One of the biggest problems for Network Marketers including myself is Retention. If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you have to learn how to deal with this issue.  If you want to build a successful downline, you got to learn how to retain the people that you sponsor.

Even the best MLM recruiters can have difficulty keeping people around and actively building their businesses. This article will show you the simple process to keep your reps motivated and producing results.

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The first thing I do and you should do to improve retention in your downline is keep the people you sponsor close to you. You should stay in contact with them. You should get them to training. You should make sure they are staying in touch with the Upline. If they are having any type of MLM parties, you should be there for them. You have to build a relationship with the people you sponsor and your team. However, you do want to teach and train your team members how to have mlm parties and grow their own organization without you.  These things can greatly increase retention rate.

Also, you want to keep your downline motivated. You want to make sure they stay plug in to what  is going on within the company and the company’s events. Also, you want to make sure they listen to top leaders and trainings on the conference calls. This will keep them motivated. Also, try to help them get their first two recruits. This will also help them stay motivated and improve your retention rate. Make sure you have regular meetings with your team.

Reasons Why Some People Quit Network Marketing Companies

The people were in it for the money only.

The people were unable to convince others to buy the product.

The people were unethical in their dealings

The people were not truly interested in other people

 The people were not able to get on with their upline

The people were unwilling to learn about the product

The people were not willing to learn about business principles

The people were not willing to learn more about themselves

The people were easily influenced by other people and left the program

The people did not have a true appreciation of the value of optimal health

How To Motivate Your Downline

1. One of the greatest motivators is money. And the best way to keep your downline motivated is to get them in a position where they can make some money very quickly. The quicker this happens the better chance you have of having an associate who is very excited. And it doesn’t have to be a lot of money. Just as long as the new distributor realizes that you can make money in this business is a great motivation.

2. Helping your new distributor learn about the products is another overlooked aspect of motivating those is your downline. Many people new to the business are so overwhelmed with other duties of networking that they seem to forget about the products. And it is the products that have to be sold if anyone is to make money. Being overwhelmed by just being new to business, it doesn’t take long before they literally stop doing any business.

3. Another way to help motivate is by publicly recognizing your distributors. This doesn’t mean placing an add in their local paper but rather letting others in your organization know of their accomplishments. We all like to be noticed and appreciated in some fashion. It makes us want to do more.

I hope the article has been useful. Although Retention is a problem in Network Marketing, you can learn how to handle it and improve it in your organization.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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