One thing I love about network marketing is that you have the ability to build relationships and have business partners all over the world. I have recruited people on my team in  other countries. However, this require some skills and training.

It’s not my primary goal to recruit people from other countries. However, when I see someone that will be good for my business and the team then I will reach out to that person.  I sponsor people in other countries several ways. First, I blog and target people that may be interested in a home based business in other countries.  Prospecting online and Facebook is the best way to find recruits in other countries. People see your network marketing blog post all over the world when you share them correctly.

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Also, I simply go to some of my existing team members and ask them do they know anyone that may be opened to starting a home based business or making extra money that does not live in the United States. This is the best strategy for sponsoring people in other countries.  It’s also good to use this strategy when your company creates business opportunities in new countries.

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