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Iaso Gladiator soap is an amazing 4 oz. bar of soap. The way  it makes your skin feel and the smell is awesome. It is one of the most effective body soaps on the market. Furthermore, the Gladiator soap is affordable and very effective.

This soap is easy on the skin. It does not have the harmful ingredients like other antibacterial soaps. It does not have toxic ingredients. Iaso Gladiator is 100% pure, premium therapeutic grade essential oils soap. The ingredients in this  products makes it an amazing antibacterial, anit-fungal and exfoliating bath soap. The Gladiator soap cleanse and restore your internal organs. Also, it tackles your only outer organ the skin

Gladiator Soap Ingredients

Saponified Oils

Spices and Other Good Stuff

When you take a bath with the Gladiator soap you will feel  refreshed and clean. Also, you will smell good. It is so different from other soaps. You will know that you are clean after you use this soap. The fragrance in this soap is awesome. This soap can also be used as a disinfectant for topical surfaces of various parts of your home upon diluting it with water. It is gentle and comfortable regardless of the type of your skin

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