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The Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

Black Pepper is one of my favorite herbs. I eat it with a lot of my food.
Black pepper has been consumed for thousands of years, but it is only in the last decade that clinical studies have been done to discover its constituents and what health benefits they can give us. Did you know that small amounts of black pepper are added to food to maintain prostate health.

Black pepper has always been known as a carminative, which means that it helps get rid of flatulence and intestinal gas. It is also a diuretic, and diaphoretic. The former term means that it helps remove excess water from the body and the latter means that it promotes sweating, which is useful if you have a fever. It can also boost the immune system as it has powerful antioxidant effects. Black pepper also provides us with minerals that our bodies need, such as manganese, copper, iron, chromium and calcium. It is rich in vitamin K which is found in green vegetables such as kale, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

1. Improves skin: Did you know that crushed pepper is one of the best exfoliators nature has provided us? Don’t use it directly though; add a bit of honey, curd, or fresh cream to it. It also enables blood circulation, and provides the skin with more oxygen. Adding it to your food also takes care of unwarranted skin wrinkles. Black pepper is known to help in the cure of Vitiligo, a condition where the skin loses pigmentation, and creates white patches.

2. Addresses depression: It’s said that the piperine in black pepper helps to deal with depression. It stimulates the brain, and helps it to function properly by making it more active.

3. To prevent cancer: The piperine in black pepper can be credited with the prevention of cancer, and becomes twice as potent when combined with turmeric. The spice also has Vitamin C, Vitamin A, flavonoids, carotenes and other anti-oxidants that help remove harmful free radicals and protect the body from cancers and diseases. The best way to eat pepper to harness maximum benefits is to eat freshly ground pepper, and not cook it along with food.

4. Stimulates digestion: Again, the piperine in black pepper eases digestion and stimulates the stomach, which then secretes more hydrochloric acid that helps to digest proteins in food. So a bit of pepper in food will actually help you to digest it faster.

5. Relieves cold and cough: Black pepper is antibacterial in nature, and therefore helps to cure cold and cough. A teaspoon of honey with freshly crushed pepper does the trick. It also helps to alleviate chest congestion, often caused due to pollution, flu, or a viral infection. You can add it to hot water and eucalyptus oil and take steam. And given that black pepper is rich in Vitamin C, it also works as a good antibiotic.

6. Enables weight loss: You might not want to believe this, but black pepper is brilliant when it comes to extracting nutrients from food. And it’s outermost layer contains phytonutrients, which helps to break down fat cells, and also increases metabolism. If you eat fresh pepper, and begin to perspire, that’s the pepper helping your body to get rid of excess water and toxins. But you need to control consumption – a pinch with your food (one meal) is enough.

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Simple Tips To Avoid Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious problem in our society. Many Americans have poor diet, bad eating habits and they don’t  exercise. Also, a lot of people are addicted to sugar.  After reading this article, I found  8 simple things you can do to diminish the changes of getting diabetes. Read This Articles


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Learn More About The Health Benefits Of Garlic

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Health Benefits Of Garlic

What is Garlic? Garlic is a superfood. It is a species in the onion genus, Allium. It is used in fresh or dries form as a source of characteristic sulphur containing substances (e.g.allicin, which is responsible for the odor of garlic) that have potentially beneficial effects within the body. Some of these compounds are present in garlic in a latent form, which are activated when garlic cloves are crushed or digested.

Garlic has been used for centuries for its amazing healing potential, and also as a tasty food additive. Once upon a time herbalist and medicine men used garlic for everything, it was actually considered a wonder herb. Now days, we have a group of specific conditions that we feel garlic has the highest impact on, such as lowering cholesterol and decreasing your chances of heart disease.

Garlic is beneficial to good health in one way or another. Get past the odor, and a world of good can be had from a daily regimen of fresh garlic or garlic supplements. Although not all of garlic’s health benefits have been proven in the laboratory, centuries of garlic consumption – and its pronounced use in natural medicine – point to an herb with a variety of healing properties and significant nutritive value.

Garlic contains healthy amino acids and high levels of the constituent alliin, an amino acid derivative said to be responsible for the herb’s health benefits. Garlic contains trace minerals copper, zinc, germanium, selenium, iron and magnesium, vitamins A and C and several beneficial sulfuric compounds known to bind to heavy metals and toxins in the liver and transport them for elimination.

 Some Nutrients In Garlic
  • Selenium: 6% of the RDA.
  • Fiber: 0.6 gram
  • Manganese: 23% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin B6: 17% of the RDA.
  • Vitamin C: 15% of the RDA.
  • Decent amounts of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1

Type Of Garlic Supplements

o Garlic oil capsules

o Allicin-stabilized pills

o Encapsulated powdered garlic

o Aged garlic extract

o Odorless garlic pills

Health Benefits Of Garlic

Cold Buster: There still is no cure for the common cold, but you can reduce your chances of catching one as well as the number of days you remain ill. For this, raw is best, though it’s a little hard to eat. Supplements and that found in food will also help.

Lowering Blood Pressure: There is a solid link between the use of this supplement and the reduction of blood pressure, both diastolic and systolic. Taking it along with your regular medication could help prevent heart attacks and stroke

Antibiotic: While it is not as strong as penicillin, studies indicate that there is an antibiotic property in garlic. It is one of the secret ingredients of Grandma’s Chicken Soup, the one always served when you don’t feel well. Garlic was used on soldiers in several wars. It was applied as a poultice to wounds to prevent infection.

Cancer Battle: Increased garlic consumption may help prevent several types of cancer. A study done in Iowa on 41,000 middle aged women showed that increased garlic plus fruits and vegetables reduced the chances of colon cancer by 35%. It may help battle other types of cancer as well.

Cholesterol: Several studies suggest that taking supplements of this herb could reduce cholesterol. At least one study indicates that it does not, so I wouldn’t depend totally on it as a factor in reducing it. More studies are being done which should clear this matter up.

Garlic Sex Benefits

Garlic is purported to help maintain healthy testosterone levels in men and boost the libido of both men and women.

Garlic Side Effects

Garlic is a natural blood thinner and inhibits clotting, so those with clotting disorders should consult a physician before beginning a regimen of garlic supplements or cloves. Garlic can irritate the digestive system, cause cramping, bloating, diarrhea and gas, and should be avoided by those allergic to sulfur.

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How To Lose Weight With A Injured Back

Iaso Herbal Weight Loss Detox Tea

Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days, Get Healthy, Click Image

I know there have been times when I was not about to exercise to lose weight because of back pains. Sometimes this would diminish my weight loss efforts. With approximately a third of people suffering from chronic back pain at some point in their lives, it is easy to swerve any kind of exercise for fear of making things worse. But lack of exercise commonly leads to weight gain, which is known to aggravate back pain even further by causing an increased spinal load, anterior pelvic tilt and poor mobility.  One of the best ways to lose weight is to exercise. However, a lot of people can’t lose weight by exercising because they have a bad back.  However, there are things that you can do if you have a injured back to help drop the pounds. To get more information Visit Here






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Why Am I Not Losing Weight I’m Trying Very Hard

Iaso Herbal Weight Loss Detox Tea

Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days, Get Healthy, Click Image

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, you’re not alone. If you are working out or dieting but still cant lose weight, there could be somethings that’s prolonging your weight loss efforts. ! If you are doing everything right (eating well, exercising), and still not losing weight, then you may have an adrenal problem. It’s not the only thing that can cause weight-loss resistance, but it’s one of the most common. Also, you could have a problem with your metabolism. Stress could also prevent you from dropping the pounds. You Need To Read This Article Click Here






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How Does Sugar Lead To Cancer

It has been know for years that the consumption of sugar could lead to health problems especially cancer.  I tried to avoid eating a lot of sugar and process food. Belgian scientists say they’ve made a research breakthrough in the relationship between sugar and cancer. Researchers found yeast with high levels of the sugar known as glucose overstimulated the same proteins often found mutated inside human tumors, making cells grow faster. Learn More



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Get One Box (60 Sachets) Iaso Instant Detox Tea Detox On The Go

TLC Instant Tea Detox On The Go
Detox Body, Burn Fat Lose Weight Iaso Instant Detox Tea


Iaso Instant Tea Buy TLC Instant Tea TLC  Instant Tea  is a  Herbal Detox Weight Loss Tea is a detox weight loss tea made by Total Life Changes. Total Life Changes have been in business since 1999. It is a leading company in Heath And Wellness Industry. This TLC  Instant Tea is designed to detox your body and help you burn fat. It promotes good healthy.  It will also boost your metabolism. The Iaso Instant Tea will clean the colon, blood and respiratory system. Also, it will prevent constipation.

How Does TLC Iaso Instant Herbal Detox Tea Work

You simply take the tea at least 30 minutes prior to eating twice a day. You can mix the tea with hot water or cold water. Simply pour the Iaso Instant tea into a 16.9 fl. oz bottle of purified or spring water. Place the cap on the water bottle and shake lightly until completely dissolved. Drink to good health and weight loss.

  Benefits Of Iaso Instant Detox Tea
  1. Great with irregularity and constipation, even for small children, seniors and the physically challenged.
  2. Improves overall  digestion and absorption of nutrients
  3. Sheds unwanted pounds and burns fat
  4. Provides sustainable energy, allowing you to smile more – because life is short, enjoy it
  5. Restores mental clarity and improves memory caused by having too many toxins in the blood
  6. Provides relief from allergies and hay fever
  7. Cleans out pharmaceutical and/or recreational drug residues, including heavy metals
  8. Keeps the colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs healthy, clean and clear
  9. Helps detoxify chemicals created by parasites, fungi, yeast, and bad bacteria in the colon and digestive tract
  10. Removes parasites such as worms and flukes from the colon…you may not think, but they do. Removes toxins from the entire digestive system.
Ingredients in Iaso Instant Detox Herbal Tea
Carica Papaya Extract

This flowering plant originated within Southern Mexico and Central America. The extract has been used for centuries in folk medicine. Carica Papaya is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound-healing properties.

Cassia Angustifolia Extract

The extract of the seeds of Cassia Angustifolia, a native Indian plant, are reported to have powerful cleansing qualities that relieve constipation. The extract may increase colon motility as well as colon secretion. This allows for the increase and ease of defecation.

Matricaria Chamomilla Extract

Matricaria Chamomile Extract is derived from the flowering head of the annual plant. It has been used in herbal medicine to treat stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a gentle sleep aid.

Iaso Instant Herbal Detox Weight Loss Tea Weight Loss results
Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 1

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 1

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 1

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 2

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 3

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 3

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 4

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 4

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 4

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 4

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 5

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 5

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 6

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 6

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 7

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 7

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 8

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 8

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 9

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Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis

Total Life Changes Distributor

IBO# 6138951



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Benefits Of A Lemon

Health And Benefits Of A Lemon

Health And Benefits Of A Lemon

Lemons is one of my favorite fruits. I think they are amazing. I have used lemons on numerous occasions to restore my healthy.. Lemons are small yellow, oval-shaped, fruit grown on the evergreen tree, Citrus limonium.  Lemons don’t have a lot of calories. They have a lot of nutrients. They have the benefits of vitamins B, high amounts of vitamin C, citric acid, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and a small amount of protein. Lemons are antibacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic. They have antioxidants benefits. You you can use lemons to treat the entire body in and out.

Their exact origins are unknown but they are believed to come from Asian countries such as India, China and the northern parts of Burma where the locals knew of the health benefits of lemons. Around 1 A.D. they arrived in Europe but were not cultivated until the 15th century. Finally in the 18th and 19th centuries lemons made their way to the United States where they began to be used as an ingredient in recipes and drinks. Currently the Untied States ranks seventh in global lemon production, behind India, China and Mexico.

Health Benefits Of Lemons

Relieve Nausea

Relieve Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Promote Heart Health

Weight Reduction ( fight hunger cravings )

Aid Digestion ( relieve constipation )

Aromatherapy Benefits ( stimulate mind, body, spirit, uplifting, anti-depressant )

Boost Immune System

Cleanse Liver


Detox Your Body

Fights Infections ( urinary tract, insect bites, gastrointestinal )

Relieve Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Lower Blood Pressure

Lower Risk of Cancer ( colon, prostate, breast )

Prevent Common Cold

Raise HDL ( good cholesterol )

Relieve Asthma

Relieve Gingivitis ( freshen breath, relieve tooth pain )


Fade Dark Spots, Discolorations, Freckles and Scars

Lighten Skin

Soothe Sunburns

Astringent ( tightens skin )

Brighten Skin


Clear Acne and Get Rid of Blackheads

Benefits Of Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is also very effective in relieving bacteria and infections of the throat and mouth. Armed with its antibacterial properties lemon juice can relieve symptoms of a sore throat, tonsillitis, the flu, and colds. The mouth has thousands of bacteria that can cause cavities, gum bleeding and gingivitis. Drinking lemon juice will greatly reduce the bacteria in the mouth. Applying lemon juice directly to sore or bleeding gums and a toothache will relieve pain and top the bleeding. Regular ingestion of lemon juice will also cut down on bad breath.

Healing Benefits Of Lemons

The healing properties of lemon internally and externally can also have great effects on the skin, hair and nails. Its antioxidant properties reduce the signs of aging such as wrinkles, acne, blemishes, scarring and discoloration. Consuming water with lemon will rejuvenate skin giving a glowing and beautiful complexion. Lemon juice can also be applied on top of the skin to reduce scars, discoloration and smooth out the texture of skin. Applied alone or mixed with honey, rose water, oatmeal, aloe, sandalwood, or essential oils, lemon can clean, clear and exfoliate the skin. Lemon juice and lemon oil can be applied to areas of eczema and bug bites.

Drink 1: Health Detox Drink With Lemons
  • 1 glass of warm or hot water (12-16 oz.)
  • 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • ½-1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 dash cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon raw, local honey (optional)
  1. Warm the water.
  2. Mix all ingredients together.
  3. Best served warm but drink at desired temperature.
Drink 2: Health Detox Drink With Lemons 
(Drink Every Morning)


1. 1 cup of warm water
2. 1 Fresh Lemon

Making Method:
Step 1: Squeeze the lemon into the water.

Step 2: Stir Well and Ready to serv

NOTE! The citric acid in lemons or lemon juice can erode tooth enamel! As precaution, dilute with water and monitor closely, especially, when used for dental care or whitening of teeth

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5 Simple Tips To Losing Weight New Weight Loss Diet

Iaso Herbal Weight Loss Detox Tea

Lose 5 Pounds In 5 Days, Get Healthy, Click Image

There is a new weight diet that’s helping people lose weight. Losing weight can be very difficult for some people. Really their is a science to losing weight. You can lose weight from just doing some simple things as drinking more water.  You can diminish the intake of your calories.  You can eat more fruits and vegetables. There are 5 things you can do to drop the pounds. Check Out These Weight Loss Methods.


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ED Reverser System How To Get Rock Hard Erection Reverse Erectile Dysfunction Permanently

Coffee Tea Erector Boost Sex Drive Up To 72 Hours Naturally

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Men from ages 22 to 88 have raved about the effectiveness of this method…

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve suffered from ED for years, or whether you’ve recently begun to “go soft” (or can’t get it up at all)…

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried pills, pumps or other ED treatments like that, because this isn’t about that…

What I’m about to give you is not a “treatment.”

It’s not a temporary fix, that helps ease the symptoms… I’m talking about a one of a kind solution that addresses ED at its core.


Benefits Of ED Reverser System

    • Enjoy thick, rock-hard, fully engorged erections that women CRAVE (you’ll get hard as steel on command…)
    • Reverse Erectile Dysfunction for good and be a “marathon man” in bed (you’ll get her ADDICTED to feeling you inside of her…)
    • Skyrocket your sexual confidence and feel horny a a teenager again…
    • Satisfy your woman like no other man ever can (and do it all naturally – no pills, pumps or injections…)

“Finally EXPOSED: The Ancient Secret That Gives YOU A Proven, Permanent & All-Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction.”

Now YOU Can Get Rock-Hard Erections On Command… Without Pills, Pumps, Injections Or Side Effects…And Be A “Man Of Steel” In The Bedroom Every Time

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