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Winasun Best New Network Marketing Company For Women Drion Sanitary Pads

Winasun Network Marketing Company is a new MLM Company in the Health And Wellness Industry.  Winasun already has operations in 5 countries on 4 separate continents (Australia, Asia, Europe and North America) and is rapidly expanding due to the quality of products under its portfolio. Winasun is a great MLM company for women.

Winasun MLM Company use of multi level marketing allows Winasun to get its product directly to the people who need it most whilst at the same time giving an ordinary individual the ability to build an independent business with little financial risk. This  fast growing Network Marketing  international company focused on the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of healthcare products. It uses network marketing and direct selling of its innovative healthcare products.


How Much It Cost To Join  Winsasun

No membership fees – Unlike other companies, Winasun does not charge additional fees to be a member of Winasun. The is an annual registration fee of $100AUD to remain as an active distributor to be able to order at the distributor price and to maintain your personal website and have access to the sales and marketing materials. Upon renewal every year, we will send you a free box of Drion Sanitary pads.
Support – You get the Winasun Tool Kit which contains material such as flyers, brochures, presentation materials and even your own website to manage your business.

Benefits For Winasun Network Marketing Distributors

1. Be your own boss – you are in complete control of how small or big you want your empire. The more you put in, the more you will be rewarded. You can gain financial independence which will allow you to spend more time with your family and friends.
2. Commission payments – Up to 70 percent of commissionable volume on every Winasun product sold goes straight back to commission payments. This is unrivalled with other MLM companies.
3.  Commisions paid by rank – even when you start up at the lowest rank (Bronze), you still can earn very healthy commission payments (up to 46%). To earn these kind of commission payments from other companies, you need to be at or near the highest ranking and have a huge downline going to the maximum number of levels possible. NOT with Winasun.
4. Profit from product sales – you can have up to a 88% margin on the sale of some of our products. So even if you choose to have no downlines and only want to buy our product and sell it to your family and friends you can make healthy profits.
5. Simpler to understand and more flexible system – We do not want to confuse you with additional bonuses and complex distributor network structures. We do not have restrictions on how many downlines you can have. Our system is very easy to understand with fewer ranks and unlimited downlines allowing you to easily manage and control your business and have as much earning potential as possible.

Understanding Winasun Network Marketing Company Compensation Plan

> simpler to understand
> more flexible in how you set up your distributor network
> distribution of high quality health products
> several membership types to allow for any financial level of entry making it very affordable (minimal risk)
> more financial benefit in the form of profits and commissions to distributors
> benefit to consumers to purchase high quality health products for lower prices

1. Definitions

1.1 Distributor
A distributor is a person that has enrolled with the company, wishes to build Downline(s) and participate in the compensation plan. Distributors pay wholesale price for product.
1.2 Downline
Refers to positions in the genealogy below a specific income centre in the genealogy.
1.3 Upline
Refers to positions (distributor) in the genealogy above a specific income centre in the genealogy.
1.4 Frontline
Refers to an income centre’s first level of Downline.
1.5 Income Centre
An income centre is a position in the organization that can build Downlines and participate in the compensation plan.
1.6 Customer
A customer is a person that wishes only to purchase product at retail price from the company. Customers are not eligible to build Downlines or receive commissions. Customer volume is added to that of the sponsoring income centre during commission calculations; customers do not occupy a position in each level of Downline.
1.7 CV
Stands for Commissionable Value or Commissionable Volume. CV is the value of a product that qualifications and benefits are calculated off of. For instance, if there was $100 CV present on a level of Downline and the percentage to earn on that level was 12%, the total amount paid on that level would be $12; (100 * 0.12).
1.8 PV
Stands for Personal Volume. PV is the sum total CV purchased by a particular income centre and that income centre’s personally sponsored customers in the current commission period.
1.9 GV
Stands for Group Volume. GV is the sum total CV (both distributor and customer purchases) present in an income centre’s entire organizational Downline in the current monthly commission period. 1.10 Active
Income centres are considered Active when they have PV of greater than zero in the current commission period. Active status is used for compression purposes only.
1.11 Compression
Refers to the process whereby inactive income centres are temporarily removed from the Downline for the purpose of commission calculations. Active income centres in the Downline then roll up to occupy the positions vacated by the inactive centres.
1.12 Fiscal Periods
Fiscal periods define start and stop dates for each commission period. Winsun utilises monthly periods. Each monthly period will begin on the first calendar day of a month and end on the last calendar day of that same month; e.g. March 1 to March 31.
1.13 Levels
Levels refer to layers of Downline. Those income centres that an individual is the placement sponsor of comprise the first level (or frontline). Those placed under one’s own frontline comprise the second level and so forth and so on. An income centre’s own volume is not counted as being in any of its Downline levels. Customer volume is applied to that of its sponsoring income center in order to determine the position/level in the Downline that it falls in.
1.14 Rank
A rank is a name that represents the achievement of qualifications and benefits within the compensation structure. Income centres must meet the necessary qualifications to receive benefits associated with a rank each and every commission period.
If an income centre has met the qualifications for a rank in the past, but does not meet the necessary qualifications in the current commission period, that income centre will be demoted in rank.
If an income centre earned a higher rank “last commission period” but does not meet the qualifications for that rank “this commission period”, the income center will be demoted in rank and paid commensurate with the qualifications met in “this period”.
There are currently 3 ranks in the system – Bronze, Silver and Gold. To enrol you must join one of the ranks. An enrolee purchasing one of these packs will be able to use it, in part, to advance to certain ranks within the compensation plan.
1.15 SKU
Stands for “Stock Keeping Unit”. SKUs are the items sold within the system.
1.16 Unlimited Width Compensation Plan
An unlimited width compensation plan is one that does not restrict the number of income centres that can fall on any distributor’s first level of organizational Downline; this Unilevel is an example of an unlimited width plan type.

2. Earning Money
Distributors can earn money with Winasun in two ways:

1. Retail/Wholesale Bonus (Retail Profit) – Whereby distributors keep the profit based on sales, which is the difference between the retail and wholesale price of SKUs purchased by their own customers.
2. Levels Based Bonus – Whereby distributors receive levels based percentages on the CV present in their compressed Downline in the current monthly commission period.  The actual percentages by level can be seen in section 3.

3. Ranks

There are currently three ranks in Winasun at the present time: Bronze, Silver, Gold

3.1 Rank qualifications

Qualifications – the following condition must be met to achieve this rank:
Condition 1 – have purchased an enrolment SKU at anytime during one’s life in the system

Qualifications –
the following conditions must be met to achieve this rank:
Condition 1 – have a minimum of $1,000 GV in the current monthly commission period

Qualifications –
the following conditions must be met to achieve this rank:
Condition 1 – have a minimum of $3,000 GV in the current monthly commission period

Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days Iaso Tea

Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days Iaso Tea, Click Image

Winasun Nework Marketing Company Top Products

High quality yet affordable health care products – This is of utmost importance to us as we provide products to give consumers  ‘the health they deserve’. Our products have sophisticated production facilities with state of the art research and development which are among the best in the industry. By selling our products to consumers, you are indirectly improving their life through them using the product as well as being more affordable than most competitors.
Innovation – we are on the cutting edge of the latest in health care with some of our products which have not yet become mainstream or commercial. This means that you as a distributor can provide you customers, family and friends with ‘what’s new’ and in most cases do not need to compete with large retail stores.

Drion Night XL Pads ( 8 per pack )


Winasun Energy Card ( 6 per pack )

Drion Negative Ion Patches ( 100 per pack )

Drion Negative Ion Toothbrushes ( 6 per pack )

Drion Day Pads (10 per pack )

Drion Pantiliners ( 30 per pack )

Drion Night Pads ( 8 per pack )

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

Total Life Changes IBO# 6138951

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Learn How To Sell Digital Products With Pure Profit Pro Network Marketing Company

Pure Profit Pro  is a network marketing company. They provide digital products. It is a business program created by John Bain for those who are interested in making money online. You make money by promoting your link to other people. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and join this program, you will earn commissions depending on the product that particular person bought.

Up Front Cost Involved With Becoming A Business Owner With Pure Profit Pro

Pure Profit Pro is designed for people who have a lot of money to spend to get started. Their entry level is at $250. Add to that another $95.00 adman fee as well as domain fees of about $30.00 you must purchase and yet another $20.00 PER MONTH 800 phone number fee that is going to be recommended can quickly add up. There are additional  adman fees of $125.00 if you upgrade to the $500 level and still another Adman fee of $145.00 if you make it to the $1000. 00 level.

Pure Profit Pro Direct Sells Company Compensation Plan

Pure Profit Pro affiliates are paid to recruit affiliates through a 1-up style compensation plan.

A 1-up compensation plan sees every affiliate pass up the first commission they earn to the affiliate who recruited them.

After this initial pass-up commission, an affiliate earns on every affiliate they personally recruit.

In turn, recruited affiliates must also pass up their first recruitment commission.

This continues down an infinite depth of recruitment, with each recruited affiliate passing up their first recruitment commission to the affiliate who recruited them.

Commissions are paid out at a rate of 100% of funds an affiliate pays for membership, with affiliates able to buy in for $250, $500 or $1000.

If an affiliate has bought in for $1000, they receive 100% of funds paid by subsequently recruited affiliates.

If an affiliate buys in for $250 or $500, they receive up to this amount with the remainder of funds paid in rolling up to their upline.

Eg. You buy in for $500 and recruit a $1000 affiliate.

You receive $500 and the system searches your upline for the first $1000 affiliate. They receive the remaining $500 payout.

If you bought in for $250 and recruited a $1000 affiliate, you’d receive $250. The system would search for either a $500 or $1000 affiliate in your upline.

If a $500 affiliate was found first, they’d receive $250 and the system would continue to search for a $1000 affiliate to pay the remaining $500 out to.

If a $1000 affiliate was found first, they’d receive the entire $750 balance and the system would stop searching.

If an affiliate upgrades their membership, funds are paid out to the upline as per the rollup rules outlined above.


Cost To Join Pure Profit Pro

There are three levels in Pure Profit Pro:

  • Pure Profit I:  Pay $250 and a one-time $95 admin fee.
  • Pure Profit II:  Pay $500 and a one time $125 admin fee.
  • Pure Profit III:  Pay $1000 and a one time $145 admin fee.


In Conclusion, Pure Profit Pro is Network Marketing Company that promote digital products to help you be successful with your business. Affiliates are paid 100% of their membership buy-in to existing affiliates.  Your success is tied to affiliate recruitment.  Each affiliate is required to recruit two affiliates to break even. If you have a passion for digital products and want to make money online, you can try to build a business with this company. Just understand that the company is new.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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An Alternative To Network Marketing VT

Network Marketing VT is a network marketing company that started in 2012. The CEO and founder is Jason Spurlock. The headquarters is in Florida.   Spurlock has been involved in numerous MLM companies before founding Network Marketing VT.

How Much It Cost to Join Network Marketing VT

Membership to Network Marketing VT is $98 and an ongoing monthly charge of $19.95.

The monthly membership fee includes a replicated capture website and some marketing materials to market the Network Marketing VT income opportunity to new members with.

Network Marketing VT Compensation Plan

The Network Marketing VT compensation plan pays out 100% commission on $98 sales made within the company.

These $98 sales are membership to Network Marketing VT and the member that makes the sale earns the commission.

There is one catch though and that’s the 3-up commissions system Network Marketing VT use.

The 3-up system means that you pass up your first 3 $98 sales commissions to your upline. The tradeoff is that for each member you recruit, the first three membership sales they make automatically pass up to you.

This is in addition to your $98 commission for each member you personally recruit.

After careful research, this company is no longer in business. However, if you are interesting in starting a Network Marketing Business Watch This Presentation

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What You Need To Know About Vestige Direct Sells Company

Vestige Marketing is a Direct Sells Company.  It started its operations in the year 2004. It is a leading Network Marketing Company in the Health And Wellness Industry. They deal in world class health care, personal care and cosmetics products. With over 250 sales outlets pan India, one international office and several distributor centers, Vestige has built a widespread network of distributors, which is constantly expanding every year. Vestige Marketing mission is empowering its business owners with the opportunity to lead their lives on their own terms. They believe in improving the quality of lives of their distributors and customers.

Start Home Based Business, Get Paid Every Friday, Get Free Website, Click Image

How To Earn Money With Vestige Marketing

To earn money from vestige you need to join the vestige as a distributor and then you need to purchases or sell the vestige product. now I am thinking you are in trouble that how should I sell the vestige product. It’s tough well if I say not so much. we have one alternative also just join as Distributor and make 6 more distributors like you but keep in mind they must buy something. Then your jobs finish. They will purchase or sell or make new distributor you will get your % money just by sitting at home on the laptop.

Benefits Of Being A Part Of Vestige Marketing

  • Savings on consumption- 10 – 20%
  • Retail Profit 10 – 20%
  • Accumulative Performance Bonus 5 – 20%
  • Director Bonus 14%
  • Leadership Overriding Bonus 15%
  • Car Fund 5%
  • House Fund- 3%
  • Travel Fund- 3%

Vestige Assure Force Fresh
Assure Force Fresh Body Talc has a rejuvenating musky fragrance that refreshes your mind and energizes   the body. Its unique formula keeps you fresh and active throughout the day.

Vestige Assure Complexion Bar
Assure Complexion Bar is a glycerin based bathing bar, enriched with Kesar, Honey and Olives. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin leaving it cleaner, smoother and softer.

Assure Nurture & Renew Hair Spa
A unique blend of the Moroccan beauty secret – argan oil, with the goodness of rosemary and lavender that fortify hair and revitalize the scalp. The intense conditioning formula penetrates deep into the scalp to help repair damaged roots. Specially formulated for weak, dull tresses, it provides intense moisture therapy for extra smoothness, shine and bounce.

Assure Nurture Renew Moisture Balance Hair Conditioner
A moisture-rich, light conditioning formula to prevent frizz and repair rough hair. It is fortified with nourishing ingredients like natural proteins of silk, wheat and soy for extra smoothness and bounce, a special blend of jojoba, coconut, olive and almond oil to nourish hair strands and provide long-lasting shine and moringa seed extract to repair and strengthen damaged hair and provide protection from further damage.

Assure Face Massage Cream
A soothing face massage cream with anti-aging benefits of olive oil, rye seed extract, shea butter and macadamia seed oil that works deep within the skin`s surface to uplift it and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains vitamin B3 that helps lighten skin as well as precious spring sea water for extra hydration. Nourish your skin with this effective, non-greasy and light-weight formula for a softer, firmer and healthier skin.


Make $500 to $1500 A Month From Home Part-Time Make 50% On All Sales

Assure Mild Exfoliating Face Scrub

A gentle and creamy facial scrub with natural scrub particles that mildly exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion. It contains antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract that increases radiance and helps maintain the skin`s youthfulness. Enriched with nourishing emollients like wheat germ oil, sunflower seed oil and rice bran oil, it effectively cleans without drying out the skin or disturbing its natural moisture balance.

Vestige Shampoo For Oily Hair

Assure Deep Cleansing Shampoo, enriched with sebaryl, makes the scalp healthy, thus preventing thinning of hair. It reduces excess oil and controls sebum secretion. Aloe Vera and multi-vitamins help maintain moisture and revitalizes hair, while its special herbal compound, with horse chestnut extracts, nourishes the hair, adding body and sheen.

Vestige Shampoo For Dry + Damaged Hair
Assure Daily Moisturizing Shampoo, is enriched with chamomile extracts, which refreshes your hair and scalp, as it cleanses, soothes, restores dry hair and repairs split-ends. Its hydrolyzed milk protein moisturises and conditions, while the olive oil, a natural emollient, nourishes and strengthens dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft and healthy.

Vestige Shampoo For All Hair Types

Assure Ultra Mild Shampoo, enriched with Avocado Oil, is recommended for daily use, to restore your hair luster and hydrate your hair.
D-Panthenol (Vit-B5) is an active conditioner that provides long-lasting moisturizing, while rosemary extracts gently cleanse and stimulate circulation in the scalp, leaving it relaxed, healthier and invigorated.

Vestige Assure Hair Oil
Assure Hair Oil is enriched with a unique blend of Arnica and Tea Tree oil. It provides nourishment    to the hair  from the roots to the tips. Its special non-grease formula prevents hair loss and helps control dandruff. Also helps in reducing    premature  greying. It improves the hair texture and adds lustre to the hair.

Vestige Sunscreen + Moisturiser
Assure Natural White fairness cream with sunscreen contains Phyto-white Active, Cucumis Sativus (cucumber), Morus Alba and Hibiscus Sabdariffa extracts which gives a natural skin lightening effect and moisturises the skin as well. Licorice extract protects the skin from UV rays and guards the skin against harmful environmental irritants. Visible results can be seen in 2 weeks of application.

Vestige Face Pack
Assure Natural Glow, an oil-free, skin-clearing mask for the prevention and treatment of acne, helps eliminate blemishes, reduces excess oil and provides a matt effect on surface shine. Natural sea-silt and oil-controlling extracts, antibacterial agents and salicylic acid deliver powerful astringent benefits while refining skin texture.

Vestige Face Wash
Assure Natural Pure, gentle enough for everyday use, is a unique face-wash that helps clear up skin and prevents blemishes without over-drying it or causing irritation. It also includes innovative moisturizing beads that release nourishing vitamins A, C, E and pro-vitamin B5 when massaged into the skin, leaving it not just clean, but also moisturized and soft.

Vestige Anti-Aging Night Cream
Assure Natural Active, a replenishing night cream with wrinkle-fighting formula of pro-retinol and beta-hydroxy, works deep within the skin’s surface to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines. Intense moisture with Vitamin E replenishes skin without added oil – leaving skin soft and smooth. It renews the skin’s appearance at night when it needs it most, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so that you can wake up to skin that looks younger, smoother and firmer overall. It is dermatologist tested, oil free and does not clog pores.


Vestige Assure Natural Clear
Assure Natural Clear has a refreshing cleansing + toning formula that wipes away dirt, excess oil, sebum, make-up etc. to reveal a fresher, younger looking skin. It not just cleanses but also tones the skin which makes it look radiant and firm. Enriched with Chamomile and Sweet Almond, Assure Natural Clear maintains the suppleness of the skin and retains its moisture. Suitable for all skin types. Use daily for best results.

Vestige Assure Natural Care
Assure Natural Care is a gentle moisturizing lotion that nourishes the skin from within. A light moisturizing formula quickly absorbs in to the skin and gives a healthy oil-free glow. With the goodness of Wheatgerm Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Assure Natural Care retains the skin’s elasticity and prevents dryness. Perfect all day moisturization for silky soft skin.

Vestige Assure Sunscreen SPF 30+
Assure Sunscreen with SPF 30+ forms a protective layer on your skin to provide better and longer protection from the harmful UVA & UVB rays of the sun, while reducing susceptibility to sunburn and tanning. Its special oil-free formula is combined with Aloe Vera to get easily absorbed, helping control pigmentation and delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Use Assure Sunscreen daily to enhance your complexion and make your skin more radiant.

Vestige Assure Body Care
ASSURE Nourishing + Moisturising Soap is made with a unique blend of Neem, Tulsi and Pudina.

It is non-sensitizing and suitable for all skin types, protecting skin against moisture loss, and keeping it soft and supple. It also cleanses, disinfects and refreshes your skin leaving  it feeling  fresh.

Vestige Assure Pure Bliss Deo
Assure Pure Bliss comes with an invigorating floral fragrance and has been specially designed to  protect you against body odour. Makes you feel fresh, active and blissful all day long.

Vestige Shaving Gel
Assure Natural Lather is enriched with Aloe Vera extract. It protects your skin, leaving it smooth and supple. It ensures a comfortable shave.

Vestige Assure Hand Wash

Assure Hand Wash with Lemon and Mint Extracts comes with a special purifying formula that gently   cleanses and nourishes the hands. .Essential moisturizing oils protect from dryness, keeping the hands soft and supple. Comes with a pleasing  fragrance for fresh, fragrant hands.

Vestige Assure Enchant
Assure Enchant Body Talc has the refreshing fragrance of exotic flowers. It keeps body odour away and  makes you feel fresh and vibrant all day long.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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Make Money From Home With MYNT Direct Sells Company

MYNT is a Direct Sells Company. It got started in 2014. MYNT is actually powered by Monavie. Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the last 10 years, Monavie is a huge brand in the Industry, and the company itself has done billions of dollars in revenue. In fact, Monavie was the first (and only) company to break a billion dollars in sales within it’s first two years in business. In addition to that, they were the fastest company to pay out a billion dollars in commissions to it’s distributors.

Starting A Business With MYNT Direct Sells Company

There are 3 different, but simple ways in which you can sign up for the program:

Purchasing a Core Transformation SR. Kit at $595

Purchasing the Core Transformation JR. Kit at $377

Buying the basic Core Transformation Pack at $298

This business venture grants you an opportunity to experience a fun, active lifestyle, while earning remarkable income at the same time. With MYNT, you can get freedom from the financial chain and ball dragging you down, and also better yourself as a person. It is one potentially, powerful-rewarding opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.

MYNT Direct Sells Company Compensation Plan

There are seven different ways in which you can earn income with MYNT:
Direct Sales Bonus- This involves selling products directly to your clients. You’ll purchase the products at wholesale price, and then sell them at your chosen retail price.

Preferred Customer Bonus- You may register your preferred clients with MYNT to earn Preferred Customer Bonuses on each sale you make. This is computed as 50% of the total Preferred Customer-Personal Volume (PCPV), which is the volume of your product sale to any preferred customer.
Team Bonus- This aspect is calculated from your placement tree. You are compensated once you successfully build sales volume within your placement tree. Other members in your placement tree can also place more people in the same tree.

Executive Check Match Bonus- This bonus is rewarded for sales by the executive filed leaders. You’ll earn a 3% bonus of the first $2,500 Team Bonuses paid out to brand promoters in your tree. The number of generations from which you can get this bonus increases with the progress of your executive rank.

Rank Advancement Rewards- You’ll earn various rewards such as cash bonuses as you advance in rank. There are several different ranks such as diamond, black diamond, presidential black diamond, crown black diamond, double and Triple Crown black diamonds. The rewards get better as you advance in rank.

Leadership Bonus- A Leadership Bonus pool has been reserved for Diamond Executives and above. In determining your percentage share of this pool, your total enrollment-tree volume is divided by the total usable enrollment-tree volume of all Leadership Bonus qualifiers.

Region Bonus Pool- This is awarded in accordance to the region you’re based in. For instance, North America has a promotional pool of 2% on an individual’s placement tree. However, the promotions and requirements usually change from time to time.


How To Make Money With MYNT Direct Sells Company

As far as the compensation plan goes, MYNT is similar to Monavie in the sense that it is also a Binary. There are several ways you can get paid. You can earn immediate retail commissions by selling products to customers. But in order to build residual income (through the company’s binary commissions called Team Bonuses), you’re going to have to build two teams, a left team and a right team. MYNT will pay you a percentage of the volume from your smaller leg, or pay leg. You can also earn Check Match Bonuses, as well as Leadership Bonuses, which are based on your rank and production. In addition to that, there is about $7 million in Rank Advancement Bonuses you can qualify for as you move through the ranks and hit all the positions in the company. It’s not hard to see that there is a very lucrative opportunity, especially for the right person who has the right skill-sets.


MYNT Direct Sells Company Products

They have non-gmo, pure protein shakes in vanilla and chocolate, personalized sachets that can be added to the shakes so you can get you own desired results and and 2 energy drinks.

  • The product pass my test on natural ingredients that will actually help your body instead of toxify it.  I liked the taste of the Acerola drink – not fond of the name but the flavor is good.  The citrus zero will be great for the fitness, carb and calorie counting enthusiasts but lacks in flavor.  MYNT has a mission to create competitively priced healthy products in the health and wellness niche and so far they’ve done a good job.
  • Sure there are tons of protein shake companies and MYNT is one of them which was a concern for me, as I like to limit competition if possible.
  • MYNT product pricing:  The price points are decent and they have a nice customer incentive program which helps everyone get free product.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional


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How To Become A Distributor For Total Life Changes

Hello, My name is Frankie. I am a distributor and recruiter for Total Life Changes.  Total Life Changes is a leading company in the Health And Wellness Industry. Total Life Changes need distributors in your area. They are expanding in this area, They are expanding all over the country. Total Life Changes is an International Country.

As a distributor for Total Life Changes, I have been able to create a successful home based business. I have been able to make money online with my business and spend more time with my family. I have been able to travel and meet awesome people and leaders. I am my own boss and set my own hours. I don’t have to answer to any one. I started my own business for less than $100. I got free training and access to awesome leadership and products. I have been able to help others start home based businesses in and make extra money, lose weight, get healthy and build financial freedom.

If you want to work from home, spend more time with your family, make extra money, stop building someone else dreams, then you should watch the video presentation.


Curious on how you can earn money through Total Life Changes Compensation Plan? Below is a list where you can get the idea of how you get commissions and how compensation plan works.

  • Retail Customer Profits & Commissions – Retail customers can earn up to 50% commission paid weekly.
  • Fast Start Bonus – an IBO (Independent Business Owner) can receive a 50% commission from the first order of their personally-sponsored representative paid weekly.
  • Binary Pay – this can be earned both from people you personally referred and the people they have referred as well. The commission ranges from 10% to 25% paid weekly. Compose of two teams, a left and a right team, that grows from you and others who added IBO’s.
  • Matching Bonus – receive additional commissions up to a 50% check match from the earnings of those you personally sponsored and another 50% check match bonus from anyone they sponsor as well paid weekly.
  • Lifestyle Bonus – this is on top of all other ways in generating income with the TLC compensation Plan. This bonus is paid monthly.

Total Life Changes Products Review Make Money From Home

Total Life Changes IBO# 6138951


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Business Opportunity FreeLife International Work From Home

FreeLife International is a Network Marketing Company. It was founded back in 1995 by Kevin Fournier and Ray Faltinsky  and in 2000 it made it to the Inc. 500’s List of Fastest Growing Businesses. It is a health and wellness company, the it offers, among other things, the Himalayan Goji juice. The Goji beverage supports the immune system to defend against different sorts of aliments.

FreeLife International offer over 67 products from their health drinks to supplements, and personal care items. The Company makes sure that their products are natural and safe, as well as scientifically proven to work before it hits the market.

FreeLife International  flagship product is GoChi, which is actually an evolved version of their original product called Himalyan Goji Juice. GoChi, which is a super juice made with goji berries, is backed by scientific research and clinical trial. Some of it’s reported benefits from these trials include increased energy, better quality of sleep, reduced stress and less fatigue.

FreeLife International’s Science Team

FreeLife International’s Science Team represent 20 renowned centers of learning around the world; they hold a combined 23 advanced degrees; their work has been published in over 1400 medical and scientific journals and more than 100 books; they have given more than 700 scientific presentations; they are fellows of more than 50 prestigious scientific and medical societies, and they have been honored by their peers with numerous awards and prizes. Their Scientific Advisory Board serves as expert judges for more than 40 peer-reviewed journals, and their advice is sought by leading organizations such as the National Institute on Aging, National Cancer Institute, and the National Academy of Sciences.


FreeLife International Compensation Plan Business Opportunity

To become a FreeLife International distributor you have to buy the Quick Start Package for $ 300 or to order products worth 100 points. You will become a Marketing Executive immediately. The products ordered for personal use bring you good discounts.Also,you receive commissions for the sales generated by you and your downline. As a Marketing Executive you will earn 20% of the points that you get from the products ordered for you and for your clients. In the first 2 months in Freelife you also earn FastStart Bonus for sales that exceed 100 points. You get an additional 20 % commission for the people you sign up and if you achieve higher positions (Director, Ambassador, Royal Ambassador) you earn another 10% commission.

There are  cash bonuses, car bonuses and perhaps,the most important, training bonuses which also teaches you how to call your prospects, but also online training provided by the Ambassador’s group. This way you learn how to communicate with the prospects on the phone but also how to use the Internet to generate leads and sales. In the long term, to build this online business is by far the best option because it will allows you to grow,to earn money as an affiliate,from the sales of your own products etc.

Additional Information On Compensation Plan

As per the compensation plan of Free Life International there are 13 ways of earning money in the company. Though these earnings are entirely based on team growth and sales volumes each of it can be maximized and specifically targeted for surplus profits. These 13 steps mainly include the following mentioned below:

  • Product rebates: Marketing Executives considered autoship qualified and active have the scope of earning 10-20% in between the back of product rebates. To sum up marketing executives can earn 10% for placing personal product order above 100 AC. This percentage of commissions subsequently increases to 15-20% when the distributors register increased personal volume from 500 to 1000.
  • First Start Bonuses: This bonus has been designed for providing quick income for those working for seeking to start with the company soon. Any moment distributor providing new team members in the downline with more than 100 points in first month can earn fast start bonus. The actual value of this bonus is mainly derived from the earned percentage points. A first grade qualified sponsors can earn a commission of 20% on placing minimum order of 100 dollars. The power start bonus for qualified sponsors in the second level is actually 25% for placing minimum order worth $ 200. On generating order through Automatic Delivery program there is the scope of earning commission percentage of 30%.
  • Quick Start Bonus: When any marketing executive begins through purchasing Gold or Platinum Quick Start Pack they are eligible for receiving Start Director IV and car bonus of Lux. They also have the scope of earning the guarantee pack of Star Director at $ 75. Each team receives payment till $ 130 everytime when any member of their downline organization buys a pack of Quick Start.
  • TaiSlim Weekly Bonuses: Payment of TaiSlim Weekly Bonuses every week is based on the numerical strength on the members of the new team that you have enrolled under specific package of autoships product. Points earned on the basis of numerical strength of your enrolled people and are usually paid on the basis of points scored by them individually which are then clarified with the overall weekly profit of the firm.
  • Commissions of Nine Level Organization: Nine Level Organizational commissions are presented on the basis of enrolling marketing executives and latest autoship customers to the leader of the team. Usually you develop a team to the depth of nine levels to offer payment for generating considerable sales volumes in every level. Executives have the scope of earning 1-5% in the primary level in response to the sales volume generations of their downline team. Normally, debutant marketing executives receive payment in the initial two levels of its downline together with every leadership promotion ensuring payment for new generation of team members in the downline.
  • Star Director Advancement Bonus: This include bonus amounts between $ 300- 600 paid to the marketing executive advancing to the levels of Star I and Star II for the very first time. The amount can be enhanced till $ 1000 when earned during the timeline of fast track.
  • $75 Star Director Monthly Guarantee: Every Star Director and those working above are ensured to have a monthly commission of $75.
  • Lux Car Club: It is mainly paid to those who are working above and within the level of Star Director IV with handsome amounts ranging from 300- 1000 dollars every month for purchasing luxury cars. Every luxury car which is obtained by lease through the company is offered to the leader subsequently. They need to continue the payment of lease even they are dropped from the leadership charge.
  • Matching bonus: Star Directors who are qualified and above are eligible for earning matching bonuses on enrolling marketing executives at a personal level in the downline. Amount ranging from 20- 54% are paid once in a month on the basis of fast start bonuses and sales volume. For instance an Ambassador has the scope of earning matching bonus amount of 32%. If his distributors who are personally enrolled earned an overall commission of $ 2500 then you have the scope of earning matching bonus of the amount $800.
  • Ambassador Advancement Bonus: This bonus is mainly awarded to those who have reached the level of Emerald from Ambassadors for the first time. It can be considered as a congratulatory award on your progress. Amount ranging from $ 15,00- $ 1 million are solely based on the level of advancement reached by you as well as personal performance in the perspective of volume of sales of the team and new enrollment leg.
  • Ambassador Generational Bonuses: It mainly comprised of 2% commissions on the points earned by ambassadorial ranked leaders above 4 generations in your upline and downline of your organization. It is always included with other earnings that a leader can be entitled to from the same commission based points.
  • Royal Ambassador bonuses: A series of bonus facilities are available to the employees working in the top leadership level of the firm. It includes depth bonus, royal bonus and cash bonus.
  • Leadership Development Pools: This reward is mainly for the marketing executives who have successfully enrolled debutant promising leaders and helped them to realize their capability. To be eligible for this pool you need to earn minimum 10 points and must be a director of Star II level.
FreeLife International Products

FreeLife’s products are separated into six different categories (along with various packs and starter kits). Those product categories include:

— TAIslim
— TAIfit
— TAIwellness
— TAIspa
— TAIhome
— TAIkids

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Internet Based Business Juice Plus Work From Home

Juice Plus is a Network Marketing Company in the Health And Wellness Industry. This company manufactures and sells a line of whole food and juice supplements. Juice Plus’ main website states that they are NOT an MLM company, but operate under a very similar structure. ‘Independent representatives’ can resell the product and earn commissions. Mostly, there are just customers though. The company design it products to help combat diseases and ailments that come from poor diets and life styles.  There products are made by Certified food scientists, researchers and medical practitioners.

All products sold through Juice PLUS are manufactured in a plant based in Santa Monica, which is the Natural Alternatives International. Then, the products that are manufactured are distributed via National Safety Associates or NSA that is based in the state of Tennessee. The NSA was established in the year 1970 but it was only later when Juice PLUS, one of its multi-level marketing products, was introduced into the market.

The company was established by following the trends of that decade. From a business standpoint, the company does have a potent product and it was all about using the right marketing approach in order to guarantee success for its members.

Understanding Juice Plus And Products

The product is at the heart of this internet business opportunity. Juice PLUS is the name of the product but it is a misnomer since it actually comes in capsule form supplement, instead of in powder form. There are several juice supplements that are popular in the MLM industry today, such as the Mona vie juice or the Acai berry juice. Unlike these products, Juice PLUS does not oxidate once you open the bottle, which could be harmful to the body.

Juice PLUS is also made of natural ingredients such as apples, oranges, peaches, acerola berries, cranberries, papaya, and pineapple. Aside from fruits, there are also vegetable ingredients included in the formula for this product to ensure maximum health benefits. It is common knowledge that integrating fruits and vegetables into your diet can improve health and wellness. These natural ingredients contain antioxidant properties that help to eliminate free radicals from your cell that can result to various diseases and cause the signs of aging.

 The Cost To Start A Internet Business With Juice Plus

While millions of dollars have been spent in developing the juice plus product, getting into the business costs nothing more than the cost of the products you must first buy and use. Once you have become what the company calls a ‘Preferred Customer’ you can contact the person you bought the products from and talk about becoming a distributor. Becoming a distributor requires nothing more than 50 US dollars and filling up a form that is taken care of by the representative. This is a system that has been put in place perhaps to safeguard the MLM

Can you make money selling Juice Plus as a home based business? Their business model uses the Multi-level Marketing (MLM) approach with their distributors to sell their products. MLM can be best described as a pyramid. – Wait! So it’s a pyramid scheme? – Well in a word yes. However, corporations, schools, the Army, they are all pyramids! You have your CEO at the top, your high level executives next, your employees, the contracted help below i.e. the cleaning crew that comes in every week. Basically you sell the products to a consumer, but you also market the home based business opportunity. For every product you sell, you make a retail profit of $20/carton. You make that monthly if they reorder each month. For every new distributor you bring on to your team, you make a bonus, and even a percentage of their sales. They then bring people on under them, and you make money, etc.

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Home Based Business Opportunity With Avon Network Marketing Company

Avon is a Network Marketing Company that offers a home based business opportunity. The person that “gave birth” to Avon was a man – not a woman. Avon is a company that’s over 100 years old. They have over 8 million business representative. They are in over 120 countries. They are rank in the top 5 most successful MLM companies. They have reached over $11 billion dollars in annual sales. This company is successful and strong and it has stood the test of time. The company name was originally California Perfume Company. The founder is David McConnell.

Avon was the first beauty company with an e-commerce site. And exactly one hundred years earlier, their first sales catalog consisted of text-only descriptions of all the items. In 2003, Avon presented its magazine-style catalog for teens called “Mark” then forged ahead with a catalog for men called “M” the next year.

While Avon established her brand as a household name across the globe, she also established her brand in the community. Since 2001, Avon and The Avon Foundation has given $19 million to emergency relief for families affected by natural disasters.

Be Your Own Boss, Work From Home, Click Image

Avon Products That Give You A Home Based Business Opportunity

From perfumes, they are now one of the leading distributors of different cosmetics and personal care products for both men and women; mostly catering to their women customers (they catch line is “Avon, the company for women”). From fragrances their product lines have now grown to include Color Cosmetics, Skincare, Personal Care, Hair Care and Jewelry. There are way too many to enumerate here but they cover a very large portion of the skin care industry.

Avon Network Marketing Company Compensation For Home Based Business Owners

Well, Avon representative earnings can vary greatly and earnings are made on a commission only basis. Up to 25% commission can be made on products that an Avon representative sells.

  • Orders up to £77 = No commission
  • Orders Between £78 – £147 = 20% commission
  • Orders Over £148 = 25% commission

Potential Earnings from Avon

  • If you sold £100 worth of Avon products your earnings would be £20
  • If you sold £200 worth of Avon products your earnings would be £50
  • If you sold £500 worth of Avon products your earnings would be £125
  • And if you sold £1,000 worth of products your earnings would be £250

Once you have paid your $10 or equivalent to enroll as an Avon distributor, you can sell to your own customer base and/or enroll your own team. The Avon compensation plan is not advertised online, but from various sources it appears that you get paid a 20% commission for sales from $25 – £144, 30% for $145 – $284 and so on, up to 50% for sales of $1550 and over.

If you recruit new members, you become a Unit Leader with 5 members and get paid 3% – 7% commission on their sales plus a bonus payment for recruiting them. That might not seem very much, but that’s for every sale made by every member you have recruited, so it can amount to a great deal of money. Additionally, you can move up the leadership ladder and senior Executive Leaders are given a car allowance – basically enough money for them to hire a car on Avon. Your commission income and your bonuses also increase as you climb up the ladder.

Avon Network Marketing Company Popular Products


  • Avon Goddess Eau de Parfum Spray. 5.4. …
  • Avon DARING DEFINITION Mousse Mascara. 3.8.
  • Avon SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream. 4.8. …
  • Avon Healthy Remedies Detox Patches. 2.6.
  • Avon Clearskin Invigorating Cleansing Scrub. …
  • Avon SuperFULL Mascara. …
  • Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner. …
  • Avon SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus IR3535 SPF 3

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How Can I Start A Home Based Business With Vasayo Network Marketing Company

Vasayo Network Marketing Compnay is located in Utah and headed up by Dallin and Karree Larsen. Both individual have experience in Network Markting. They founded MonaVie, and Dallin is the former Vice President of USANA. This is a new company launched in 2017.

Vasayo MicroLife Network Marketing Company Products

  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Essentials
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Neuro
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Energy
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Renew
  • Vasayo MicroLife Nutritionals Sleep

MicroLife Nutritionals Essentials

This is a multi-vitamin combined with mineral complex apparently using advanced technology for superior bio-availability.

MicroLife Nutritionals Neuro

This helps support healthy brain function and mental clarity with a special formula.

MicroLife Nutritionals Energy

This is a natural spray that you use instead of energy drinks.

MicroLife Nutritionals Renew

This product supports inflammatory response from your cells to your joints.

MicroLife Nutritionals Sleep

This is a sleep aid that doesn’t form any habits, this comes in a spray form just like their energy version.


Learn How To Get Residual Income And Make Money While You Sleep, Click Here

Vasayo Network Marketing Company Products

The Vasayo compensation plan pays affiliates to sell products to retail customers.

Affiliates are also given a thirty-day window to earn off product orders made by new personally recruited affiliates

Overall there are 18 ranks in the Vasayo compensation plan, this is what it looks like with their qualifications:

  • Brand Partner – Sign up as a Vasayo affiliate
  • Qualified Brand Partner – generate 80 PV a month, maintain one active customer and two active affiliates (one on either side of the binary team)
  • Executive Brand Parner – Same as Qualified Brand Partner in addition to generating 800 GV in lesser binary volume a week
  • Bronze – Generate 80 PV a month, maintain at least two active customers and two active affiliates (one on either side of the binary team) and generate 2000 GV in lesser binary volume a week and 300 GV in unilevel team volume a month
  • Silver – Generate 80 PV a month, maintain at least two active customers and two active affiliates (one on either side of the binary team) and generate 3000 GV in lesser binary volume a week and 800 GV in unilevel team volume a month
  • Gold – Generate 80 PV a month, maintain at least two active customers and two active affiliates (one on either side of the binary team) and generate 6000 GV in lesser binary volume a week and 2500 GV in unilevel team volume a month
  • Platinum – Generate 80 PV a month, maintain at least two active customers and two active affiliates (one on either side of the binary team, one of which must be an Executive Brand Partner) and generate 8000 GV in lesser binary volume a week and 5000 GV in unilevel team volume a month
  • Pearl – Generate 160 PV a month, maintain at least four active customers and four active affiliates (two on either side of the binary team, two of which must be Executive Brand Partners) and generate 10,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for two consecutive weeks and 8000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 4000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Blue Sapphire – Generate 160 PV a month, maintain at least four active customers and four active affiliates (two on either side of the binary team, three of which must be Executive Brand Partners) and generate 12,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for two consecutive weeks and 12,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 6000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Ruby – Generate 160 PV a month, maintain at least four active customers and four active affiliates (two on either side of the binary team, four of which must be Executive Brand Partners) and generate 15,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for two consecutive weeks and 20,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 10,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Emerald – Generate 160 PV a month, maintain at least four active customers and four active affiliates (two on either side of the binary team, five of which must be Executive Brand Partners) and generate 20,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for three consecutive weeks and 30,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 15,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Diamond – Generate 240 PV a month, maintain at least six active customers and six active affiliates (three on either side of the binary team, three of which must be Blue Sapphire or higher) and generate 30,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for four consecutive weeks and 50,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 20,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Black Diamond – Generate 240 PV a month, maintain at least six active customers and six active affiliates (three on either side of the binary team, three of which must be Emerald or higher) and generate 50,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for four consecutive weeks and 150,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 50,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Royal Black Diamond – Generate 240 PV a month, maintain at least six active customers and six active affiliates (three on either side of the binary team, three of which must be Diamond or higher) and generate 70,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for four consecutive weeks and 250,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 80,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Imperial Black Diamond – Generate 240 PV a month, maintain at least six active customers and six active affiliates (three on either side of the binary team, four of which must be Diamond or higher) and generate 90,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for four consecutive weeks and 500,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 125,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Crown Blue Diamond – generate 320 PV a month, maintain at least six active customers and eight active affiliates (four on either side of the binary team, five of which must be Diamond or higher) and generate 110,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for six consecutive weeks and 800,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 150,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Double Crown Blue Diamond – Generate 320 PV a month, maintain at least six active customers and eight active affiliates (four on either side of the binary team, six of which must be Diamond or higher) and generate 130,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for six consecutive weeks and 1,000,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 175,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)
  • Triple Crown Blue Diamond – Generate 320 PV a month, maintain at least six active customers and eight active affiliates (four on either side of the binary team, six of which must be Diamond or higher) and generate 150,000 GV in lesser binary volume a week for six consecutive weeks and 1,500,000 GV in unilevel team volume a month (max 250,000 GV from any one unilevel leg)

Residual Commissions For Vasayo Network Marketing Company

As well as the direct commissions I’ve just mentioned, residual commissions will be paid through a 7 generations deep binary structure.

In addition, there is a 5% executive bonus check and more on offer.

To start out as a Vasayo affiliate, you first need to purchase a product. This purchase will then allow you to become an affiliate.

Retail Commissions with Vasayo

Vasayo members earn a 20% retail commission on products ordered by their retail customers.

  • a bonus $50.00 is paid if a Vasayo member generates 500 PV in retail volume over a rolling four-week period
  • a bonus $150.00 is paid out if a Vasayo member produces 1000 VP in retail volume over a rolling four-week period

Matching Bonus with Vasayo Network Marketing Company

Vasayo members who produce at least 160 PV a month qualify for a matching bonus on residual commissions earned by their downline.

Vasayo pays the Matching Bonus based on uni-level generations.

A uni-level compensation arrangement places a Vasayo member at the top of a uni-level team, with every personally recruited member placed directly under them (level 1):

If any level 1 members recruit new members, they are placed on level 2 of the original member’s uni-level team.

If any level 2 members recruit new members, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels.

Generations are defined when a Bronze member is found in each individual uni-level leg.

Once a Bronze ranked member is found, the first generation is capped off and the second generation begins.

If no second Bronze ranked member is found, the second generation extends down the entire length of the uni-level leg.

The Matching Bonus is paid out as a percentage of residual binary commissions paid to downline members in these generations.

How many generations a Vasayo member can earn on is determined by their rank as follows:

  • Bronze – 20% on one generation
  • Bronze (with five active retail customers and 400 monthly PV) – 25%
  • Bronze (with eight or more active retail customers and 640 monthly PV) – 30%
  • Silver – 10% across two generations
  • Gold and Platinum – 5% across three generations
  • Pearl and Blue Sapphire – 5% across four generations
  • Ruby and Emerald – 5% across five generations
  • Diamond to Imperial Black Diamond – 5% across six generations
  • Crown Blue Diamond and higher – 5% across seven generations

Rank Achievement Bonus For Vasayo Network Marketing Company

Vasayo members earn a Rank Achievement Bonus for qualifying at the following ranks:

  • Black Diamond – $100,000
  • Royal Black Diamond – $200,000
  • Imperial Black Diamond – $400,000
  • Crown Blue Diamond – $600,000
  • Double Crown Blue Diamond – $800,000
  • Triple Crown Blue Diamond – $1,000,000

All Rank Achievement Bonuses are paid over ten four-week installments.

The appropriate rank must be maintained along with 160 PV in qualifying monthly volume.

Leadership Bonus with Vasayo

Ruby ranked Vasayo members who produce 160 PV a month qualify for shares in the Leadership Bonus pool.

The Leadership Bonus pool is made up of 2% of Vasayo’s company-wide sales volume.

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