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The purpose of this category is to provide the best information and tips about growing a Multi Level Network Marketing company. This category will focus on how to get more leads and sale. There will also be information on how to build a downline along with marketing on and offline.

Maybe It’s Time To Inventory Your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing Tip

Network Marketing Tip

You have a lot of people that are not getting the success they want and need with their Network Marketing Business. However, many of them don’t have goals or a game plan to build their MLM business. If you are not having the Network Marketing success you want, you should probably take time out to inventory your business.

If you are going to have a successful Network Marketing Home Based Business you got to inventory your business periodically and set goals. When setting goals to build your business, there are several things you need to look at. First, you need to see if you are prospecting the way you should be. You should be trying to prospect at least two people a day. You want to look at how many customers you have and do you ask those customers for referrals. Also, you need to follow up with your customers.

You need to evaluate your team (downline). You need to see if your team is duplicating. You want to know if your team is going to the company events and training. If not you need to put a strategy together that will motivate them to duplicate,  and get to training events.

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Also, you need to set some personal goals for yourself and your team. You need to set goals to learn new skills and get more training. You need to set goals to work more on personal development. You should set short term goals and long term goals.  Determine how how books you want to read for the year.

You need to inventory your Network Marketing Business every six months or year if you want to be successful in Network Marketing.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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Understanding Passive Marketing And Active Prospecting For Your MLM Business

Marketing MLM Business

Marketing MLM Business

If you want to have a successful Network Marketing Business, you have to learn how to market. Most people engage in Prospecting and Passive Marketing when they are trying to build their MLM Business.

I want discuss the difference between Prospecting and Passive Marketing. Active prospecting is when you contact an  individual personally to introduce to your product or business opportunity. It can be online or offline. The person can be from your cold or warm market.

Passive marketing  is where you are doing something that you hope an unnamed individual responds or reacts to your marketing.  You can use different sources to engage you passive marketing.  You can use social media, videos, blogs or article for passive marketing. Also, offline you can use business cards, flyers and drop cards. blogs, videos, articles.

Primary Types Of Marketing

Online Marketing: This is the newest, and may prove to be the most powerful.  Some of the best ideas would include affiliate marketing, article marketing, social networking, blogging. Affiliate marketing can take a similar form as print based traditional marketing by placing banner ads on websites, but can reach so many more people. Article marketing and blogging allow for two strategies at the same time. They can both be used to directly promote a product or service, or they can be used to help drive traffic to a website for the same purpose. Social networking is the online version of word of mouth marketing and has the ability to “personally touch” a huge number of people instantly with basically the touch of a button.

Traditional Marketing: Also known as offline marketing, traditional marketing used to be the only area that commanded the focus of marketers and business owners. This type of marketing strategy is further divided into two groups, print, and collectively, radio and TV.. For new businesses, you can make use of printed materials like flyers, posters, and direct marketing. You can even use interactive and personal marketing by giving out products and samples. For those with a bigger budget, TV and radio ads.

Word of mouth Marketing: This is by far the most effective and powerful. It can instantly turn a consumer into a customer. This is because this type of marketing is the byproduct of the other two marketing strategies and the ensuing satisfaction for what was provided in exchange for their patronage. Because word of mouth marketing is placed on the shoulders of satisfied customers who then share this satisfaction with people who trust them, this trust is then transferred to the business. This lends an amount of credibility to the company for the new customer that no amount of media based advertising could ever achieve.


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What You Should Know About Online Marketing

Network Marketing

Network Marketing

One of my favorite ways to get leads and customers for my MLM business is using the internet. The internet allows you to brand your business, provide value and establish relationships with people all over the world. I enjoy prospecting online. However, when it comes to marketing online, there is a lot to learn. Also, it takes time to see the result. Nevertheless, it is worth it.

Marketing in of itself takes a long time to learn. Identifying a target prospect, writing copy that attracts people and putting together a website, autoresponder, hosting and your social media accounts will takes a while to learn. This is why a lot of people don’t attempt to market their MLM business online. It takes a certain skill set.  However, the more you study, watch videos and engage in online marketing the better you will get at it.

What To Focus On With Your Online Marketing

1. Start creating a piece of content everyday but don’t count on it getting you any results at first. However, if you want to speed up the process. I would right 2 blog post a day.

2. Prospect at least 5 people on either Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linkedin.

3. Attend your company events and training also make efforts to connect  with other online network marketing experts. Know that you don’t have to buy everything but soak in the knowledge and network with those of success. Also, take the information you learn from event and right blog post out about.

4. Make sure when you complete your blog post share them on all the social media sites.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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Prospecting People With Other MLM Company

Network Marketing Recruiting

Network Marketing Recruiting

You cant have a MLM business if you don’t know how to prospect. I like prospecting to strangers. However, I prefer to prospect business owners in another MLM company. This is because they already understand business and particularly MLM. So let me share the correct attitude to have when approaching others in Network Marketing.

1. You never speak negative another person’s MLM company or any other Network Marketing Company. That’s not professional.  All you need to do is share the beauty of your MLM company and products. Video sponsored by your MLM company is always a good way to introduce you Network Marketing Company. You don’t want to burn any bridges or let another company hear you talking about them.

2. Never send an unsolicited link concerning you business opportunity to other people in Network Marketing. You should always get permission to send someone a link or video concerning your MLM company.

3. Don’t lead with your business opportunity. Develop a rapport with the person.  Talk about the training and support you can provide.

4. Offer value and ask the questions. Let them know that you are concern about improving their quality of life and well being.

5. Let them know what your level of expertise is and let them know you will help them build their team.


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Network Marketing Don’t Waste Your Time Doing These Things


Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success

Everybody want to talk about the things that make you successful in Network Marketing. I want to discuss the things that can cause you not to be successful in Network Marketing. I see Network Marketers doing a lot of things that hurt their business and is a waste of time.

One thing I see a lot is new Network Marketers blaming their sponsor for their ability not to be successful. When you are in business for yourself, you have to figure things out. It’s awesome to have a good sponsor. However, if you don’t then you got to figure out a way to move your business forward without a sponsor. Network Marketing has been around for over 50 years. There is to much technology and information out here not to be able to accomplish the things you want to with your business. Remember, you are ultimately responsible for building your dreams and your business. Some people want someone else to build their dream and business. It’s not going to happen.

Next, some times we spend time doing everything but the things that make actual money. Remember in Network Marketing I primary goal is to Sell Products and Build Professional Relationships. I see people blogging, on Facebook and Instagram posting links to their business opportunity. However, I don’t see people prospecting and getting out meeting people building relationship. If you want your business to move fast you have to prospect and meet people. We should always be prospecting, inviting and doing follow ups. We should try to meet at least two people a day.

Next, I see to many Network Marketers spending time on the internet. They don’t take advantage of their warm market. Also, they don’t ask the people they know for referrals. It’s a lot easier to get people you know and the people they know to embrace your products and business opportunity.

I see to many of us procrastinating. We always want to do the important things tomorrow. We don’t set goal, and we are not consistent with our marketing and professional development. We should be trying to meet and prospect at least two people a day. Also, we should be using our blog,  social media, and videos as methods of passive marketing and attraction marketing consistently.



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How To Get Success In Network Marketing Company

Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success

There is a lot of ways to start a home based business. Having a home based business is the best way to become a business owner. The overhead is low and sometimes you don’t have to even stock products. I think the best way to start a home based business is Network Marketing. The overhead is low. Also, you get free training and access to go leadership.

Having the newest product, compensation plan or even company is not the ways to increase your chances of success. If you want to be successful in network marketing, you need to choose a company that offer mentorship, training and good leadership. You want a company thats going to support you, and a company that has good marketing material.

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Tips For Choosing A MLM Company

1. Do they have training? I mean a good step by step blue print of how to get you into making money.  There are plenty of companies out there who have good training and you need to find them. There are also some good education and learning communities to join if you find a good company that can be right for you in every other way.  So do your due diligence on this one. It is vital to your success. Remember, you want to be choosing the right MLM company or you have too much of a chance of getting discouraged and becoming another MLM statistic. You go into any business to make money, not just to jump into a MLM business and quit in 90 days.

2. Are there established people and good, solid, high income earners in the company? A very good clue as to how established the company is, is to see how much their top income earners are making and how long they have been in the company. Also, see if the associates are competitive or is there a good camaraderie among them.

3. Check out their  Network Marketing web site. In that, you can learn a lot about their history and how well established they are. Many new companies go broke in the first 3 years. So don’t go for the hype that says, “get in on the ground floor”. You want to be choosing the right MLM company when you put down your money and sign your name. One place to be sure to go to is look for MLM forums or Direct Selling News.  I probably wouldn’t join a company if they have not been around 3 to 5 years.

4. Check out their compensation plan. Check and analyze their pay out. See if they have a product and or service that can support your time, energy and advertising and still make a growing profit for you. Some companies have such a low initiation fee that there is nothing to support your efforts. Even if you sell a lot, you are still under water and losing money, and that is not what you’re in this for.

5. Will they let you recruit online? I personally wouldn’t join a Network Marketing Company that will no allow me to market and brand myself online.  Some companies still don’t allow you to market online. There are thousands coming online daily to search for something and you might as well be in front of them with your product or service.



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Should I Buy Leads For My MLM Business

Buying MLM Leads

Buying MLM Leads

I am not an advocate of buying leads to build my MLM business. However, some people build their business with leads they purchase. I prefer to use blogging, the internet and social media to get leads. However, I want to share some information with you about buying MLM leads.

Tips For Buying MLM Leads

Tip 1 Product Knowledge: Before you start buying leads you should have product knowledge.  You need to know and understand your company, product line and compensation plan. Being educated will give you more confidence when you are talking to your leads because you will be able to answer questions, overcome objections and determine the potential fit with your prospect.  However, you also want to use whatever resources and tools your Network Marketing Company has to lessen the amount of talking you have to do on the phone.

Tip 2 Educate Yourself About The Leads: When purchasing leads, you need to know what type of information the person was looking for and where they came from. You need to know the type of information requested by the potential lead and what they are  waiting to receive.

Tip Three Learn To Listen: One of the biggest sales killers and mistake people make is talking too much and not knowing when to listen. People go online looking for something more in their lives, and it is your job to find out what it is, connect with the person and see if there is a match. You have to develop a rapport with the person. You have to be more concern with helping a person than making a sell.

Tip Four Learn How To Close: Once you’ve made your connections, presented your opportunity, validated you and your company, ask for the sale! You got to know how to close a sale. Also, you have to know how to overcome objections. This will increase conversion rate.  One thing positive about buying lead is the experience you get from calling leads. The experience and hands on training you get by just getting on the phone and making calls, is priceless. The more you call leads, the better you will become.

As I stated earlier, I don’t buy leads for my MLM business. However, if you are going to buy leads make sure you Vet the lead Company. You want to know how many people the leads were sold to. Also, you want to know how the company got the leads. Also, you want to know how old the leads are.

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Best Places To Get MLM Leads

  • Craigslist – Craigslist is a strategy with low barriers to entry. and it is an excellent free strategy.
  • Drop Cards –  Dropcards are exactly what it sounds like. Small business cards usually very interesting looking that cause people to pick them up. On the inside of the card is an advertisement or call to action to learn more about your product, service, or opportunity. ( I use the $100 Bill Drop Card)
  • Facebook Prospecting – Free Strategy
  • Blogging – Writing blog posts to my target audience has been incredibly effective in the form of blogging. My target is home based business entrepreneurs. Your goal is to lead with value and provide solutions to problems your audience may have which in turn will create trust and fans followed by customers and partners. ( This is my favorite strategy).
  • Instagram – Instagram is one of the fastest way to meet and advertise to people based on hashtags, holding contests, direct messaging, and acquiring followers.
  • Live Events – People who are serious about their businesses are the ones who are traveling to attend live events. If you want to meet the players in your industry attend industry events. By doing this I’ve established some great partners and friendships.
  • Marketing Online – In 2010, I started learning about online marketing and since that time it has been a catapult fast track for meeting more people to sponsor, make sales, help, and acquire coaching clients.
  •  Warm Market – People who know, like, and trust you.  Examples of contacts in your network that are part of your warm market are, business acquaintances, anyone you regularly hire for any kind of service, friends, family, people you know from church, any social groups you are part of. ( This method is that fastest way to get leads and build business).
  • Referrals – This is people just outside of your immediate network that can easily be part of your growing network marketing pool of potential partners and customers.
  • Social Networking – Networking on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Linkedin and all kinds of other social networking sites are a jack pot to meet people. Facebook has been my favorite.
  • Networking Groups – These are groups for professionals who are looking to drum up more business and also a great place to get referrals.  The best thing to do here is be focused on other people and not prospect at the event, just collect as many cards and meet as many people as you can.  Then when you get home the next day, connect and prospect.
  • Online Marketing – Instead of continuously prospecting forever you can generate leads online to attract prospects to you who are already looking for what you are offering.
  • Local Business Board – Around all different small businesses some have cork boards where you can hang flyers and business cards.  This is a great source to meet other go-getters and especially network marketers. You will want to lead your drop cards here and take business cards from this board to.
  • Facebook Advertising – Currently Facebook advertising is all about re-targeting and pixel placements.  These strategy has created a great amount of results with affiliate marketing.
  • Youtube Marketing – Creating Youtube videos to speak to your target audience is a very effective way to build a relationship with your audience over the internet. A lot of our non verbal communication is able to be expressed in the form of video as opposed to just text or audio.
  • Signs (Bandit Signs) – Using yard signs strategically placed at busy. However, in some cities this is not legal so check first.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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What Is The Best Way To Become A Leader In Network Marketing

A lot of people that come into Network Marketing want to be a leader. However, you have to have the right skill set and training to be a leader in Network Marketing. Therefore, I’m going to share some tips with you that will help you become a leader in the MLM Industry.
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How To Become A Leader In Network Marketing

1. Be creative with your marketing and promoting your business don’t do what everyone else is doing.

2. Learn your products and share that product knowledge with your team.

3. Study and learn your compensation plan and share it with your downline.

4. Develop a daily routine for personal development and marketing your MLM Business.

5. Create a simple step by step training page for your teammates and their teammates to get started with when they join your Network Marketing Team. This is what share with people that join my Total Life Changes Network Marketing Team. Team Fitteani

6. Don’t stress out if people do not meet your expectations. You have to be patient. However, you should spend more time with the people on your team that are hungry and self starters.

7. If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you got to learn how to market online. You need to get a blog and learn how to use your blog and social media to promote your business and brand yourself.

8. Don’t lead with your product.  Products, no matter how good they are, carry a very low attraction and vibration and virtually zero loyalty or retention. Sense of community, leadership and training are much more powerful things to lead with and DO create retention and loyalty. Lately it seems people have forgotten this basic principle of attraction marketing. When you blog, you should be blogging about how to help people in MLM and solve problems. When you do this, people in the MLM industry will start seeing your as a leader.

9. Do not pitch your team another MLM, even if it is a tool. Here’s why, the weaker reps will, instead of attempting to get better at your main company, will go to where it is easier and then, because they went there out of weakness, will eventually fail at that as well.

10. If you want to be a leader in MLM, you will have to get better at speaking and presenting. Someday you will have to speak in front of people at events.

11. All ways be prospecting. The more people you share your business opportunity with the more successful you will be. It’s a numbers game. What you lack in skill, make up for in numbers. When you begin or before you have been properly trained, there is a good chance you will be terrible at recruiting.

12. Don’t Ever Quit

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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Why A People Have Bad Feelings About Network Marketing

I have been in network marketing for a while now. I talk to a lot of people. There are so many people that have bad feelings about Network Marketing. Some of it is justified. I’m going to discuss some of the reasons people have bad feeling about MLM.

A lot of distributors in Network  Marketing give new business owners the impression that it will be easy to build the business. However, it’s not easy. It is very difficult. It’s very difficult to build a downline that will allow you to make residual income. It’s not easy going out in the public to prospect. Most people just want a job. Therefore, it is difficult trying to get them to see the big picture and become a business owner. Also, you have to sacrifice a lot of things you like to do when building your MLM business.

Next, you have to many people in Network Marketing that hype the business. They have people thinking they will ascertain financial success over night.  They have new business owners thinking they will make six figures in six months. New business owners are deceived.  They don’t understand building a network marketing business takes time and patience. It’s not a get rich quick thing. You can’t build a MLM business in 5 to 12 months. You should be willing to give your business 5 years and that’s with you putting in hard work if you want to become a financial success and top earner. Network Marketing by it’s nature is a long term business. It takes a while to start making residual income.

Another problem for new business owners is patience. They jump from one business to another. They want stick with one thing. The first time something shiny come along they want it. The percentage of people that have the discipline to successfully build one company is very low but when you add another one in the mix, you reduce that percentage bigtime. A lot of people fall prey to big marketers with a big list that so have the ability to “make some money” from multiple companies but that is NOT duplicatible. When most people join more than one company, they normally will fail all companies they are associated with. When you get involve in more than one business it confused your team and that’s not good. I personally believe in sticking with one company unless something happens and you are forced to make a change.

Next, a lot of distributors don’t get with a mentor or coach. Also, they don’t get the personal training they need. Also, they don’t work on personal development.

Finally, they end up spending to much money. Building a network marketing business don’t require a lot of money. It is a home based business. You should not be spending thousands of dollars on training, traveling and products when you first join a business. You can invest more money as your business grow. Look for the free training that your company offers. Networking Marketing has been around for years. You can find practically everything you need to know on Google and Youtube. Don’t be lazy and let greedy ML M leaders take all your money.  Study everything you can learn online about marketing, blogging, social media, prospecting and building a downline and you will be okay. This does not require a lot of money. However, it does require a lot of time but it is worth it. Good Luck!

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional





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Network Marketing Business Opportunity


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