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Hello, I am a distributor for Total Life Changes. One of our top products is the Iaso Herbal Tea. The Iaso Herbal Tea is a detox tea which also promotes weight loss. The tea has 9 powerful herbs that detox the body. The tea is designed to remove pesticide, parasites and toxins from the body. The tea cleanse the blood, organs, colon and respiratory system.  Because the tea is so popular, I get a lot of questions. Therefore, I decided to answer questions I get frequently about the Iaso Herbal Tea.

Who Needs Total Life Changes Products

  1. Individuals Trying To Burn Fat And Lose Weight
  2. Individual Trying To Detox And Clean The Body
  3. Individuals Trying To Boost Their Immune System
  4. Individuals Trying To Naturally Boost Energy
  5. Individuals Trying To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy
  6. Individuals That Need To Treat Hair, Nail And Skin

Frequent Asked Questions About The Iaso Herbal Detox Tea

  1. How Much Iaso Tea Should I Drink? You should drink at least one 8 ounce cup of Iaso Tea twice a day if you want to detox the body and get the total health benefits. However, you can drink more if you need to. The tea is not a laxative nor does it have caffeine so you can drink as much as you need to. However, you should not drink more than three cups a day unless it’s approved by a doctor.
  2. Can Children Drink Iaso Tea? Yes, Iaso Tea is good for children. However, your child should only drink 2 to 4 ounces of tea a day. You can monitor your child’s bowl movement to make adjustments with the tea. A child should have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day.
  3. Does Iaso Tea have caffeine? No, the tea does not have caffeine
  4. How Much Will Each Tea Bag Make? Each packet of Iaso Tea has two tea bags. One packet of tea which has two tea bags will make a gallon of tea. This is a week supply for one person. If two people are drinking the tea it may last 3 to 4 days.
  5. Can I Drink The Tea If I Take Medication? Yes, However, you should drink the tea two hours before or after you take your medication.
  6. Will Iaso Tea Cause Me To Have More Bowel Movements? Yes, this tea is design to cleanse and detox the body. This will cause you to go to the bathroom more than you normally would. The tea will be flushing the toxins from your body. You should be trying to have one bowel movement per main meal which means a bowel move 2 to 3 times a day. If you have less bowel movements than this, you may be experiencing constipation.
  7. How To Prepare Iaso Tea? To make one gallon (week supply of tea), you need to bring two cups of water to a full boil. Then turn the heat off. Next, you place two teabags in the hot water. Then you cover and steep for 4-8 hours (or overnight) to bring herbs to full potency. Then pour the two tea bags into a gallon pitcher and fill with water. You can drink it or refrigerate it and then drink it. Make sure you store the tea in a airtight container in the refrigerator. Leave the tea bags in the pitcher until the tea is consumed. Don’t microwave the water or tea bags. Also don’t add sugar to the tea. These things destroy the tea’s benefits to the body. Drink To Good Health!


Frankie Muhammad


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