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As a nutritional products specialist, I have seen people use different products to lose weight. One of the most popular nutritional products used to lose weight is coffee. Coffee is the most popular drink in American. A lot of people are using coffee that promotes weight loss to drop the pounds. There are numerous coffee diets out there.

As you probably know, coffee is a stimulating beverage that has caffeine. Caffeine can help with the weight loss process, which is why it’s used in many diet pills. Caffeine and other stimulants can suppress your appetite, make your metabolism work faster and even give you more energy to exercise. For these reasons, these reason coffee or diet with caffeine work.

How Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight

  1. A coffee diet is also a good idea because coffee gives you energy without the unnecessary calories.
  2. Coffee is an appetite suppressant. It keeps you from craving snacks
  3. Caffeine in coffee speeds up the metabolism
  4. Coffee does not have a lot of calories
  5. Coffee gives you energy without a lot of calories

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Additional Health Benefits Of Coffee

Depression: Studies show that people who drink four or more cups of coffee are 10% less likely to suffer from depression. Other caffeine drinks do not have this effect (National Institutes of Health). This may be down to the large quantities of sugar in colas etc.

Liver: Numerous studies show that coffee is good for your liver, helping it regulate itself. Just think how a cup of coffee helps in the morning after boozing. On that note, yes, coffee does help us rehydrate. It is appears to be simply not true that coffee hinders our attempts to get water into our systems. When you think about it – how can it? It’s mainly water anyhow! Common sense prevails…

General Health: There is some evidence that coffee may help reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes. However, this is not proven – the evidence is more a link, than actual focused studies. Worth considering, though. The same applies to some types of cancers – there is a link, but nobody can actually understand why. However, given the frightening statistics of how may of us get cancer at some point in our lives, if there is a chance that coffee will help to reduce the risks

Weight Loss: Caffeine can help you burn fat by raising your metabolism. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, and can therefore increases the oxidation of some fatty acids. Of course, this does not make coffee a magic diet solution – so don’t go off and take on a mad coffee diet!
Sample Coffee Diet

Drink a cup of coffee following each meal and before bathing and exercise drinking 4-5 cups per day. That’s the coffee diet for you. When going on diet coffee, drinking your coffee black and hot is most important.

Points on the Benefits of Drinking Coffee Black

  • PRIOR TO EXERCISE AND TAKING A BATH – Have a cup of coffee 30-60 minutes before carrying out exercise, getting a massage, or hitting the sauna is the best timing to boost the efficiency of workout.
  • HOW LONG DOES THE EFFECT LAST? – The effects of caffeine in coffee is said to last between 3 and 4 hours. This gives you a good rule of thumb for spacing out your cups of coffee throughout the day. Avoid overlapping cups.
  • POLYPHENOL IN YOUR COFFEE – Coffee contains a certain kind of polyphenol called chlorogenic acid that is weak against heat exposer. That’s why when picking out your coffee you should stick with light or medium roasted coffee beans.

Caffeine Concerns

The downside is that many people experience unpleasant side effects from too much coffee. Depending on who you listen to, the coffee diet would have you drink about five cups every day. That much stimulation can cause insomnia for many people, and possibly even contribute to hypertension. While not everyone is equally sensitive, too much caffeine is not healthy for anyone.



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