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The purpose of this category is to provide the best information and tips about growing a Multi Level Network Marketing company. This category will focus on how to get more leads and sale. There will also be information on how to build a downline along with marketing on and offline.

Use Your Blog To Promote Your MLM Events

Promote Your MLM Event

Promote Your MLM Event

One of the biggest challenges to hosting a MLM event is getting people to come out. Most of the time people just use word of mouth to get people to come to a MLM event. However, one of the things I do to get people to come to my Network Marketing events is use my Health And Wellness MLM Blog.


How To Promote Your MLM Event With Your Blog

1. First, You should share pictures on the blog post about the company and previous events.

2. You want to share information and pictures about the speakers.

3. You want to share in the blog post how you will help solve people problems.

4. You want to discuss what the event will be about.

5. Make sure you include the date, time and place of the event.


Note: Once you complete your blog post, share it on all social media platforms. Also, share it with your subscribers and team members. Share it with your Facebook group and on your Facebook Fan Page.


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The Network Marketing System For Success

If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you need to be consistent with your work effort. However, you also need a Network Marketing System. A system will be the backbone of your success.

There are a lot of Network Marketing Systems out there. There are so many options out there to choose from, so, what’s the best one? That’s a really good question.  The best answer I can come up with is that one network marketing system will work best for one particular company and may not be so great for another.

I have to be honest there is no one perfect network marketing system. You have to choose a system that’s good for you and your company.  However, when you are looking for a Network Marketing System there are things to consider. You want a system that you can use consistently, easy to use, affordable and one that can be duplicated by your team.

A system with good duplication is key to any successful network marketing system. Without it, a new user is going to grow frustrated quickly. If they don’t simply give up and quit, they will start to do things outside of the proven success formula that will soon lead them to certain failure. They will lose valuable money, time and possibly respect for you if you are the one who got them involved with such a complicated system. They will probably end up quitting the business.  If that happens it reduces the chances of you being successful and making the income that you desire. Network marketing systems that have “Ease of use”, are integral to your success, your team’s success and ultimately, the success of your business. So as you can see, you have to get a Network Marketing System that everyone can duplicate. My favorite way of exposing the people to my business is a DVD or video. Anyone can show a DVD or video about the company and products.

As I stated earlier, your system has to be affordable for everyone. This is why I like DVDs or videos. They are not expensive. Most companies have  videos or even DVDs available for prospecting. To me they are the best tools or marketing system that you  and your team can use to build your MLM Business.

If you want to see your MLM business explod, the best thing you and your team can do is use a Third Party Tool such as a DVD to recruit and sponsor people into the business. You don’t want to be talking a lot. You want the DVD to market and sell your business  opportunity and products. Even a person that does not feel comfortable with talking in front of a person or people can show a DVD. MLM DVDs are the best MLM Tools that are easy to use and duplicate by a team. Good Luck with your MLM Business.

Here Is A Sample Of My Company Recruiting Video

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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What You Need To Start A Home Based Business

Technology and the internet makes it very easy to start a home based business. Starting a home based business is the best decision that I made. However, starting a home based business requires a skills set and knowledge. Also, you have to have structure. I found this article to be very interesting about starting a home based business. Read This Article.

*Secure a dedicated phone line for the business only. Consider using a virtual assistant program that will provide a live voice to answer the phone and screen and forward calls. A live person will help to boost your professional image.

*Rent a post office box or use a virtual office that will give you a professional address for your online presence and collateral. Doing this will make it less obvious that you are working from home.

*When scheduling appointments with prospects and clients, consider meeting at their location or rent a conference room at a local business center to maintain a professional image.

*Hard work and relationships are only two-thirds of what it requires to be successful. Disciplining yourself is just as critical to achieving successful outcomes. Working from home demands you to be a self-starter and follow a routine, just as if you were reporting for a customary job.

*Keep excellent accounting records and pay yourself first. Every business is cyclical and will enter a downturn, so put some of your earnings into a savings account to maintain liquidity during bad times.

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Simple Ways To Make Money From Home

Simple Ways To Make Money From Home

Simple Ways To Make Money From Home

Because of technology and the internet it is much easier to make money from home. You have a lot of people making money online. Some people earn a full time income from the comfort of their own home. Although I make money by blogging, MLM, and Google Adsense. There are many ways to make money online.  I am writing this article to share some simple ways to make money online.

How To Make Money From Home

1. Write An eBook

You can make money online by writing eBooks. When you get your eBook finished, there are several sources where you can publish, and they will send your royalties normally monthly.



2. Do Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a fine art that few people are good at. If you have the talent, there are plenty of people who will purchase your work online.

3. “Flipping” Domains

This is another investment type of method to make money online fast. If you have a good idea on the next “hot” domain name, you can buy it and put it up for sale for a lot higher.

4. Medical Transcription

Why not set at home and make fast online money doing medical transcription. If you know medical transcription, you will love this.

5.Sell Your CDs And DVDs

You can bring in some real fast cash online by selling your used CDs and DVDs.

6. Sell Your Video Games

You can sell your video games online. Maybe you are tired of that video game and need cash, but there is someone else that wants to play that game and will pay cash.

7. YouTube Videos

You can make money by making You Tube Videos. The way you get paid through this means is via Google ads. That means you need a lot of videos and a lot of views. Once you make your videos, Google will place ads on your video. You will get paid when somone clicks on the ad.

8. Upwork

This is a website where people can contract other people for many types of freelancing jobs.

You may know another language and can translate, or maybe you can provide accounting services or you can write very well. You can make money with your skill on Upwork.

9. Blog

This is my favorite. This is how I make money. Start a niche blog. There is some cost involved in buying a domain and hosting, but you can make good online money when you put ads and write quality content that draws many visitors.

10. Sell Your Books

Many books will bring great prices, especially if they are textbooks. You can sell your books online. You can sell books on eBay and Amazon.

11.  Website Tester

There are many companies that want to know if their website is user friendly. The best way they have found to do this is by contracting with many people to use the site and give their feedback.

This is a great place to get paid to test websites:

12: Sell Products On eBay

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Just create a seller’s account on eBay and list your stuff. Make sure you account for shipping and you can make money online fast. Once you sell all your stuff. You can start buying products  from flea market, Goodwill and Thrifts stores and sell them on eBay. I suggest using your payment method as Paypal.

13. Freelance Writing

If you believe you have what it takes to write high quality articles, blog posts, press releases, etc, you may want to try freelance writing.

You can easily get your “feet wet” by taking some jobs at

14: Sell Photographs

There are many websites you can use to sell your photographs online and make money.

15. Online Surveys

Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days Make Money 5 Different Ways

This is a  popular way to make money online.

But you want to make sure you are using a reputable website that will pay and will not put malware on your computer.

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Learn How To Make Money Online With A Profitable Google Adwords PPC Campaign


One of the fastest ways to make money online is Pay Advertisement. When you use Pay Advertisement, you get targeted leads to your business and website. However, you can waste a lot of money with Paid Advertisement if you don’t know what your doing. This is why its important to get some training when you are going to use Pay Per Click. The best Pay Per Click Programs is Google Adwords. If you want to make money online and use Google Adwords, you may want to looking into getting Assitance from PPC Academy.


They have a  breakthrough ppc training program reveal secret techniques and tools to outrageously increase your response rates and conversions whether you are an online or offline business – in record time. PPCAcademy is  the only place on the web which offers step-by-step video training and one-on-one Support Program to Help You You Profit with Adwords – Guaranteed!”

Benefits Of PPC Academy

  • Selling your own products and services
  • Traffic generation
  • Branding
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Adwords profits guaranteed!
  • And many more!
  • Getting leads and subscribers
  • Booking appointments and clients

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Tips For Your MLM Blog

MLM Blog Tips

MLM Blog Tips

If you want to make money, one of the best ways is to make money online. If you want to make money online you need a blog. I make a nice income with my MLM blog. A lot of people are generating a good income with their MLM Blog.

I think creating a blog is an excellent business decision and money maker. My blog  gets me more leads, customers,  income and traffic for my MLM Business.   I started a MLM blog because I wanted to add value to the Network Marketing Industry by sharing good quality content. I wanted to be a leader in the community. I wanted to be able to help and teach people. I knew that a blog would allow me to do this.  My blog has allowed me to build a personal brand. You see blogging, unlike email or pay per click marketing, creates online everlasting online assets for you. I  get leads and make sales from blog posts over a years old. They stay out there forever!

How To Get Success With Your Blog
Choose A Target Market – The best way to think about this is to think about a specific person or  group you want to market to. What is the type of person or  group you want to attract to you and what are their struggles or desires? For example, you can target network marketers that  are struggling to  get leads and prospects to talk to, getting traffic to their sites, saying the right things to recruit more reps and their desires are creating more residual income, traveling around the world, and escaping their job.
Always Be Providing Value – This means you TEACH, TRAIN, and SHARE ideas, concepts, tips that are helpful.  You want to change the quality of people lives. You identify what is serving to your target market. You want to provide information that will help people be happy and successful. You want to help them grow their business.Using blogging to build my MLM business has been awesome. I enjoy personal development, learning and teaching online. YOU can decide today to start providing consistent value with your blog and become a leader in the MLM industry.
Good Luck!
Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional
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How To Get Success In Your Total Life Changes MLM Business

Start Home Based Business Click Image

First, let me say congratulations for being a part of Total Life Changes. I think we are a part of the best Company in the Network Marketing Industry. We have the best Leadership And Products. Nevertheless, there are certain things we still have to do to have a successful Network Marketing Total Life Changes Business.

First, you really got to understand what you are a part of. Understand that you are a part of the best company in the MLM Industry. Also, understand that Total Life Changes is going to be a billion dollar company. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the grass is greener on the other side or go to another MLM company. Stay where you are and build your business.


Next, Total Life Changes has a system in place to make sure that you are successful. Therefore, follow the system. Get the training that Total Life Changes has to offer. Sign Up for your free capture page that Total Life Changes provide for all its distributors. Most companies don’t even provide a free capture page so take advantage of it. Also, use social media to brand you and your MLM business. Listen to the conference calls, go to the TLC training and events. Stay in touch with your Sponsor and Upline.

You should try to show the business opportunity to at least 2 people a day. Don’t try to explain the business yourself. Always use a third party tool to introduce individuals to the business opportunity. Example of a Third Party Tool would be your Lead Capture Page, A TLC Video or a TLC Conference Call. The less talking you do to a prospect the more money you make. The objective is to get people interested and then send them to a third party tool. You don’t want to try to explain all the products, business opportunities and compensation plan that Total Life Changes has to offer. You should use a video instead. You need to study as many videos as you can on Prospecting and Recruiting. This is the key to you having success in Total Life Changes.

Also, don’t get attached to the outcome when presenting the business opportunity. If someone tells you know, just say thank you and keep it moving. I don’t try to sell the business opportunity. I am simply sorting and not selling. I am only looking for the people that want what I have to offer. I show the business opportunity. If they don’t want it, I’m on to the next person. I consider myself a professional shower not seller. I always use a video when recruit and prospecting. The less I talk the more money I make. Don’t tell prospects anything until they are ready to see everything. If they don’t have time to see a video, watch a business presentation, attend a tea party or get on a conference call, you should just make an appointment for them at a time they are available.

Prospecting Offline is the key to getting quick results. You should show the business opportunity to family, friends and co workers. However, once you have been around for a while you can start building your business by blogging and sharing content social medial. I get a lot of leads and customers with my blog. However, that takes time and it’s a good longer term strategy for Network Marketing Success. Good Luck!

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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Top Global Network Marketing Company For 2017 According To Direct Selling News (DSN)

I think one of the best ways to start a home based business is through Network Marketing. When you join a Network Marketing Marketing Company, you will not be building your business alone. You get access to awesome products ,training, and leadership.  The downside of joining a Network Marketing company is that a lot of them close and don’t make it. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is waste your time, money, resources and energy building a business with a MLM company that’s not going to be around a long time. This is why I publish this list every year so that distributors can stay informed on how Network Marketing Companies are performing.

Direct Selling News (DSN) is one of the top companies when it comes to measuring and researching success of Network Marketing Companies. They allocate a lot of time and resources to keeping the public and MLM distributors informed  on how Network Marketing Companies are performing.


Direct Selling News (DSN), published by VideoPlus in Plano, Texas, is a full-color monthly business magazine focusing on multi-level marketing and targeted to executives in that industry. Direct Selling News’ current editor is John Fleming.

Every year in June, the magazine publishes its annual “DSN Global 100” list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world, based on revenue.

The List contain the ranking for the 2017 DSN Global 100 (based on 2016 revenues), our annual list of the top revenue-generating direct selling companies in the world. The list is published in the June issue of Direct Selling News.

Top 100 Global Network Marketing Companies

This year’s rank Account Name G100 2017 Revenue (FY2016)
1 Amway  $8.80 billion
2 Avon  $5.70 billion
3 Herbalife  $4.50 billion
4 Vorwerk  $4.20 billion
5 Mary Kay  $3.50 billion
6 Infinitus  $3.41 billion
7 Perfect  $3.06 billion
8 Quanjian  $2.89 billion
9 Natura  $2.26 billion
10 Tupperware  $2.210 billion
11 Nu Skin  $2.208 billion
12 Primerica  $1.52 billion
13 JoyMain  $1.49 billion
14 Jeunesse  $1.41 billion
15 Oriflame  $1.40 billion
16 Ambit Energy ++  $1.20 billion
16 New Era  $1.16 billion
17 Telecom Plus  $1.12 billion
18 Belcorp  $1.09 billion
20 USANA  $1.01 billion
21 Pola  $1.004 billion
22 Young Living  $1.00 billion
23 SUN HOPE  $940 million
24 DXN  $927.0 million
25 WorldVentures  $926.6 million
26 Isagenix  $924.3 million
27 Yanbal  $924.0 million
28 Team Beachbody  $863 million
29 Market America  $798 million
30 A C N  $750 million
31 Stream  $735 million
32 Tiens/Tianshi  $695 million
33 It Works!  $686 million
34 Team National  $659 million
35 Yandi  $644 million
36 Miki  $597 million
37 AdvoCare  $586 million
38 Arbonne  $541 million
39 Plexus Worldwide  $532 million
40 Rolmex  $515 million
41 PM International  $460 million
42 Scentsy  $456 million
43 LegalShield  $450 million
44 Le-Vel  $449 million
45 Omnilife  $375.93 million
46 YOFOTO  $375.92 million
47 Fordays  $365 million
48 Faberlic  $356 million
49 Kang Ting  $348 million
50 Nature’s Sunshine  $341 million
51 4Life Research  $328 million
52 AnRan  $321 million
53 Naturally Plus  $300 million
54 NHT Global  $288 million
55 LR Health & Beauty Systems GmbH  $286 million
56 Merro  $283 million
57 Menard Cosmetics  $267 million
58 Family Heritage Life  $265 million
59 Viridian +  $263 million
60 Pro-Health  $257 million
61 Noevir  $249 million
62 Hy Cite Enterprises  $233 million
63 Resgreen  $232 million
64 KK Assuran  $229 million
65 Take Shape For Life  $222.4 million
66 CUTCO  $222.0 million
67 Southwestern Advantage  $218 million
68 LifeVantage  $207 million
69 Kangmei  $206 million
70 Pure Romance  $203 million
71 Alphay International  $200 million
72 Princess House  $195 million
73 Mannatech  $180 million
74 Charle  $173 million
75 BearCere’ Ju  $170 million
76 Youngevity  $163 million
77 Seacret  $161 million
78 Kasley Ju  $154.4 million
78 Longrich  $154.4 million
80 Giffarine Skyline Unity  $154.0 million
81 Marketing Personal  $153 million
82 ARIIX  $151 million
83 World Global Network  $146 million
84 Naris Cosmetics  $144 million
85 FuXion Biotech  $135 million
86 New Image Group  $124 million
87 Ideality  $115 million
88 Golden Sun  $103 million
89 Zurvita  $100 million
90 Diana Co.  $98 million
91 Vestige Marketing  $97 million
92 Global Ventures Partners  $92.1 million
93 Koyo-Sha  $91.8 million
94 Total Life Changes  $88 million
95 Immunotec  $82.2 million
96 Jimon  $77 million
97 Nefful  $75 million
98 Captain Tortue  $71 million
99 Shinsei  $69.4 million
100 Vision International People Group  $69.0 million

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What Does It Take To Make That 1% MLM Top Earner Status

Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Success

So what does it take to make that 1% MLM Top Earner Status? To make top earner in Network Marketing you simply have to tell yourself that you will Not Quit.  If you have already been in Network Marketing for a two or three years, you have what it takes to be a top earner in Network Marketing. You simply have to be patient, be consistent with networking, marketing and don’t quit. Remember everyone started at the bottom when it comes to building a MLM business.  So don’t be to hard on yourself.

It takes time to be build a Network Marketing business. It’s not something you build over night. The top earners in Network Marketing didn’t become successful overnight.  It took some of them 5 to 10 years or longer to start seeing success in their MLM business. Remember building a network marketing business is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Most people quit the Network Marketing industry in 90 days. So if you have still been in the game after two or three years, you have what it takes. You have shown that you have the mindset not to quit. This is one of the most important qualities you need to be a top earner in Network Marketing.

IF you want to be a leader in Network Marketing you also have to work on personal development. You can’t give up. You really have to have an Ego. You have to tell yourself you know that you can and you are worthy of being a Top Earner.  You got to be confident. You got to have the right mindset. You got to tell yourself, you know eventually you will be a top earner.

If you do anything for an extended period of time, you will become successful and get better at it.  Just make sure you are consistent with your personal development and marketing. You need to watch a lot of MLM videos. You need to read a lot of books from MLM coaches, trainers and top earners. Also, you need to attend your company’s training and events. Success will come.

I know I have know desire to go back and just depend on a 9 to 5 forty hour job. A job will never allow you to ascertain financial freedom or build wealth for you and your family.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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No MLM Blog Big Mistake For Beginners

Get More Information, Click Image

If you are new to Network Marketing, you probably don’t have a Network Marketing Blog. If you don’t establish a blog and use it as part of your marketing and business building strategies, you are making a big mistake. Leveraging the internet and blogging is extremely important for the long term success of your MLM Business.

I know most Network Marketing Companies tell you to build your business belly to belly. They tell you to promote and prospect family, friends and strangers. I must admit there is some success that can come from this type of marketing. However, most people fail at using this type of marketing strategy. Think about it most people quit in their first 90 days. This happens because many of them can’t create success with this type of marketing. Also, they feel uncomfortable marketing their business to strangers they have not establish a rapport with or built any type of credibility with.


Myself along with many others in Network Marketing didn’t start having success until we start marketing our Network Marketing business online. However, you must check with your Network Marketing Company to make sure their policy allow you to market online.  I know I didn’t start getting leads and having success until I put my MLM Business online.

I personally don’t see how anyone could be a part of a MLM company that will not allow you to build your business online.  There are millions of people online that want your products and wants to become a part of your business opportunity. How are you going to reach them if your company is telling you not to market or build your business online. I an extremely thankful that my MLM company encourage and train its distributors to market online as well as offline. I guess that’s probably why the company is growing so fast and so successful.

People want buy from you or join your business opportunity unless they like, trust and respect you.  People have to see you as a leader and expert. People have to know that you have the ability to change their lives and you have the ability to help them. Your MLM business got to be about people and not you. A MLM Blog will allow you to establish yourself as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. It will allow you to become an expert and establish authority.  The content that you create on your blog for your audience will make you a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. Remember, the best way to become a leader is to teach. You can do this with your blog.

Why You Should Create A MLM Blog

1. It will help you stand out from your peers

2. It will allow you to provide information about your products and business opportunity to people all over the world

3. It will allow you to get target leads to your MLM business

4. It will allow you to add value to the Network Marketing Industry

5. It will help you solve people problems and improve the quality of their life

6. It will allow you to brand yourself and your business

7. It will create long term investment. A blog post last for ever. It can sell products and bring you customers for years to come.

8. It will allow you to establish authority and become an expert in the MLM Industry

Once you create your blog, try to blog and create content at least 4 times a week. It will probably take you six months to a year to start getting leads and customers so just be patient and don’t quit. You will not regret starting a MLM blog. I get leads every day from my this blog that I created for my MLM business. I don’t walk around hunting people down about my MLM business and products. I do prospect offline but only when I want to. I use my blog to build my business. Good Luck!

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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