcai by Jack Fallon many years ago, the company have since re-branded as Total Life Changes in 2012. Total Life Changes have expanded tremendously over the past two years and I am getting many request to do a review on this opportunity. Total Life Changes is a legitimate company and their products are of good quality. You can rest assure that Total Life Changes is not a scam.

Companies like Total Life Changes, Amway, Avon, World Ventures  and Herbal Life are awesome network marketing companies. However, 95 percent of the people that try to build a business with these companies fail.  They come into the company, but they refuse to work on personal development, get the proper training and leadership. They are not patient. They don’t stay in touch with their team and sponsor. They don’t get with a mentor. They don’t learn how to market online as well as offline.  Therefore, they are not able to take advantage of the awesome benefits that Network Marketing has to offer.  They don’t experience making a residual income, time freedom and developing personal relationships with people all over the world.

Because of the internet, marketing tools and training that Total Life Changes offers, I have people reading my blogs and contacting me everyday about building a business as well as Total Life Changes Products. The products are in demand and the company is awesome. If you want to start a business with Total Life Changes, it would not cost you over $39.99. You will get your website and a lead capture page for free. Also, you will make 50% on all sales that come from your website. You can get the products for 50% off. Also, you can make residual income and get paid 5 different ways.




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