How To Become A Director With Total Life Changes Training By Candace Byrd Davis Training

Tips For Becoming A Director With Total Life Change

1. The first major rank with Total Life Changes Is Director

2. To be A Director you have to have a Personal Volume Points of   80. You can choose 2 five packs of Iaso Tea or Iaso Tea and Nutraburst or Iaso Tea and Delgada Coffee. You can do it how ever you want to as long as each product has 40 volume points a piece.

3.  We have A Binary Compensation Plan at Total Life Changes. Therefore, you also have to be Binary Qualified to become a Director with Total Life Changes.

4. To Become Binary Qualified, You have to Personally Place One Person On Your Right Team And One Person On Your Left Team. You can put a family member on your left team and a family member on your right team when you first get started if you are trying to make rank fast.

5. Finally, you must have a total of 1000 point on your left team and a 1000 points on your right team

To sum everything up to be a director, you must personally put someone on the left and right side of your team. You must have a personal volume of 80. Also, you must have 1000 volume points on your right and left team.







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