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Make Extra Money From Home As A CBD Bio Care Affiliate

Frankie Muhammad
Frankie Muhammad
CBD Bio Care Hemp Oil Affiliate

CBD Bio Care

CBD Bio Care has the best CBD Oil Affiliate Program. You can earn up to 40% Commission. This affiliate program is great for those that want to make some income out of one of the fastest growing industries?  Not only is the cannabis industry growing leaps and bounds on a year-by-year basis, but also online business related to it is also equally booming. Most customers are hitting the ‘add to cart’ button as opposed to driving from dispensary to dispensary. This is the best affiliate program that has products that leads to commissions.

To make money as an affiliate with CBD Bio Care, all you need to do is to sign-up, get your affiliate link and promote it. With every sale, you earn a commission, and many customers will loyally return back for more consumables, accessories and even services. Sign Up Here

How do I get paid with CBD BioCare?

Once you sign up as an affiliate, you will need to contact the company they will provide the information you needed to get your commissions Direct Deposited To Your Bank Account.

Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate For CBD Bio Care

If you are like me and are interested in joining what will become a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020 then read here about what it means to become an affiliate of CBD BioCare.

What our affiliate program has to offer at no charge:

• You will manage your own sales and be given a customized link to give customers.
• You will be in control of your own schedule and earning potential.
• You will be supported and have access to sales training, product discounts and marketing materials.
• You will have no sales inventory to hold or deliver.
• You will have the opportunity to be a one person sales team or build and manage a team.
• You will benefit from generous commissions.
• You will have the opportunity to associate with other sales people and team builders who share your desire to be independent and in control of your professional future.
• You do not have to be licensed, certified, or degreed. You just have to be ready to sell.

Becoming an affiliate:

If you are ready to join our CBD BioCare Team, you can begin today by filing out the affiliate form located below. You have four options of how you want to join. These options are based on your needs as an affiliate to support your success.

Option #1


  • Personalized URL (link) to our website. It belongs to you but visitor’s will not see your name, just our website.
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)

 Option #2


  • You will receive a personalized landing page.
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)

 Option #3


  • You will receive a personalized landing page.
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)
  • CBD BioCare Business Card
  • CBD BioCare Email Address

Option #4


  • Full Sample Kit / Save $50 on this kit by ordering now. This kit includes one of each product we offer as of 8-28-17.
  • Personalized Landing page that looks like this
  • Affiliate Dashboard (tracks visitor’s, sales and commissions)
  • CBD BioCare Business Cards
  • CBD BioCare Email Address



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Lose Weight With The New Ornish Diet

A lot people are using the Ornish diet to get health and lose weight. The Ornish diet categorizes food into five groups from most (group one) to least (group five) healthful. It’s the difference, for example, between whole-grain bread and biscuits, between soy hot dogs and pork or beef ones. Ask yourself what groups tend to fill up your grocery cart, and decide how you want to fill it up. As for exercise, Ornish stresses aerobic activities, resistance training and flexibility; you decide what you do and when.  If you have been looking for a diet that can help you get healthy and lose weight  Learn More

What Is The Ornish Diet

To follow the Ornish Diet:

  • Eat all the beans, legumes, fruits, grains, and vegetables you need to feel full.
  • Eat dairy low- or nonfat dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt in moderation. Only 10 percent of your calories should come from fat.
  • Avoid meats (red and white), oils and products containing oils, including avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, full-fat dairy, and sugar.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes five times a week or 60 minutes three times a week.
  • Manage stress with yoga and meditation and by spending time with your loved ones.
  • Kick unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol in excess.
  • Eat smaller meals more often to combat hunger, but be careful not to overeat because you’re eating more often.

How Does Ornish Diet Work

The Ornish Diet helps you to lose weight and maintain heart health because you’re eating fewer calories and consuming less heart-damaging fat. “Fat is more than twice as calorie dense as carbohydrates,” Weiner explains. “Fat has 9 calories per gram where carbohydrates and protein have only 4. So, if you lower your fat intake, you lower your calories. Also, it’s hard to overeat if your diet consists of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.”

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How To Handle Hiccups

We all have experience the annoying hiccups. Most of the time they don’t last long. However, sometimes they can be a problem. But sometimes hiccups – an involuntary spasm or contraction of the diaphragm after which vocal cords suddenly close, making the characteristic hiccup sound – go on and on. Sometime it may require medical attention. Some people even have hiccups that last more than 30 days, frequently referred to as intractable hiccups. Read Article

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What Is The Nutritional Value Of Grapes Boost Immune System

Health Benefits Of Grapes

Health Benefits Of Grapes

Grapes are one of my favorite fruits. I like the green grapes. Grapes are an excellent way to help you get rid of gout. There are several factors that make grapes effective in treating this painful disease. These factors are not limited to, but include quercitin, potassium, water, vitamin C, and anthocyanins.

Also, grapes are great for helping with hydration. Hydration is important for your body to work properly. This is especially important for kidney function as far as gout is concerned. If your kidneys cannot work efficiently, they will not be able to eliminate the excessive uric acid that has settled in your joints. Grapes are 2/3 water. This is a great alternative to help you make sure you are hydrated.

Nutritional Value Of Grapes

Doctors recommend grapes in the form of fruit or juice for curing problems like Asthma, Migraine, Breast Cancer, Kidney issues, Heart Diseases, Indigestion, Constipation, Fatigue, Dyspepsia, Cataract, Alzheimer, and a few others. It doesn’t mean all such diseases will be cured by eating grapes alone but these fruits do help a lot in reducing the problems by supplying required nutritional value to the body.

Nutrients In Grapes

  • Vitamins C & K
  • Antioxidants
  • Healthy Carbs
  • Just 90 Calories in Grapes. A serving of a cup and a half of grapes contains just 90 calories, no fat, and virtually no sodium.
  • No Cholesterol. Like all fruits, grapes have no cholesterol.

How Can Grapes Boost Your Health

Kidney disorders: Grapes can substantially reduce the acidity of uric acid and they also help to eliminate acid from the system, thereby reducing the stress and pressure on kidneys. Since grapes have a high water content, they induce urination, which also helps to eliminate the uric acid still present in the body after its acidity is reduced. Grapes have a very cleansing effect on the body.

Blood cholesterol: Grapes contain a compound called pterostilbene, which has the capacity to lower a person’s cholesterol levels. Pterostilbene is closely related to resveratrol, the beneficial antioxidant and coloring flavonoid that is also found in grapes, and early research has shown that it has anti-cancer qualities and also has a great impact on cholesterol levels. It is also thought to have preventative powers over cognitive decline.

Antibacterial activity: Red grapes have strong antibacterial and antiviral properties that can protect you from infections.

Breast cancer: In a recent study, it has been discovered that purple, Concord grape juice helps in preventing breast cancer. Significant reduction in mammary tumor mass of laboratory rats was seen after they were fed grape juice in an experimental setting. The antioxidants in grapes are beneficial in the prevention of all types of cancer, but there are some fascinating studies which specifically show grape juice as an effective preventive measure against breast cancer.

Alzheimer’s disease: Resveratrol, a beneficial polyphenol present in grapes, reduces the levels of amyloidal-beta peptides in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Studies suggest that grapes can enhance brain health and delay the onset of degenerative neural diseases.

Macular degeneration: Grapes can prevent age-related loss of vision and macular degeneration.

Immune System: Grapes are not only packed with flavonoids and minerals, but vitamins as well! The high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A in grapes gives you a healthy boost to many of your organ systems, particularly your immune system, which means less chance of coming down with common colds, as well as more serious health issues.

Prevention of cataracts: Flavonoids present in grapes have antioxidants, which can reduce and fight the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals cause things like the development of cataracts, as well as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and various age-related problems. This is somewhat linked to macular degeneration, as they usually occur around the same time in life. Fortunately, antioxidants also have certain anti-aging qualities, which not only help you look younger, but also feel younger by staving off age-related conditions like cataracts.

Cancer prevention properties: Grapes have been found to have strong anti-cancer properties due to the anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol. It is particularly effective in reducing the chances of colorectal cancer and breast cancer. The anthocyanins and pro-anthocyanidins in grapes have properties of an anti-proliferate and can inhibit the growth of cancer causing agents. Grape juice not only prevents the risk of cancer but also suppresses the growth and propagation of cancer cells..

Asthma: Due to their well-known therapeutic value, grapes can be used as a cure for asthma. In addition to that, the hydrating power of grapes is also high, which increases the moisture present in the lungs and reduces asthmatic events.

Bone Health: Grapes are a wonderful source of micro-nutrients like copper, iron, and manganese, all of which are important in the formation and strength of the bones. Adding grapes to your diet on a regular basis can prevent the onset of age-related conditions like osteoporosis. Manganese is an extremely important element in the body, which aids in everything from protein metabolism, collagen formation, and nervous system functioning.

Heart diseases: Grapes increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which prevents blood clots.  Therefore, grapes are an effective way to reduce the chances of heart attacks. Additionally, the antioxidants present in grapes prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which blocks the blood vessels and is a main contributor to various coronary conditions. Grapes also have high numbers of flavonoids, which are what give grapes their color, but flavonoids are also very powerful antioxidants. The two main types in grapes are resveratrol and quercetin, and these two compounds negate the effects of free radicals that threaten the body and stimulate LDL cholesterol’s harmful effects on arteries. Also, these two antioxidant flavonoids act as a clean-up crew to reduce platelet clumping and filter toxins out of the blood.

Migraine: Ripe grape juice is an important home remedy for curing migraines. It should be drunk early in the morning, without mixing additional water. Ironically, drinking red wine is often considered a cause of migraines, but grape juice and grape seed extract is considered a solution for the problem. There are many causes behind migraines, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the culprit, since they include chemical imbalances, lack of sleep, changes in weather, or dietary deficiencies. Alcohol in general causes migraines, but grapes have so many antioxidants that they can cause and cure the same illness!

Constipation: Grapes are very effective in overcoming and eliminating constipation. They are classified as a laxative food, because they contain organic acid, sugar and cellulose. They also relieve chronic constipation by toning up intestinal muscles and the stomach. Grapes are high in insoluble fiber, meaning that it remains intact as it moves through the digestive tract. It builds up bulk, which promotes the formation and excretion of healthy stools, so grapes can help make you much more regular. However, if you suffer from loose stool or diarrhea, grapes should not be used as a way to regulate your system.

Indigestion: Grapes play an important role in dyspepsia. They relieve heat and cure indigestion and irritation in the stomach. They are also preferred over other digestive aids because they are considered a “light food”.

Fatigue: Light and white grape juice supplements the iron content in the body and prevents fatigue.

Diabetes: Recent research suggests that grape skin extract (GSE) exerts a novel inhibitory activity on hyperglycemia and may help in diabetes management.

Dental Care: According to a recent study, red wine and grape seed extract can potentially help prevent cavities.

Grape Detox Drink


1. 150g of Grapes
2. 1 to 2 Lemon
3. 150cc of Yogurt
4. 5cc of Fruit Syrup

Making Method:
Step 1: Blend 150g of Grapes & 150cc of Yogurt together & 2 Freshly Squeeze Lemon Juice using 3 horsepower blender

Step 2: Then add 5cc of Fruit Syrup to the prepared juice.

Step 3: Stir Well & Ready to Serve



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Start Your Home Based Business With Vida Divina Network Marketing Company

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
IBO# 10002183625

Drink Coffee And Make Money Online

Drink Coffee And Make Money Online, Click Image

Vida Divina is a Leading Network Marketing Company in the Health And Wellness Industry.  They have  health products, from miracle capsules to goji berries to detox teas and more. Vida Divina was founded by  Armand Puyolt and he has a lot of experience in the Network Marketing Industry.  He got his start in door-to-door sales when he was a kid to help out his family financially. He was already being recognized on stage as a top sales person by the young age of 16. By 18, he bought his own home. By 20, he hit a million. By 25, he reached 5 million.

Puyolt has been involved with ACN, Metabolife, Kyani, and even Total Life Changes, where he was a million dollar earner. Vida Divina is his biggest venture yet into launching his own company, and he definitely hit the ground running. Within 2 months of Vida Divina’s launch last summer2017, they’d already hit $23 million in sales. Most MLMs struggle to make that much in their first YEAR.

Vida Divina’s core goal is to help everyone lead a “divine life”. The goal is to help people lose weight, get healthy and ascertain financial freedom. The goal is to change ordinary people quality of life.

Lose Weight, Get Healthy And Make Money With Veda Divina Today!


How Much Does It Cost To Join Vida Divina

1. In order to become a Vida Divina Affiliate, you have to purchase a start-up kit, and they’re not cheap. The most affordable start-up kit is $120, and it comes with a 3 month supply of Te Divina. Other starter kits range from $300 to $1,200. And the more you pay, the more commissions and bonuses you qualify for. On top of that hefty start-up cost, you must also meet a minimum of 120 PV in auto-ship requirements every single month in order to stay active.

Vida Divina Health And Wellness Products

The products here fall into the health and wellness category, with all your typical findings: detox teas, weight control, nutrition, performance, and skin care. Although, the company does offer a few fairly unique products.

Factor Divina is a nutritional supplement drink made with over 32 vitamins and superfoods, including blueberry, green tea, goji berry, mangosteen, acai, spirulina, zarzamora, amalaki, and 20-something other hard to pronounce nutrients.

Te Divina is a detox and weight loss tea. It contains 12 different herbs that are designed to rid your body of toxins and parasites. The tea is $60 for a box with 6 satchels, and each satchel makes one gallon of the tea. $10 for a gallon of tea isn’t the worst price I’ve ever heard, but it’s certainly not cheap.

One of their most commonly used ingredients is chaga, a powerful medicinal mushroom that supposedly helps with everything from digestion to blood pressure to memory, allergies, ulcers, energy, and stress. It’s found in their Factor Divina supplement as well as their coffee, nutritional capsules, chocolate milk, and nutritional chews.

The company also sells a chewing gum that helps with digestion, tongue strips containing HCG, and even a pomegranate flavored “sexual enhancement gel”, lol.

The main ingredient in most of their products, chaga (a mushroom), has definitely been shown to have some powerful benefits. It’s been used for medicinal purposes for centuries in places like Russia and Poland to cleanse, disinfect, fight stomach and liver diseases, and even cancer.

Chaga contains a lot of antioxidants, and there is good evidence that it stimulates the immune system. There’s also research to show that it could lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

The mushroom’s antioxidant properties come from the protection of cell components against free radicals. That same protection has been shown to protect against oxidative damage to DNA.

So, when the company says that their products can actually protect your DNA, they’re not lying.

Their weight loss tea, Te Divina, has 12 different herbal ingredients, but the top listed ingredient is persimmon leaves.

Side Effects:
When taken in conjunction with medications such as aspirin, chaga can increase your risk of bleeding. You shouldn’t consume it if you have a bleeding disorder or before or after surgery.

There really hasn’t been enough research done on chaga to identify all of its potential side effects, so it’s not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

It’s also possible that since chaga activates the immune system, it could increase your chances of certain autoimmune diseases, so it’s not recommended for people who have multiple sclerosis, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis.

As for the tea, it’s all made of herbs that are generally pretty safe. It can cause constipation (there’s a lot of fiber in those herbs) and fluid retention, though, which are pretty opposed to weight loss.

Vida Divina Compensation Plan

They do offer fast track bonuses at a whopping 50%-70%, but those only last so long. If you start out strong, though, you can go in making decent money.

Other bonuses include a 20% presentation bonus, a 50% generational matching bonus, a home mortgage bonus, vacation bonuses, and free product bonuses.

They also offer binary team commission to anyone with 2 personally sponsored, active affiliates, one on their right leg, and one on their left leg. Binary commission start at 5% for the lowest ranking qualified affiliates and go up from there. Everything up to Bronze level stays under 10%, but once you hit that, your team commission could get all the way up to 20% at the highest ranks.

Of course, the minimum pay leg volume to hit those highest ranks is 1 million. Good luck with that.

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What Is The Difference Between Iaso Detox Tea And Te Divina

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
IBO# 10002183625


Total Life Changes Iaso Detox Tea and Vida Divina Tea are both awesome teas. I have never tried the Vida Divina Tea. However, I heard good things about. I love the Iaso Tea. I have helped a lot of people including myself  lose weight and get healthy with the Iaso Tea. I like the Iaso Tea  because it has a good taste, it does not cramp me and it’s gentle on the colon. However, I will share the difference between both teas.

Total Life Changes Iaso DetoxTea

 Iaso tea is one of the top selling direct sales products in the world ranking in 2016 in the top 10 out of all direct sales products according to a poll on business from home.

Ingredients In Iaso Instant Tea

Iaso tea contains natural ingredients hence making it the best choice in the treatment of constipation. It is the perfect blend of 9 edible herbs that are 100% natural. These include; Chamomile, Marsh mallow leaves, Malva leaves, Holy Thistle, Blessed Thistle, Ginger, Papaya, Myrrh and Persimmon leaves.

Benefits Of Iaso Herbal Detox Weight Loss Tea
  1. Affordable
  2. Organic And Natural
  3. Detox Body
  4. Clean Blood And Organs
  5. Prevent Constipation
  6. Weight Loss
  7.  Burn Fat
  8.  Improves Energy
  9.  Keeps Colon, Kidneys, Liver And Lungs Clean
  10.  Remove Toxins, Parasite And Pesticides From The Body
  11.  Improve Digestion

Vida Divina Te Divina

Vida Divina is bringing back the original tea but with three new ingredients! The amazing Original Detox tea is back! The original formula has been improved with added ingredients and an awesome new taste for even more healthy benefits. This is sure to continue to be one of your favorites! (Contains a 6 week supply of tea)

This tea has 12 herbs and it is potent and effective.

Herb #1 is Ginger
Herb #2 is Holy Thistle
Herb #3 is Blessed Thistle
Herb #4 is Papaya
Herb #5 is Marshmallow Leaves
Herb #6 is Myrrh
Herb #7 is Malva Leaves
Herb #8 is Chamomile
Herb #9 is Persimmon Leaves

And the new herbs are…
Herb #10 is Chaga
Herb #11 is Ganoderma Lucidum
Herb #12 is Agave

Benefits Of Tea Divina

All natural and organic
Natural energy source
Potent antioxidant
Promotes liver function
Improves digestion
Colon cleanser
Aids in weight loss
Replenishes essential enzymes
Eases stomach distress
Improve overall health

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Get Healthy And Make Money Online With Vida Divina Network Marketing Company

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Organo Gold Distributor
IBO# 10002183625


Vida Divina is a leading company in the Health And Wellness Industry. They are helping people lose weight, get healthy and ascertain Financial Freedom. The offer top of the line health and wellness products for an affordable price. All their products are not under $40. The product line include detox teas, healthy weight loss coffee, skin care, weight loss products and nutritional products. There products are designed for prostate health and cardiac health to sexual enhancement and so much more!

They have a world class back office. The company has excellent leadership, training and marketing material. Vida Divina is in over 30 countries and expanding rapidly. They are in the USA, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and many more. Vida Divina has over 100 products.


Vida Divina Network Marketing Company Compensation Plan

The  compensation plan is cutting edge! Vida Divina’s compensation plan is going to produce more $5,000 – $10,000/month earners than this industry has ever seen.

  • All products are $40=40 points
  • Progressive binary 5%-10% to 25%
  • Progressive home mortgage bonus
  • 50%-70% progressive fast start bonus
  • 7 generation progressive check match
  • 20% presenter bonus
  • Customer 50% markup bonus
  • 100% points to binary
  • Progressive star points
  • Rank advancement awards
  • Volume does not reset if you are not binary qualified

Vida Divina Top Health And Wellness Products

Factor Divina Nutritional Supplement. Factor Divina Is A Superfood Supplement Drink Made With Over 32 Nutrients To Include Blueberry, Red Cranberry, Green Tea, Strawberry, Amalaki, Neem, Raspberry, Goji, Zarzamora, Chaga, Noni, Savila, Mangosteen, Acai and Spirulina to name a few. It also includes Chaga, which is an antioxidant and antimicrobial powerful medicinal mushroom that is known to:

  • help to lose weight
  • improve gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, intestinal and liver health
  • normalize blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar
  • increase energy and stamina
  • improve memory
  • protect DNA from oxidative stress
  • soothe ulcers
  • prevent allergies

Té Delgaza detoxification and weight loss tea. Té Delgaza is a detoxifying weight loss tea that contains 12 herbs. It comes with 6 sachets, for a 6-week supply. Just boil water, throw in 1 sachet. Let the mixture sit for about 4-8 hours, then add 1 gallon and a quarter of water (or more, depending on your preference or need). This product will cleanse your body and rid it of nasty toxins and parasites.

  • Remaining Products
    Ganoderma Lucidum Capsules, pharmaceutical grade, 500mg
  • Cordyceps Anti-Aging Capsules, pharmaceutical grade, 500mg
  • Chaga Capsules, pharmaceutical grade, 500mg
  • Time Capsules which are power-packed with the most potent medicinal mushrooms…all of them in one capsule.
  • Life Capsule weight loss pills, suitable for children.
  • Electro Shot electrolyte drinks packed with vitamins and nutrients. They come in red, blue, white, green and purple. The kids version has ‘smart’ vitamins that help with focus, (commonly known to assist children with ADD) and includes omega vitamins.
  • Meal replacement shakes that come in rich chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pineapple. The powder comes with a scoop. Great for body-building…just one scoop!
  • Chocolate Milk made with 100% organic chocolate, cinnamon and over 10 medicinal mushrooms.
  • Sexual enhancement gel. “Venus” is pink, and it contains pomegranate which gives it a fruity taste and pink color. “Mars” is blue and contains blueberry to give it its color and taste. The gel is pretty thick, so it can be rubbed on the body or used orally.
  • Organic whole coffee beans infused with Ganoderma, Chaga and Cordyceps. Vida Divina owns the patent on this. EACH BEAN IS INFUSED WITH MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS. No other company can sell medicinal mushroom-infused coffee beans. These beans come in a 2lb bag and make 130 cups of coffee.
  • Package containing 60 sachets of Cafe’ Divina Latte 100% Organic Instant Coffee enriched with Ganoderma, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake and Cordyceps.
  • Cinnamon iced coffee that comes in sachets of liquid that can be ripped open and mixed with 16-20ozs of iced water. It can be mixed with hot water as well, but it’s designed to make the most flavorful iced coffee.
    Liquid Gold, which contains various anti-aging oils.

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What Are The Side Effects Of The Keto Diets

The Keto diet is used all over the world. The diet can be very effective. However, it does come with a certain level of side effects. The process of changing body fuel from carbohydrate to fat can cause electrolyte disturbances, which can lead to leg cramps. Limiting your intake of fruit and vegetables will reduce your intake of fiber and can increase your risk of constipation. Bowel changes may also occur as the body adjusts to dietary changes. Reduced carbohydrate intake can also increase the risk of dehydration as increased water is released through more frequent urination. And some experience the keto flu, with symptoms of brain fog, fatigue, dizziness and insomnia. So as you can see you have to be very careful with implementing this diet plan to lose weight. Get More Information

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Learn More About The Health Benefits Of Cucumbers

Health Benefits Of Cucumbers

Health Benefits Of Cucumbers

I eat cucumbers at least four times a weak because of the health benefits. Cucumber is from the family Cucurbitaceae and is botanically recognized as Cucumis sativus. The cucumber is a popular plant used extensively as a fresh food as well as pickles. Like most members of the cucurbitaceae family, cucumber is a fruit but is typically used as a vegetable. Cucumbers are a vine that can be grown along the ground or trained along a trellis or other structure such as a garden arch or wooden frame. They are typically left to creep along the ground in most garden environments.

Cucumbers are rich in vitamins, vitamins that you need for your daily functioning. They are rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Carbohydrates and Minerals like Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and Phosphorous. You can use Cucumbers in many ways to improve your health and boost your vitality.

Facts About Cucumbers

  • Cucumbers are a fruit, but are typically treated as a vegetable.
  • Cucumbers are amongst the oldest of cultivated vegetables.
  • Cucumbers are more than 90% water, a natural diuretic they aid in assisting the promotion of the flow of urine.
  • Because the most flavour is in cucumber seeds, the medium and smaller sized varieties tend to have more flavour.
  • Some people assume the skin is poisonous on cucumbers. My father would always peel cucumber before slicing it. He would also cut the first inch off the end of cucumbers with a similar belief that they were poisonous. The skin is actually quiet high in nutrients and adds a small amount of flavour.

Health Benefits Of A Cucumber

  • Soothes muscle and joint pain. All those vitamins and minerals in cucumber make it a powerful enemy of muscle and joint pain.
  • Keeps kidneys in shape. Cucumber lowers uric acid levels in your system, keeping the kidneys happy.
  • Good for diabetics. Patients of diabetes can enjoy cucumber while also reaping its health benefits: cucumber contains a hormone needed by the cells of the pancreas for producing insulin.
  • Reduces cholesterol. A compound called sterols in cucumber helps reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Keeps you hydrated. If you are too busy to drink enough water, munch on the cool cucumber, which is 96 percent water. It will cheerfully compensate!
  • Fights heat, both inside and out. Eat cucumber, and your body gets relief from heartburn. Apply cucumber on your skin, and you get relief from sunburn and itchy skin.
  • Flushes out toxins. All that water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom, sweeping waste products out of your system. With regular use, cucumber is known to dissolve kidney stones.
  • Nourishes you with vitamins. A B and C, which boost immunity, give you energy and keep you radiant. Give it more power by juicing cucumber with carrot and spinach.
  • Supplies skin-friendly minerals: magnesium, potassium, silicon. That’s why cucumber-based treatments are popular in spas.
  • Aids in weight loss. Enjoy cucumbers in your salads and soups. My favorite snack? Crunchy cucumber sticks with creamy yogurt dip.
  • Revives the eyes. Placing chilled slices of cucumber on the eyes is a clichéd beauty visual, but it really helps reduce under-eye bags and puffiness.
  • Cuts cancer risk. Cut down your risk of several cancers by including cucumber in your diet. Several studies show its cancer-fighting potential.
  • Stabilizes blood pressure. Patients that struggle with blood pressure, both high and low, often find that eating cucumber brings relief.
  • Refreshes the mouth. Cucumber juice refreshes and heals diseased gums, leaving your mouth smelling good.
  • Smooths hair and nails. Silica, the wonder mineral in cucumber makes your hair and nails stronger and shinier.

How To Make Cucumber Water

  1. Slice a cleaned, peeled (or unpeeled depending on your preference) cucumber into 1/2 inch slices.
  2. Combine cucumber slices in water, and type with ice. Allow to marinate for at least an hour. (For best results, allow it to marinate overnight in the refrigerator.)

The cucumber slices will float, so it’s important to top with ice to keep them submerged.

To avoid having to use ice, try purchasing a fruit infused water pitcher that holds the cucumber slices in an infusion chamber. They work great, the large pitchers look fantastic on a dinner table and encourage your family to drink more water, and the travel bottles help keep you hydrated all day long.

You can refill the pitcher or travel bottle several times before it starts to lose flavor.

You can even eat the cucumber slices if you like, but discard your batch after 24 hours.

Cucumber Detox Drink


1. 4 Cucumber
2. 1/2 Apple
3. 10cc of Freshly Squeeze Lemon Juice
4. 5cc Fruit Syrup

Making Method:

Step 1: Wash and Cut the Cucumber and Apple

Step 2: Blend prepared Cucumber, Apple, Grapefruit and Ginger together using 3 horsepower blender and pour into a Cup

Step 3: Finally, add 5cc of fruit syrup into the fruit juice

Step 4: Stir Well and Ready to serve

Nutrients In Cucumbers

Cucumbers are an excellent source of vitamin K and molybdenum. They are also a very good source of the pantothenic acid. They are also a good source of copper, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, biotin and vitamin B1. They also contain the important nail health-promoting mineral silica.

Cucumber, sliced, raw
1.00 cup
104.00 grams
Calories: 16
GI: very low
Nutrient Amount DRI/DV
World’s Healthiest
Foods Rating
vitamin K 17.06 mcg 19 21.9 excellent
molybdenum 5.20 mcg 12 13.3 excellent
pantothenic acid 0.27 mg 5 6.2 very good
copper 0.04 mg 4 5.1 good
potassium 152.88 mg 4 5.0 good
manganese 0.08 mg 4 4.6 good
vitamin C 2.91 mg 4 4.5 good
phosphorus 24.96 mg 4 4.1 good
magnesium 13.52 mg 3 3.9 good
biotin 0.94 mcg 3 3.6 good
vitamin B1 0.03 mg 3 2.9 good

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Improve The Body’s Digestion With Papayas

Benefits Of Papaya

Benefits Of Papaya

Papaya is a favorite fruit for me. Papayas are rich in anti-oxidants and minerals like iron and potassium and phosphorus are found in abundance. It is a medicinal fruit for the ones suffering from constipation, fever and indigestion. It also helps in clearing pimples if consumed regularly. Applying papaya juice on the skin helps in reducing wrinkles and increases the glow and smoothness of the skin. The starchy sugars of papaya help in binding the skin and cleansing the pores of the skin.

Regular intake of papaya is good for health as it maintains the sugar balance in the body. Papaya is an exotic fruit found in many sizes and shapes. Some are small sized almost the size of an apple and round and the others grow to a length of 2 feet with oblong shape. Papayas are very tasty with creamy red pulp. It is popular for cleansing the blood and promotes kidney functions and improves bowel movement.

Papaya contains a great deal of Vitamins C and A. It is not high in calories, has no fat, has no cholesterol and is rich in potassium, fiber and folate; therefore, it is a nutritious fruit to eat daily.

The main health benefit of the papaya is to help the digestion. This fruit is also regarded as a nutritional powerhouse, rich in the already mentioned Vitamins A and C, folate, fiber and potassium, as well as Vitamin E, the eye-essential lutein and zeaxanthin and lycopene. Papaya assists the body in the production of the amino acid arginine, which triggers the growth hormone that causes the rejuvenation of cells in your muscles, liver and bones. Papaya juice helps your skin to become smoother and suppler.

Nutrients In Papayas

Papayas offer not only the luscious taste and sunlit color of the tropics, but are rich sources of antioxidant nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C and flavonoids; the B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid; and the minerals, potassium, copper, and magnesium; and fiber.

Health Benefits Of Papayas

  • Papaya Fights Inflammation
  • Papaya May Improve Digestion
  • It Protects Against Skin Damage
  • Papaya is Delicious and Loaded With Nutrients
  • It Has Powerful Antioxidant Effects
  • Papaya Has Anti-Cancer Properties
  • The Antioxidants in Papaya May Improve Heart Health

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