Lose Weight And Make Money With Visalus

Lose Weight And Make Money With Visalus

ViSalus is a health and nutrition company in the Multi Level Marketing Industry. It was founded in March of 2005. It was founded by Black Mallen, Ryan Blair and Nick Sarnicola. The headquarters is located in Los Angeles California. The primary goal is to sell nutritional, energy drinks and weight loss products to help people get healthy as well as start their own business. There top products are the Vi-Shape meal replacement shakes and Vi-Trim Clear Control Drink Mix. This company has over thirty thousand independent business owners.

ViSalus products are a part of a 90 day weight challenge. This challenge is for women and men. The 90 day program was created by ViSalus Sciences. The objective is to help consumers get a full body make over. Users are inspired to drop the body weight, loss the fat and tone the body. The company incorporates diet and exercising into the 90 day challenges. Users have to purchase one of the five ViSalus weight loss supplement kits. The price varies on the kits. The kits can range from $49.99 to $299.00. Users become a part of a transformation challenge. If you have the best transformation with your body, you will win an awesome prize. Also, some of the prizes may include a trip or gift cards. They reward you for dropping the pounds and getting health.

5 Body By Vi Supplement Kits

  1. Balance Kit $49.00
  2. Shape Kit $99.00
  3. Core Kit $199.99
  4. Transformation Kit $249.00
  5. Fit Kit $299.00

ViSalus Compensation Plan

  1. Personal Customer Commissions – Earn up to 25% on all Customers you refer, including the Customers whom they refer!
  2. Team Commissions – Earn 5% on the Customers of the Promoters you refer through 8 compressed levels.
  3. First Order Bonus – Earn more on the products purchased by new Associates upon enrollment.
  4. Fast Start Bonus – Paid on product within Executive Success System
  5. Rising Star Program – Enroll with an ESS and achieve Director in your first 30 days to become a Rising Star and qualify to earn from ViSalus’ total company revenue every week!
  6. BMW Bonus – $600 per month Black, Green or Silver BMW Car bonus
  7. Leadership Pool – Earn a percentage of ViSalus’ total company revenue. Leadership Ranks earn in an additional 2% Revenue Pool!
  8. Ambassador Star Bonus – Paid from Vi-Net Pro/SUCCESS Subscriptions (plus infinity-style payout at the Ambassador Rank).
  • Paid weekly. All orders in by Thursday are paid on Monday!
  • No cap on width or depth or income.
  • ViSalus Prosperity Card and Direct Deposit options (Real-Time Commissions!).


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