I take a lot of pride making a living in Network Marketing. I think the industry is awesome and it has a lot to offer. However, some people just can’t see the big picture.  I don’t allocate a lot of time getting business leads offline. I personally don’t hunt people down and try to force them to get involve in my business opportunity. If I show them what I have to offer and they don’t can feel it. I move on to the next person. It frustrates me to see people chasing prospects around trying to get business leads

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The way people prospect in Network Marketing has changed. Top earners and successful people in MLM don’t chase prospects. They have learned another method of marketing to get business leads for their business opportunity.  So if you are still trying to track down and get leads at the supermarket and malls, you need to stop. It’s not a successful way to build your Network Marketing Business.

This does not work because you have not had an opportunity build a rapport or give any type of value to the person you are talking to about your MLM company. You don’t even know what their needs are or what type of problems they may have. Network Marketing is about building relationships.

If you want to become a top earner or be successful in Network Marketing, you have to do what the successful people do. Successful people in MLM use the internet to leverage their business and get business leads. Most top earners are engaging in Video marketing like Youtube or blogging to get leads. Once you start making videos and blogging about your products and how your products solve problems that people have, the people will starting coming to you. This is because they will see you as an expert in the industry.  You want have to be chase people down about your business opportunity.

 So if you are serious about your business you need to start producing two types of content a day and put it out their over the web. It could be two blog post a day, two videos a day and a blog post and a video. If you do this for a couple of years, you will build one the strongest businesses in the Network Marketing Industry and you will have plenty of business leads.


Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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