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Should I Use Agave Nectar As A Sweetener

Agave Nectar Not So Healthy

Agave Nectar Not So Healthy

What Is Agave Nectar? Agave is a sweetener. It is a syrup. It is produced from numerous species of agave. It is produces from blue agave and agave salmiana. Most of this sweetener is produced in Mexico. The sweetener tastes some what like honey. The sweetener has received a lot of criticism. Agave is considered to have more high fructose than corn syrup which is really not good.

The Agave sweetener sold today is made by treating the sugars with heat and enzymes, which destroys all the beneficial health effects of the Agave plant. The end product is a highly refined, unhealthy syrup.  Also, studies are showing that agave has a higher fructose content than any other sweetener, more even than high fructose corn syrup. People are questioning the claims of this sweetener being good for your health. If you are trying to lose weight and stay healthy, you probably want to avoid Agave Nectar.

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Is Honey Better Than Sugar

Sugar Vs Honey Which Is Better

Sugar Vs Honey Which Is Better

Is Honey Better Than Sugar When It Comes To Health? I would say only slightly.  However, sugar is sugar.  When you look at honey, it is basically sugar.  We all know how toxic sugar can be to the body and nervous system.  Also, we know how addictive any type of sugar can be.

However, the good thing about honey is that it does not have preservatives or additives. Nevertheless, if you had to choose between the two, I would chose honey. However, if you have diabetes or you are trying to lose weight, you should not eat the sugar or the honey. Neither sugar or honey really offers any type of nutritional benefits to the body. I wouldn’t advise anyone to eat sugar or honey to often if they are trying to stay healthy.

As with anything sweet, you can overdo it, but if you’re going to use a spoonful of something in your tea, go for honey over sugar.

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Why Is Network Marketing A 80 Billion Dollar Industry

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
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Why Network Marketing is a 80 Billion Dollar Industry. The answer to this question is very simple. Network Marketing has a business model that works , and it creates success. There is no other business model that allows a person to create a home based business, build residual income, work from home with a minimum investment up front. The network marketing industry has created more millionaires especially women than any other industry.

If you have always wanted to start your own business, work from home, build residual income, help people and sell amazing products, Multi Level Marketing is absolutely for you. Today, you can start a home based business with limited income and resources. You don’t have to worry about your credit or someone judging you about your past. Your success in this industry will be determine by your efforts, loyalty and hard work.


When you build a home based MLM business, you set your own schedule. You are the boss. You determine your future. You build your dreams instead of someone else dreams. It’s okay to work a job. But your ultimate goal should be to invest in yourself and build something for yourself and your family.

The income you have the potential to make is awesome. However, the most awesome thing about Network Marketing is the ability to help people with your products or help others build home based businesses. It’s great to be able to add value to other people lives.

The thing I can say about the Network Marketing Industry is that it rewards hard work and success. You have the ability to fire your boss. There is no limit to the amount of money that you can make. You have people making 6 and 7 figure incomes in Network Marketing. You have people using this industry to build dreams for themselves and family everyday.

What Is The Success Rate In MLM

Statistics show that Network Marketing has a 95% failure rate. In my opinion, people don’t fail. They just quit. Let’s face it in life we have a lot people the love to quit endeavors when they feel a little pain. They don’t want to work through the pain. Also, people don’t know how to chose the right network marketing company. They don’t have any business skills or marketing skills. They just join a network marketing company because the investment is low and then they quit when they can’t build a business in 90 days. It’s crazy.

When you choosing a MLM company, you got to research the company. You got to choose a company that has a solid foundation. You want a company that has awesome training and leadership. Also, you want to join a company that has products that you can be passionate about.  Furthermore, you want to make sure the products that you sell people want and the products are hot.  You want to make sure the products add value to people lives. You want to make sure the company makes most of it’s money off of selling products and not recruiting other distributors.

I love the Network Marketing Industry.  It is one of the best ways to start a home bases business. If you have always wanted to start a home based business, work from home, set your own schedule and build residual income, you should strongly look into the network marketing industry.

Best Regards

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Which Is Important Types Or Amount Of Calories For Weight Loss


Understanding Calories

Understanding Calories

Which is important the types or amount of calories when you are trying to lose weight. First, it is extremely important to cut the amount of calories when you are trying to lose weight. It does not matter what types of food you are eating as far as losing weight. You simply have to make sure you are not taking in more calories than you are able to burn a day. If you take in 1200 calories of junk food and 1200 calories of whole food, the average person will lose weight especially if you are exercising. However, there is a catch.

You have to understand you can lose weight and still be unhealthy. Therefore, anytime you are trying to lose weight, you want to do it the healthy way. You want to eat whole foods. You want to eat fruits, vegetable, nuts, wholegrain and lean meat. You don’t want to be eating processed foods, junk food, diary, wheat, white flour and fried food when you are trying to lose weight.

Therefore, calories are not created equally. If you eat junk food and processed food you will crave more food. This will diminish the chances of losing weight. If you eat whole foods and foods high in fiber, you will lose weight and be healthy. Stick to calories that consists whole foods and try to keep your calorie count at 1200 calories amount. Try to work out 3 times a week. You will be successful at dropping the pounds.

Remember, how you eat will be responsible for 80 to 90 percent of your weight loss success.

Best Regards,

Frankie Muhammad


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Trying To Lose Weight Can I Eat Fruit

One thing you want to eliminate from your diet if you are trying to lose weight is sugar. We all know fruits taste good and they are sweet. Since fruits have sugar can they prevent you from losing weight?

Yes, fruits can become a problem sometime if you are trying to lose weight. Fruits only become a problem when you are eating too much of them. The thing is you have to have a well balance diet. You can’t just eat fruits all day without putting good quality proteins in the body as well as fats. I probably wouldn’t eat no more than two servings of fruits a day if I’m trying to lose weight. Also, I wouldn’t drink any fruit juice at all. Most fruit juices have too much added sugar

The best fruits to eat if you are trying to lose weight are apples and pears. Also, you can eat strawberries, plums, cherries and grapefruits. I like to eat apples and pears when I’m dieting. However, I stay away from dried fruits because they have to much sugar.

Worst Fruits To Eat High In Sugar

  1. Melons
  2. Pineapples
  3. Mangoes
  4. Papayas
  5. Avocadoes
  6. Coconut
  7. Dried Fruits
  8. Canned Fruits
  9. Frozen Fruits

Best Regards,


Frankie Muhammad

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight I Work Out Frequently

Trying To Lose Weight

Trying To Lose Weight

Why can’t I lose weight and I’m working out frequently? This is one of the most frequents questions I get. If you are working out but you are not losing weight, this could be for several reasons. In order to lose weight, your dieting and exercising must be done in a way that you can get weight loss results. If you are exercising, you will burn calories and improve your metabolism. However, you may be exercising but not choosing the right exercises or not exercising long enough to burn enough calories to lose weight.

There are some other reasons you may not be losing weight. First, you may not be pushing yourself hard enough. You may need to be more consistent and put together a better exercise plan. You may not be working out enough. Also, try mixing some strength training along with your aerobic exercises. Furthermore, review your diet. You may need to make some changes. You might be eating too many calories. Try to keep your calories at around 1200 or less. Remember if you are eating 2500 to 3000 calories a day, it is difficult to burn those types of calories unless you are really athletic. Also, you may have a good work out plan. However, you may not be working out long enough. Hopefully, you don’t have any medical issues that are preventing you from losing weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you got to always be willing to push yourself when you exercise. You don’t want your body to get use to the same exercise routines. Try to put together a variety of exercises. You should have more than one routine. Also, try to exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Best Exercises For Burning Calories

1. Jogging (435 Calories Burned Per Hour)
2. Weight Training (363 Calories Burned Per Hour)
3. Walking (167 Calories Burned Per Hour)
4. Cycling (508 Calories Burned Per Hour)
5. Sex! (292 Calories Burned Per Hour)
6. Dancing (254 Calories Burned Per Hour)
7. Aerobic Exercise (399 Calories Burned Per Hour)
8. Swimming (653 Calories Burned Per Hour)

Best Formula For Losing Weight

  1. Exercise 3 to 4 times a week
  2. Exercise 20 to 30 minutes
  3. Drink 5 to 8 eight ounce glasses of water
  4. Rest for at least one or two days.


Best Regards


Frankie Muhammad


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Why Do People Crave Junk Food After A Meal

Junk Food Diet

Junk Food Diet

Why Do People Want Dessert After Their Meal?  One of the primary reasons is that they have condition themselves to want something sweet after they eat. It has become a habit. Also, they love the taste of the sugar. Sugar is addictive.

The bad thing about this habit is the affect it has on your body. Sure your body get a good feeling and boost after you eat the desert after every meal. However, eventually your body will crash after eating the sugar or dessert. Then you will want more sugar. It’s a horrible cycle. The more sugar you eat the more sugar you want.

Also, a lot of people have been trained to want something sweet after a meal. It goes all the way back to their childhood. In realty for most people sugar cravings often occur after a meal even if we are feeling fool. Experts say this is because we have altered our brain chemistry to crave the desert or sweets. Another cause of post-meal sweet cravings has to do with the mood-elevating brain chemical, serotonin. When serotonin is low, feelings of depression and sadness set in.

You crave  sweet because sugars and simple carbohydrates prompt the body to release serotonin, improving your mood. Uneven blood sugar levels cause you to crave sweets after a meal as well. If you fail to balance macronutrients at your meals and eat primarily carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels soar–only to drop suddenly shortly after the meal. Your body seeks the “high” again, causing you to crave sugar.

The best way to break this habit is to quit cold turkey. However, this is not a reality for some people. So one of the things you can do is to reduce the sizes of the desert until you know longer need the desert. Also, you can replace the desert with fruits. In conclusion, it takes time to break this habit, so be patient. Also, keep fruit around the house and don’t buy sweet when you go to the grocery store. Also, there are healthy nutritional supplement such as Craveless that can help you with addiction to sugar.

Best Regards,


Frankie Muhammad

Detox, Burn Fat, Lose Weight, Make Money Online


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Why Is It Harder To Lose Weight If You Regain It

Hard To Lose Weight

Hard To Lose Weight

Most of the time we lose weight by exercising and dieting. We normally cut calories if we want to lose weight.  Did you know that when you lose weight, you also lose a little muscle. This is why a lot of people work out with weights or do some type of strength work out to diminish the chances of losing a lot of muscle.

We you start gaining weight back once you have loss weight there is a big problem. A lot of the weight that you regain is fat instead of muscle.  Because you put on this extra fat, it slows down your metabolism. This makes it very difficult to lose weight again in the future.

Therefore, I think the best thing to do is to eat healthy. You should eat wholefoods. Also, you should exercise 3 to 4 times a day. You should always be aware of the your calorie intake and drink plenty of water. As long as you do this,  weight gain will not be a problem.

Best Regards,

Frankie Muhammad



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Why Should I Detox My Body

Iaso Detox Herbal Tea

Iaso Detox Herbal Tea

You should detox the body for several reasons. When you detox the body, it will keep you healthy. Also, it will make you feel better and give you more energy. It really keeps sickness away. When you detox it eliminates toxins from the body. The best thing about detoxing is that it helps you be more focus.

Most people detox by fasting. Then they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables after fasting. They also drink fruit juices along with water. People also use herbal detox teas among other organic supplements clean the colon. Some people will also use enemas to clean the colon.

When you detox the body, it cuts down on the amount of work the liver and kidneys have to due keep the body clean.

How To Detox The Body

The first thing to do is to stop eating toxic foods. You want to stop eating foods that have added sugar, bleach white flour, chocolate, process foods and saturated fats. Also, you want to stay away from drinks, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes because these things are very toxic to the body. Also, you should try to use all organic and natural health and wellness products. Furthermore, you should try to drink plenty of water. You should drink a minimum of 5 to 8 ounce cups of water a day while you are fasting. Some people like to include herbal teas with their liquid intake.

Liquid Fast Or Detox

Consume nothing but liquids (water, herbal tea, 100% fruit juice or vegetable juice for 2-3 days and then start to eat healthy.

  • Be sure to include fruit and/or vegetable juices in your liquid fast to ensure that your body is getting the proper nourishment.
  • If your goal is to lose weight, then you will have to change your eating habits once the liquid fast is over, or you will simply gain all the weight back
  • If you want to lose weight and be healthy, you should eat only whole foods once you finish your liquid diet or detox. You should eat fruits, vegetable, nuts, chicken, turkey, fish, and whole grains.  Stay away from beef, pork, junk food, white flour products, drinks, chocolate and diary.

Herbal Teas are one of the best liquids to detox with. If you would like to learn more about herbal detox tea, Read Article.

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight I Exercise All The Time


There are several things that can prevent a person from losing weight although they may be working out a lot. One of the main reasons why the person may not be losing weight is that they are taking in too many calories.  The person is not working out enough to burn the number of calories they are taking in a day. Most people will work out but they will turn around and eat to many calories. Therefore, the work out was not effective when it comes to losing weight. You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

Losing weight takes discipline. You have to track the amount of calories you take in every day. Also, you have to know how many calories you are burning with the type of exercises you are using to lose weight. You can’t rely on exercising alone to lose weight. You must control your calorie intake. You don’t burn a lot of calories when exercising. Therefore you have to watch what you are eating. A full hour of intense exercise may only burn 400-500 calories for a lot of people. So if you ate 3,000 calories that day, you will not lose weight. I have found it is best to eat around 1200 calories a day if you want to lose weight.


You can use cardio or strength training to lose weight. You just have to be consistent with the one you use. All exercises will burn calories. However, it’s best to do cardio exercise to drop the pounds.

Best Regards,


Frankie Muhammad


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