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The purpose of this category is to provide the best information and tips about growing a Multi Level Network Marketing company. This category will focus on how to get more leads and sale. There will also be information on how to build a downline along with marketing on and offline.

Avon Network Marketing Company Overcome Problems U. S Sales Down

Avon is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company selling primarily beauty products, and also fashion and home products. It is one of the oldest Network Marketing companies. There sales have been on the decline. Avon have expanded around the world as sales in the U.S. stagnated or declined. In March, 2016, Avon sold its U.S. operations. Its sales are now entirely outside the U.S. Sales have declined for years from a peak of $11.1 billion in 2011 to $5.7 billion in 2017. However, new Management is making a big difference with the improving the company.   Learn More

Avon Largest Sales Market

(1) Adjusted for currency fluctuations.

Source: Avon 6/30/18 Form 10Q

As shown above, revenues declined last quarter, but only due to currency fluctuations, especially in South Latin America. The culprit there was primarily Brazil. Brazil is Avon’s largest market and where their full attention is right now.

While revenues were down 3% in the second quarter of 2018, operating income was up. It was 3.9% of revenues in the quarter, up from 3.2% in the first quarter and 2.3% one year earlier. Revenues in the second quarter were up in 3 of their 5 largest markets and 12 of 15. Management is guiding for modest revenue improvement in the second half of 2018. That is a change of direction from prior years. The improvement in the largest markets has come quickly after the new CEO came on board. More detail is below.

Improvements Made By Avon

1. Better Improve Shipping – A big reason the company has struggled with revenues and keeping sales reps is problems with shipping. Shipping was slow, inaccurate and often damaged. New management has quickly changed that. New packing materials has reduced damage from 12% to 3% of items shipped. New boxes have reduced damaged boxes by 30%. More items are now kept adequately stocked. Less items are being returned. The fill rate for beauty has gone from 98% to 99% and for home and fashion from 93% to 96%.

2. Cost New Savings – The company expects to reduce expenses by $65 million in 2018, with $15 million of that realized in the second quarter. This was part of the reason for the improved operating income that quarter, but much more is ahead. Avon is also looking at further expense reductions

3. Avon New Management – After years of mediocre management under Andrea Jung and more recently Sheri McCoy, Avon hired Jan Zijderveld as its new CEO in February, 2018. Mr. Zijderveld has an impressive resume. He previously was president of Unilever’s European unit, where he led a turnaround resulting in new growth. Unilever is one of the largest consumer products company in the world. He was known for being innovative in introducing new consumer products. Mr. Zijderveld has made significant changes to senior management in his first six months.

4.Avon  New Products – This is a specialty of CEO Zijderveld. Approximately 200 new products are being introduced in the second half of this year. The development time has been cut in half. This was done in part by using suppliers to help with product development, something not normally done at Avon before.

5. Avon Improve Online Performance – I have written about another MLM, Educational Development Corp (Nasdaq:EDUC). Revenues at that company, which sells children’s books, exploded after it started using “Facebook parties” to sell its books. Avon is moving in that direction. It now has a new mobile e-brochure, which is locally customizable and distributed via social media. It is increasing training in this area.

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Learn How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Quickly

Most of the time when you start a Network Marketing Business, you are told to build your business offline. I can understand that we are told that because offline marketing is easy to duplicate and easy to teach. However, in my opinion the best way to build your business effectively and quickly is to learn how to market online. When you market your business online, you can reach more people. You can reach people globally.  Also, you can get leads while you are sleep. You can put your lead generation efforts on auto pilot. Furthermore, your warm market will only take your MLM business so far. If you want to be successful you have to learn how to prospect and market to a cold market.

Also, another way to get leads fast is through referrals.  One way to build your MLM business quickly is through referral marketing. It’s always good to get referrals  from your warm market. Instead of trying to force someone that don’t want to be in the business into your business, get a referral. If they don’t want to join ask them do they know someone that can benefit from your business opportunity and products.

You will take your MLM business to another level when you start using Attraction Marketing Online. While traditional methods work to grow your network marketing business, using attraction marketing online is the best way to get even faster results.

Eventually, you will run out of your warm market. To succeed in network marketing, you need a consistent flow of people to talk to. This is why you need to market online. One of the best things you can do to market your MLM Business online is to start a blog and blog everyday. Also, you want to share your blog post on all your social media platforms.

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Should You Use SMS Marketing For Your MLM Business

Make Money Online

What is SMS? SMS is a text messaging service component of most telephone, internet, and mobile-device systems. It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages. Many business owners in Network Marketing are using it to get more leads and more sale for their MLM Business. It is a great way to reach a large audience very quickly. To learn more about the benefits of SMS for your home based business. Read This Article



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Why You Should Use Linkedin For MLM Prospecting

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad
Contact: 901-870-1135


mlm prospecting on linkedin

One of my favorite social media sites for prospecting is Linked In. I get a lot of leads and business for my MLM Business by leverage the power of Linkedin. If you are looking for ways to prospect, using Linkedin is an excellent option.

Statistics For LinkedIn

1.There are 1.5 Million LinkedIn groups

2. out of 3 professionals on the planet are on LinkedIn

3. There are over 350 million users on LinkedIn (107 million in the US)

4. 40% of their users check LinkedIn daily

One thing that I believe keeps most Network Marketers from doing prospecting on LinkedIn is they think it is just a job social media website and that people on LinkedIn are seeking jobs, not entrepreneur opportunities. However,  you can  at any time  locate and recruit a professional who has never done network marketing on linkedin.

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How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

I think the Network Marketing Industry is awesome. However, most people are not able to ascertain the benefits that the industry has to offer. Some are not willing to put in the hard work. Some have unrealistic expectation. Some don’t want to learn marketing or get the training they need to be successful in the Industry. However, there are some things you can do increase the chances of you have Network Marketing  Success.

How To Get Network Marketing Success

How To Get Network Marketing Success


1) Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

To stay safe from pyramid schemes and MLM scams, arm yourself with knowledge. Learn about the direct sales industry as a whole, research MLM companies carefully, and determine if you’re a good match with your sponsor. The truth is, while you can get rich in MLM, statistics show that less than one out of 100 MLM representatives actually achieve MLM success or make any money. However, that’s not necessarily the MLM business’ fault. Most athletes never make it to the Olympics, but that’s not sports or the Olympics’ fault.

2) Identify Your Target Market

One of the biggest mistakes new MLM Business Owners make is looking at everyone (including friends and family) as a potential customer or recruit. This is one area where the MLM industry gets it wrong. Like any other business, you’re going to have greater success and efficiency if you identify your target market and focus your marketing efforts at them. Someone who doesn’t care about vitamins or health and wellness isn’t a good person to pester about your business.

3) Develop a System for Following Up

While you don’t want to pester and annoy people, in many cases, with good follow up, you can make the sale or recruit at a future time. Sales is often about timing, and ‘no’ in sales doesn’t always mean ‘never.’ If someone tells you no, but there was something in the dialogue that suggested they might be interested in the future, ask if you can put them on your mailing or email list, or if you can call in six months to follow up. Many will give you their email or phone number just because they want to be nice.

4) Find a Company With A Product You Love

Too many people get caught up in the potential big income from MLM, that they don’t pay enough attention to what the company is asking you to sell. You can’t sell something or share your business if you don’t genuinely have pride in what you are representing. Do your MLM research and partner with a company that has a product you can get excited about. Don’t forget to look into the company’s compensation plan before you join and make sure it is favorable to you.

5) Be Genuine and Ethical

One reason that direct selling gets a bad rap is that many representatives use hype and sometimes deception to lure in new recruits. This leads many to believe that the MLM companies themselves encourage this behavior, but in truth, they don’t. Legitimate MLM companies want you to be honest in your dealings with customers and potential recruits. If you love your product, your enthusiasm is enough to promote it. Just make sure you’re not over-the-top or making exaggerated or false claims. Good business conduct will ensure that your customers and recruits don’t feel duped, and as a result, will stick with you.

make money online

7) Don’t Barrage Your Friends and Family

Nothing will annoy your family and cost you friends more than constantly pestering them about your business. There’s nothing wrong with letting them know what you’re doing and seeing if they have an interest, but if the answer is “no,” let it go. Many companies suggest making a list of 100 people you know, and while that’s not wrong, you should consider that most successful MLMers have very few people from their original list of 100 people in their business. In most cases, friends and family who are in the business often come AFTER seeing the MLMer’s success.

Success in MLM comes from treating it like any other business, in which you focus on the people who want what you have to offer.That means deciding who the target market is for your products/services, as well as the business opportunity.

8) Sponsor, Don’t Recruit

One of the benefits of MLM is the ability to bring in new business builders and profit from the sales they make in their business. While some see this as “using” others, the reality is that you’re being rewarded for helping others succeed. But for them to succeed, you need to see your role not as racking up as many recruits as possible, but in being a leader and trainer. The focus then is on the success of those you help in the business, not on you. That means you need to take time to train them, answer questions, celebrate their successes, and be a support when things are tough.

9) Set a Goal for Parties or Presentations

MLM is a person-to-person to business. While many people don’t like that aspect, especially in the digital age, the reality is that it’s the personal touch that sells the products and business, and retains customers and business builders. Based on your compensation plan and goals, determine how many people you need to show your products or business to reach your goals in the time you want. Doing so will ensure you grow your business rather than just sustain it.

10) Learn How to Market

MLMers often stick to the three-foot rule (everyone within 3-feet of you is a prospect) and other traditional marketing tactics. But direct sales is like any other business. It can and should be marketed in a variety of ways that takes into consideration your target market, what it needs, how you can help it, and where it can be found. To that end, you can use a variety of marketing tools including a website (check your companies policies about websites), email,​ and social media to increase product sales and interest in your business.

11) Listen and Sell the Solution

Many companies provide scripts to help you sell the product or service. While these can be helpful in teaching you about your product and dealing with objections, sales is all about being a solution to what a customer needs. Byqualifying your contact first, and then listening to their needs, you can tailor your pitch so that you’re the solution to their problem.

12) Stand Out from Other Distributors

One of the challenges of MLM is convincing prospects to buy or join with you as opposed to the other reps that live in the neighborhood or they know online. You’re selling the same stuff as thousands of others, meaning consumers have a choice. So you need to do something that makes you unique compared to everyone else. Give people a reason to choose you over other reps.

Things To Consider When Joining A MLM Company

  1. MLM is less expensive than other business opportunities. The investment is small. Franchises and business opportunities run in the thousands just for the start-up, whereas many direct sales businesses can be started for less than $100.
  2. The low cost often lures people in without doing their research. People make many mistakes when starting in MLM. Some don’t research the company or product. Others don’t read the contract they sign. Many newbies rely on the information provided by their sponsor. This is a problem because even the best sponsor won’t be able to cover every little detail, and of course, some sponsors fail to disclose everything (in which case, you don’t want that sponsor). Problems people experience in MLM due to failure to research or study the contract is their fault, not MLM.
  3. People quit MLM easier than other ventures. Because the start-up investment in MLM is much smaller than in traditional small business, it’s also easier to quit. It’s easier to walk away from a $100 than $5,000 or $10,000.
  4. Many reps struggle because they don’t treat their MLM like the business it is. For some reason, many MLM businesses are viewed and treated differently than a traditional business, which is a problem. It doesn’t matter what business you start, if you don’t market, sell, and do the activities that make money on a consistent basis, your business will fail.
  5. Don’t let stats dictate your success. Like most things in life, success or failure mostly relies on the individual. Certainly, the MLM industry has a vast sea of reps who don’t make much money or who quit, but there are reps who are meeting their income goals and some (a small few) are rich. The same could be said about bloggers and most other entrepreneurial ventures. 

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How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Home Based Business Blog


make money on the internet

Tips On How To Get Traffic To Blog

  1. Create A Blog And Write Blog Post
  2. Make A Youtube Channel ( Third Largest Search Engine)
  3. Build A Social Media Presence ( See Social Media Examiner)
  4. Start A Podcast
  5. Repurpose Content From Blog ( Share Blog Post On Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter And Pinterest
  6. Advertise Content On Facebook
  7. Collect Email
  8. Answer Question On Quora
  9. Promote Content On Viral Content Buzz
  10. Promote Content On Just Retweet
  11. Promote Content On Empire Kred


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How To Market In Multi Level Marketing

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad1
Contact: 901-870-1135


One of the most important skill sets a person need to develop in Network Marketing is  learning how to advertise. Therefore, I am providing some marketing tips.

Marketing Tips For Your MLM Business
  1. Use Website To Generate More MLM Leads. Most MLM companies offer websites. Others allow you to make your own, but some don’t, so you’ll need to check your MLM company’s policies about websites. You should use your website and write blog post to get more leads.
  2. Build An Email List.  Build your subscriber list and this will allow you to communicate with your prospects. Use it to provide valuable information related to your business, such as research, updates, and sales. Timing is everything. If the timing isn’t right today, it may be next year. Be that person who has stayed in touch.
  3. Use Your Blog To Write Article. Article writing is free and an effective way to get in front of your market through other people’s websites. 
  4. Use Social Media. You can use Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest to generate leads. For example, if you sell weight loss products, you can have before and after pictures on Pinterest or Instagram. If you sell make-up, you can have tutorials on YouTube. 
  5. Ask for referrals. Just like in other businesses, referrals are cheap and easier to convert to a sale. People who come to you through someone else are already wanting to know about you.  Also, they will join your business opportunity and buy products from you faster than a stranger

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Simple Things That Will Grow You Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing Tips

Network Marketing Tips

There are simple things that you can do to grow your Network Marketing Business.  Most people that come into Network Marketing want even do simple things to grow their business. You see, it is easier not to do the simple things  than to do the simple things. I’m going to discuss simple things you can do to build you MLM business.

What are the simple things you can do to grow your MLM business. First, you should be willing to talk to people about your products. You should be willing to go out and meet people and make friends. Next, you should be willing to call people and prospect. You need to be willing to call people and follow up on potential business opportunities.



Also, you should be willing to share your story and your “why”. You should be willing to share your product. You should also attend your company events and training. You have a lot of people in network marketing that hide within the industry. They don’t do these simple things. These are the simple things that all Network Marketing Professionals do.

In Network Marketing, you got to be willing to sacrifice who you are to be who you want to be. You can’t be afraid of changes and challenges. You got to come out of your comfort zone. You got to have the disciple to do the simple things it takes to build your Network Marketing Business.  Remember life don’t respond to what you need. Life responds to what you deserve. If you want want a high rank, residual income, financial freedom and the benefit of walking across that stage at your company event, you got to work hard. Good Luck!

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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Use Your Blog To Promote Your MLM Events

Promote Your MLM Event

Promote Your MLM Event

One of the biggest challenges to hosting a MLM event is getting people to come out. Most of the time people just use word of mouth to get people to come to a MLM event. However, one of the things I do to get people to come to my Network Marketing events is use my Health And Wellness MLM Blog.


How To Promote Your MLM Event With Your Blog

1. First, You should share pictures on the blog post about the company and previous events.

2. You want to share information and pictures about the speakers.

3. You want to share in the blog post how you will help solve people problems.

4. You want to discuss what the event will be about.

5. Make sure you include the date, time and place of the event.


Note: Once you complete your blog post, share it on all social media platforms. Also, share it with your subscribers and team members. Share it with your Facebook group and on your Facebook Fan Page.


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The Network Marketing System For Success

make money on the internet

If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you need to be consistent with your work effort. However, you also need a Network Marketing System. A system will be the backbone of your success.

There are a lot of Network Marketing Systems out there. There are so many options out there to choose from, so, what’s the best one? That’s a really good question.  The best answer I can come up with is that one network marketing system will work best for one particular company and may not be so great for another.

I have to be honest there is no one perfect network marketing system. You have to choose a system that’s good for you and your company.  However, when you are looking for a Network Marketing System there are things to consider. You want a system that you can use consistently, easy to use, affordable and one that can be duplicated by your team.

A system with good duplication is key to any successful network marketing system. Without it, a new user is going to grow frustrated quickly. If they don’t simply give up and quit, they will start to do things outside of the proven success formula that will soon lead them to certain failure. They will lose valuable money, time and possibly respect for you if you are the one who got them involved with such a complicated system. They will probably end up quitting the business.  If that happens it reduces the chances of you being successful and making the income that you desire. Network marketing systems that have “Ease of use”, are integral to your success, your team’s success and ultimately, the success of your business. So as you can see, you have to get a Network Marketing System that everyone can duplicate. My favorite way of exposing the people to my business is a DVD or video. Anyone can show a DVD or video about the company and products.

As I stated earlier, your system has to be affordable for everyone. This is why I like DVDs or videos. They are not expensive. Most companies have  videos or even DVDs available for prospecting. To me they are the best tools or marketing system that you  and your team can use to build your MLM Business.

If you want to see your MLM business explod, the best thing you and your team can do is use a Third Party Tool such as a DVD to recruit and sponsor people into the business. You don’t want to be talking a lot. You want the DVD to market and sell your business  opportunity and products. Even a person that does not feel comfortable with talking in front of a person or people can show a DVD. MLM DVDs are the best MLM Tools that are easy to use and duplicate by a team. Good Luck with your MLM Business.

Here Is A Sample Of My Company Recruiting Video

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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