List Building and Email Marketing for Non-Fiction Authors and Publishers With Publishing Email Success System

Your Step-by-Step Email Marketing Course for Long-Term Self-Publishing Success

  • Learn how to create an audience of raving fans (get legit reviews!)
  • Sell more books, eBooks and audiobooks (internationally!)
  • Save time, money, and frustration
  • Skyrocket and automate your publishing business
  • Launch new books in all the formats (kindle, audio, paperback and hardcover) to create more success
  • Rejuvanate your old books and make more passive income!

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What Your Will Learn With Publish Email Success System

want to go over some of the main points you will learn:

  1. Mindset behind email marketing
  2. How to create a reader avatar
  3. What to do with your subscribers once they’re on your list
  4. What to put in your welcome message
  5. What to write in your autoresponder
  6. How to increase sales of your Kindle, paperback and audio books
  7. How to get sales in the United Kingdom
  8. How to gain more subscribers
  9. How to contact influencers and make it a win-win
  10. How to get reviews for your new and old books
  11. And much more

What Can You Do With A Professional Email List

  1. Launch a book by telling your list about it, instant traffic and rankings boost
  2. Create raving fans, by nurturing your list correctly you can create raving fans who will go and buy your book and leave organic reviews with no thoughts at all
  3. Get reviews, on launch, you can ask your list to leave reviews for your new book which will boost it up the Amazon rankings
  4. Not have to rely on Blackhat tactics: Review swaps, buying swaps
  5. Make more sales: You can sell more books to people who sign up to your email list, books which they may have missed originally
  6. Eliminate Guesswork

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